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February 23, 2010


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Leigh Ann

Lucy, how you have the energy to do this and care for a 7 week old baby, is beyond me!!! But I love love love your version of the granny wheel! I can't wait for the pattern!!! In the meantime I'm enjoying your summer flower granny square.


Love your blog, love all your patterns, would love to have also the heart pattern. your crotchet is amazing, beautiful colours.



Love the new square, very creative. Can't wait for your tutorial!


Sue Marples

Hello Lucy
Can you tell me if you have a tutorial for a basic granny square as I am new to crocheting and am struggling to do the bobble stitch on the summer garden squares.
Thank you very much.


I LOVE the Granny Wheel. I can't wait for your tutorial. Definitely better with less holes! You're amazing!


Hi Lucy!
This is a great square! As soon as my 3-year old saw it, she insisted on having one too. In the same colours please, Mommy:) So I winged it, but I'm looking forward to comparing what I muddled together with your tutorial:)

All the best,


what a beautiful granny!!!!

Chris Anthony

I share your excitment over your new square! It is beautiful and I can't wait to see the tutorial. I get so much pleasure from reading your blog. Thank you so much, Hugs across the world to you from Australia Chris


like these Granny squares ... i love ur blog very colorful and all flowers wow......

keep it up ... thanks for sharing

The cramped hand

liked your new granny so much I winged the pattern from the photo and made myself a new potholder
It is posted on my Ravelry site Poopug also on flicker in the attic24 inspired group.

Anna-Karin, Sweden

I love it, that Granny Wheel Square!
Here in Sweden we have "Olympic-"hat"-fever (or is it a cap?). If you have seen anything from the Olympic games, where the Swedes have been competing, you might seen the crocheted "hat" all Swedes have. Well, here it has become a really "hit" and the yarn in blue, yellow, white and black have sold out in all the stores. A funny thing!

Have a wonderful weekend, Lucy!!!
Love from Anna xxx


Thirty years ago I used to crochet a lot. Over the years it got less and less, till none. But then I found you got inspired. (Thanks!) So, a couple weeks ago I looked though my old stash, played around awhile, and now am having yarn fun again! However, my husband complains that afghans with holes (like he sees in mine now) aren't warm enough, and color play is one of life's delights. So, I'll look forward to your pattern (and for that, thanks again).

Emma - Dotty Mays

Crikey! How do you ever find time to read all these comments AND write another blog?!
Just thought I'd post that I'm having a nice cuppa with some freshly made Attic tiffin whilst my LO naps ... I LOVE that recipe ... whipped up in 10 mins this morning ... left to chill / set whilst we did our library/baby stuff ... bliss!
Thank you once again

Looking forward to you next posting :-)

Emma x

ps topped up on baking supplies whilst out today - Holland & Barret have dried cranberries on offer :-)


How lovely! I like yours MUCH better than the original. I think I said on amamzing.blogspot.com how I love the Old Things but prefer to take them and make them fresher and newer. You're an EXPERT at that! Love it as always! (Esp. those flowers! *fawns*)

Becky M

I am also new to crocheting and have been enjoying your blog. I had to laugh when I read this post as I too had just gotten the same book out of the library this week!! So far away but on the same wave length!



Hi Lucy
I stumbled on your blog by accident and it has become my favourite time of day - to peep in and see what you are up to. I'm a mother of 3 (very)youngsters and this is MY space. I am busy making your "Granny's flower patch" cushion. Its for my sister - she is 7 months pregnant.Your honesty has been inspirational - thank you! Regards, Liezl
PS:Please,please, please can you post your pattern for the heart (on Heartfelt thanks)


The colours are wonderful and I do like your version of the granny square.

Alex Mason

Those squares are fantastic! xx

Katy S

I love this and your version is way better than the original! I haven't crocheted in ages but your enthusiasm may cause me to dig out the hooks :). The colors on your blog and lovely conversation keep me coming back!

Barbara P

How I LOVE reading your blogg - you are so full of enthusiasm that it spurs me on - I love the new square you have just designed and would like to have a try of it when you do the tutorial, what a breath of fresh air you are. Barbara P

Cazza of North Queensland, Australia

I'm sorry, I normally love your stuff, but this time I prefer the original design. I have been inspired by this colourful blanket on Handmaid Liset's blog


- check it out, everyone! - and have found a similar free pattern here:


Liset's blanket has each square in its own colour - like you're doing with your little stash-busting squares. But each to their own - good luck with your own granny circles!


Next time I go home to visit my Mum, I am going to take the lovely Granny Square Quilt and tuck it in my valise - and see if she misses it! She would tuck me in at night and I can still feel the weight and the comfort of that embrace.
Lovely work here, Debra sent me from Life-scapes.

Laura Tawney

I really like your version of the new wagon wheel. I'll look forward to the tutorial!

Laura T


I am sooooo inspired by your fabulous skills and colorful life! I just finsihed your granny square blankie for my sister who lives in Barbados. I know "Why a blanket in Barbados?" It does get cool there (for them) and it was just so full of life. Thank you for sharing not only your gift of crochet, but your life at home, as a mother of 4 girls I can well appreciate all you do!


I love it! Your's is much prettier than the wagon wheel - I sat and stared at it and thought "OK, I think I know how she did that..." but I'm very much looking forward to the pattern of course. I'd never looked at your comment link before today- so many other people simply LOVE your blog too! Thanks for sharing!

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