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February 09, 2010


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Oh, I remember those days with a tiny baby very well, and I must say you deserve to go to bed for an afternoon sleep. Don't the midwives always say you should sleep when the baby does? Practically compulsory then, isn't it?!
Keep seeking out those small pleasures. xx

Jayne Walton

It really will get better, and hopefully by forgetting your key you have made a new friend. My youngest son also drinks from the same mug, and it does help him to 'Keep calm and carry on' whilst studying for A-levels, so we know it does work!


Lucy, You make even the roughest days look beautiful and see the simple things as the best things. You are a blessing to your family and now your blog followers because of your amazing outlook. Sure you have your off days, we all do, but you breathe, take a moment to calm and come back smiling and finding the positive in the everyday miracles. That's what makes life worth living. My best to you, Robbie


Lucy I am right there with you on this! Dreaming of bed, feeling the pleasure of a stolen (essential!) mid-day nap, cups of tea and chocolate biscuits (my personal fave!) That Clarins bath stuff is the best! I took it to the hospital when I had my twins--oh, the smell!
Hope Little B has more better days soon.

little pink room

It'll get better soon, Sweet Lucy. You're doing exactly the right thing, doing things that give you joy when you can. Once his tummy upset passes and he gets himself into a little routine you can look forward to at least 2 or 3 hrs of 'me time' every day. Hang in there... it's come. A x


Het is soms een hele puzzel, zo'n klein Babytje. Maar vergeet niet, alles bij kleine kindertjes gaat over. Meestal zijn het periodes. Dus houd moed, het gaat over !!!!! Ik vind je blog geweldig. En je bent bijzonder! Ik volg je met plezier hier vanuit het koude nederland. En ik kijk uit naar je berichtjes! Ik hoop DAT je dit bericht van mij Kunt lezen. Ben niet goed in Engels. En pas goed op jezelf. Als de kleine slaapt, neem dan zelf ook lekker zelfs roest. Heb je nodig als moeder. Lieve groet,

Petit Filoux

Ah so lovely!!! I so love reading your blog! Thanks for keeping it up in these busy times! And I reckon two buiscuits are a necessity, something about having just the one being contrary to the whole yin and yang thing, you know what I mean? ;-)


Hang in there Lucy! You're doing just fine! I SO miss the days of being at home. ENJOY!


Hugs for you, and hang in there and sleep! Have you tried carrying Little B across your forearm when his tummy hurts? We had several of ours we walked like that. It's kind of a Rugby carry. You tuck their heads into your elbow, lay their chest/hurting tummy down your forearm, and hang onto a leg, tucking them into you. This keeps them at a slightly elevated slant, allows the other hand to pat their backs, which often elicits a burp, and even the pressure on the tummy seems to help. Oh, how I remember those days!

Nina - Tabiboo

'oh' definitely 'me' time is g.o.o.d - verrrry good!

Hope life settles soon Lucy,

take care and enjoy the little pleasures even if they are far and few between at the moment.

take care,

Nina xxxxx

Shelley in SC

Just perfect! The sweetness of little pleasures in the midst of the ups and downs of life. That's how we have to live!


It is your ability to look for the positive that will help you "keep calm and carry on" and, of course, the cups to tea!
Lovely neighbours, worth their weight in gold aren't they?
There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't have that luxury nap......... and the extra chocolate biscuit.
Carol xx


What a lovely gal you are. I pass on to you the best advice my mom-in-law ever gave me, sleep when baby's sleeping! Hope baby's tummy feels better -- it's so hard when they feel crummy -- they're so small and it just seems unfair.

Pom Pom

Mamas of newbies NEED bed. When our four were little, I thought about the bed a lot! All those paces with your little son count for great love and all that miraculous endurance is other worldly, isn't it? I was so humbled by the privilege of motherhood. "Me? You think? Okay, I will do it and do it well." It's your grandest endeavor.


I was thinking this week how this time last year our evenings wore on and on with that poor crying baby, not able to get herself comfy enough to drop asleep. How Daddy used to walk up and down the hall with her on his shoulder and Mummy used to come along behind with a muslin square to mop her sicky chin. And how HEAVY we thought she was, but how light she was in reality! I *know* that this happened and I *know* that it felt unbearable some days, but it's amazing how easy it is to forget once you get through it! Hopefully your little guy will get through this stage soon.

I still look longingly at the bed as I pass it in the daytime though...


Oh, sleeping (esp. in bed) in the afternoon is THE BEST thing in the world ever; apart from chocolate perhaps.
My little one is 10 months old and tends to just have a sleep in the morning, at which point I have to crack on with some work, but some days I soooo long for a little nap alongside him.
Sorry this is the first time I've left a comment, I've been lurking for a long time!

Carina (previously under Crafty C)

Ooooh can't see any reason why not to go back to bed for an afternoon snooze .... you deserve it! Hope you can get your well deserved me-time today (and the biscuits). Love the picture of the Clarins Bath Soak. Hope the rest of your day and week goes better!!!


It is soo impotant to care for yourself to be able to care for others!


Lucy, you're doing just fine! But it is the little things that can make the BIGGEST difference! My 18-month old daughter is asleep in the pram outside just now (despite the snow!)so now is my cup of tea and Wispa time (I'm SO glad Cadbury's bowed to the pressure to make these again) before the school run and after school activities kick in. Enjoy. L x


I usually look at blogs for the pictures, but I like to read your wonderful writing, too. I'm glad you are trying to pamper yourself...let yourself take those delicious naps everyday until little B goes to preschool if need be...it's good for you! Beth

marigold jam

Oh how I hope Little B didn't wake up before you had had your cup of tea and a biscuit. How you post brought it all back for me and my little girl is nearly 30!!




Don't feel guilty at all about going to bed in the afternoon with you little baby beside you. It sounds like you deserve it. Keep smiling!


Don't you hate days like that? That tea cup is the best!

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