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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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February 09, 2010


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here I go again! I love those colors! I just saw the afghan on your bed and I will try to make it too with or without a pattern since it's all granny squares it should be easy to do. Patty


Hi Lucy! :)

Take a look at the picture at this link...I think it will make you smile.

Good luck with everything, and thank you for being one of the little pleasures in my life! <3


Can I just say that when my son suffered with colic, I found that my drinking chamomile tea worked wonders. It must have come through with the breast milk and settled his tummy. I love your blog.

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This is a nice post.According to me people should find little pleasure in life to become more happy.Thanks for such good post.

George (Me!)

ha ha, love that cup, I've got one too!!! Says it all don't you think. Stiff upper lips are so frowned upon these days, but really nothing like a bit of back bone at times.
It will get easier, I promise.

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Sou eu outra vez, o meu email é [email protected]

borboleta serrana

Apaixonei-me por esta colcha:)) Será que podia partilhar as Instruções para eu tentar fazer uma?!


Have you seen this months Livingetc? Fab stripy sofa on the cover (v v v expensive, but I have a plan!) and stripes stripes stripes inside. Has given me a great idea for crochet stripey "curtain" panels.....pw x

hill upon hill

Oh yes, there is nothing like those days of early baby and add in little people as well....but there is nothing like those days when your simple pleasures as you have described are so good...Enjoy them.....when you are up and running again with no little baby, will you go and snuggle in your lovely bed?


Good for you with the tea, cake and daytime naps. I was just the same when number 3 came along, think its the only way I got through it. Very funny too that one of my neighbours bought me the exact same Clarins as a post baby gift for mum and the smell now takes me back to those strange and lovely early baby days. The link will be there forever in smell memories (not that I can afford Clarins smellies on a regular basis, but still!). Keep it up lovely, you're doing a grand job and blogging too! Now that was something I didn't really manage too much of.......


Sounds like you are doing so well with 3 little people. Enjoy your 'me' time. x

nora halim

oh poor baby... i hope he's ok now.. and take a lot of rest for yourself after the baby's ok... take care..


dear Lucy,
I simply don't know how can you manage alone....It is so much to do with three little children...I know that sometimes the sleep is so needful that give pain...So, the old advise "When baby sleep, mother sleep, too", is very useful at least sometimes...
Good luck!
My best thoughts for you!

Lisa Hafey

Never mind - half trm hols are just about upon us!


Ahhh, I remember those whirlwind days of grouchies and sleeping and grouchies and grabbing afternoon naps so well. I always seemed to find that I could never get to the bottom of a cup of tea while it was still hot though. Glad you're carving out a few moments of "me" time. It's the only way to keep the mummy brain sane!


Claire Hilton

I have great sympathy for babes with colic after suffering with bouts of it from age 16!! my eldest was terrible till my natropath gave me a product called baby tea basically a mix of herbs etc including chamomile I cannot stress enough how well it works I put my second on it from birth no probs at all I give it as my present to all new mums with a quilt :) your local health shop should have something similar seriously would be worth asking but good luck & keep having you time ps I still sometimes go to bed in the afternoon especially when Ive been up since 4:30 works for me :)


Well done, Lucy!! Wishing you any more afternoon naps and alot oft cup of tees in between naps - and always a sweet treat aside it!!! Love, Ulli from Berlin


Pequeños y deliciosos placeres ....
un abrazo,


ahhh tea, a bath a short warm nap......good for you

one day your sweet liitle boy will be a teenager and sleep til noon and you will wonder if these days were ever real.....

enjoy and happy stitches


I do love your mug. Some days we need to be reminded to keep calm, take a deep breath, or two, and carry on.


Motherhood - hard work, but good work... Mine are now nearly 6 and 2, and I am glad the colicky business is over, but that newborn smell is to die for! (is it wrong if I still sneakily sniff my little fellas heads and get nostalgic??)

With love and hugs and cups of virtual tea and biscuits from Melbourne.

(Have been lurking for ages - time to come out of the shadows!) xx


Just found your blog and looked at the crochet review..now that's what I call a colour fix...lovely THANK YOU...I shall obviously now have to learn to crochet.(well I can try)
I sang what shall we do with the crying baby (to the tune of what shall we do with the drunken sailor)when my lambkins were babies..this allowed them to now be 7 and 8 respectively... kept me sane (well sane..ish)
Thanks again for the visual feast Val

Cheryl in Pennsylvania

Oh, I remember that feeling. Had my third child at age 30 so I can imagine how tired you must feel. The first few weeks are so tiring, but glad you are trying to catch the odd moment and take a nap, warm bubble bath,and cup of tea, along with the occasional blog. You will be fine. Your cup says it all.


Good for you! Don't ever feel guilty, just do what feels right for you and your sanity.

Marian M-S

Hope you managed to get a little rest and maybe a nap in while the wee one was sleeping. I was thinking about a nap over here as I am trying not to get sick...and just a minute ago my littlest one woke up from her nap. Oh well...early to bed I suppose :-)

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