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February 23, 2010


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I would so love to have the pattern for these squares, they are just beautiful. I hope you get around to posting it sometime soon. It would be a great summer project.

Denise in Newcastle upon Tyne

have you managed to write up pattern for granny wheel squares?

Diane thomas

Can't wait for the pattern so anxious to try it, you are so creative love the pattern Lucy, Thanks for sharing, Diane Thomas,USofA


Im loving your blog and posts, I was just wondering whether you have done a tutorial for this?? I am desperate to create something like this!! have only just discovered the addictiveness of granny squares and would love to try these too. Many thanks for your inspiration!! x


Lucy I love your blog and Granny Square design!!!! I love that you're so full of wonderful creative design ideas! Keep them coming and I look forward to your blogs xxx

moran biton

hi i am moran from israel i jest discover yore blog and it is butiful and so hendy thenkyou


Love you! Thanks so much for the beautiful creations. So lovely and the vibrant colours!!! I enjoy reading all your posts. Thanks for sharing.


hahaha! Fab! Love the edging on the apron though...really reminded me of your candle trim that you made toward the end of 2011.

Tutorial hottly awaited and you've had me looking at creative cotton AGAIN! I'm gonna have to give in and buy some...currently £1.75 at Cucumberpatch (16 balls cost £3.50 shipping)

Good to look back at this Lucy - thanks to you (and your friend) for the reminder xx


The square is magnificent. Is there any way I can get the pattern? I would be happy to buy it. It is really something.


Today is a dark and rainy day here in Sweden, but much lighter for me now - after reading yor blog I immediately started on a granny blanket for my grandchild! What a nice and easy pattern! I have never written before but you have also inspired me to making a big Ripple blanket and a caver for an IKEA stool! Thank you!


Hi, i have reading your blog for one year , and started crochetting then.I am from venezuela and crochett is not a popular craft here.I wish i coud make a wheel granny blanket for mi grandson,your crochetting is beutifful, happy and very modern even when it is old fashion inspired.Colours and yarns make the difference. Sorry for my English, hope you can understand it and my gratefulness.Elena


Oh my goodness Lucy, I just LOVE all your hookiness ...every single bit of it is smashing !!!
Thank you for such a wonderful blog, heart skippiness on a Tinternet scale of loveliness :-)

helen welch

aww,hooky hideout,,it takes me back to when i was little!!we used to use sheets and blankets to make these dens!!good times,,,i love your colourful crocheting,,im just working on a granny square blanket at the mo and loving doing it,cheers helen

danielle thompson

i adore this wheel pattern SO MUCH! please make a pattern SOOOOON! :-) you do such lovely work.

Denyelle Klayton

I just wanted to share how wonderful your instructions are! I never thought I could do it until I stumbled onto your website...thank you!


I'm trying to learn to make your circle to square and I just can't figure out the join at each row. I haven't crocheted in years and only have your posts to guide me. Can you tell me how I'm supposed to change colors and join and move on to the next row all while it looks good? I'd be ever so grateful.


Oh you've spoiled us! Your tutorials are so great and easy to follow! I can't wait to learn how to make this! Also, how do you make your basic granny square? I tried to find a tutorial online, but they don't compare to yours! Thank you!


How clever is that! You go girl! You have made my start of spring even better. Awesome job, and a wonderful blog! :o)


What are the instructions for this nice square ? I love your colours !!

helen welch

wow,,what a lovely colourful site you have made,,,yep i am definately feeling inspired to have ago at crochet again,,,its been so long!!i have just discovered knitting socks and was starting to get a bit obsessed with it all!!!!One question??what sort of wool are you using in your projects??it looks so soft and pretty??thanks helen x


Hi attic24, I am so looking forward to your tutorial and pattern, I have been making granny squares with your "bobble" pattern but want to try the new one.. when you have time, please post. Hope spring comes very soon to your part of the world.


Oh, and yes of course, they are totally awesome! Yay for you! Indeed! I just this evening completed my first granny square of your flower variety, and am just excited to do more!


When you have the time, could you please make a tutorial for these squares like you did for the flower in the middle squares? I will send you one of my crochet flower pins with freshwater pearls! You can choose at my store; www.julianascreations.etsy.com and look in the accessories section. I can also share the pattern with you. :)


Love, love the granny!!!!!


Your excited post made me smile. I like your version much better. Looking forward to your new blanket! :)

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