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February 18, 2010


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Hi there!

I am totally addicted to cards too. When you are as addicted as I am, you can join postcrossing! It is soooo fun to do and you get so many great cards from all over the world :)
It might be something for you!

Hugs, Charmaine


I have 4 boxes of barely used notecards that I liked the artwork on, but never remember to send! I was surprised no mention of your magnanimous victory in the handmade olympics....Congratulations!!! It was very well-earned. =)


ha! what's funny is that it's almost 8:28 PM here in the States..and I'm off to bed as well..under my new comfy duvet!

This is my last blog entry to read for the night. and the last line made me laugh :) hope you slept well!


I love my sleep also and I love your blog girlfriend! And like you and several other people who have commented, I hoard cards also. Sometimes they just speak to you don't they? And congratulations on winning the contest! You really do have just the greatest blog ever.


I buy cards too, some I hardly want to part with, I often pick them up when we are on holiday. I have a tin full too.


Cards are special to me too, I don't have a stash of ones that I've bought (I thought I did but Elmer was exactly 1/4 of that stash!) I do have birthday cards from my first birthday, cards from my deceased grandparents, cards from birthdays while I was at school, cards that Andy sent to me while we were going out but living apart (and some that he sent to me while we were living together, some that he bought, some that he made.) I got 2 valentine's day cards from him this year because he couldn't decide which one he liked best. Oh I'm so sentimenal about keeping things that people have handwritten to me it's silly.

Sweet dreams, hope you sleep well :) xx

Shelley in SC

I just love the blissful, restful comfort of that last card. It says volumes about the restorative powers of sleep : ) !!


Lucy, I also collect cards. I love them! If I want to send one to someone, I have to buy two. I have boxes of them. I also collect boxes of note cards. Do you do that, too?


Hello Lucy,
What a lovely post, it made me think... I am not a card person so I always get the first card I see in the shop. Today you made me realise that I should be more careful and take a bit more time in choosing a card. It may mean the world to somebody else.... I do love letters, though and have kept all the lovely personal ones that I've received and that nobody writes any more. Sweet dreams, Pati x


I love cards too! :o)

Marian Edwards

oooweee i've got a card fetish too, Lucy! right now i'm into collecting vintage trade cards..such delightful miniature works of art, they make my heart skip a beat [you know what i mean] :)
i LOVE your patchwork blankie postcard it's got a lovely woolly/snugly look makes me wanna reach out and touch it :) x

Sarah west midlands

Dear Lucy I love that last card. Looks so peaceful!
Am off to my own bed now. Hope the half term week has been enjoyable. Good night
sleep tight!!
Love Sarah west mids.

The Garden Bell - Kate

Perfect. The artist is great. Love her stuff. Here's a Garden Bell tidbit. Every Xmas is get out all last years cards and use them as my cards on gift the following year. I do add a few {embellies}, but they are nice and big and fun.

Right now I have a huge antique bread troft that I have about 10 years worth of cards in from all the past.

So, I guess I'm having to admit, I'm a horder of cards to. But, isn't it fun to look through them all again.

Glad to see you posted, I was thinking about you alllll week and keeping my eyes peeled for your next treasure.

Have you started your cardie yet. I haven't picked up my hook since my last tail was sewn in last week. It was fun.

Gotta Run -

Kate - <3 <3 <3

Christine Warren

Hi Lucy,
I know you are sleeping now - but did you see that YOU WON! Congratulations!


I find that I'll buy a nice card with a special friend in mind to send it to and when I get to their birthday or special event I just can't bear to part with it. So I too have stashes of cards all over the place!

Hope you have a good night's sleep.
Sweet technocolour dreams xxx


yahooooo you won!! Well done! Hope you are having a lovely week with the "new" family and that the win has made the day even happier and more precious!

The woman in bed card reminds me of a beaitufully intimate painting of a woman combing her har...will see if I can find it!


I have a box of cards I've kept from special occasions. My 18th, 21st, Christmas Cards from my now departed Nans etc. The lady on that last cards looks so comfy.


I too have too many cards.

Cards I've bought,
cards my children made (years ago)
xmas cards,
birthday cards, anniversary cards too.

I can't seem to throw them away. I also display mine for inspiration.

If you're an example of this hoarding dilemma - it seems to be working. Your work is so creative.

Keep collecting.


Great to hear from you! I was missing your creative thoughts and thinking! I also love cards and thought I was wierd but I guess not or we both are!? Hope the rest of your week goes well with everyone home. How are your Wip's comming along. Mine are going sloooooooow. I need some motivation or something. Maybe I need to look at some cards?!
Take care, Robbie

Alex Mason

I still have my 18th birthday cards and that was along time ago, but they are so lovely to look at everynow and again. Hope you have a great nights sleep xxx


Sounds like your little world is beginning to find its rhythm again. Hope all is going well.

 Joyce Stewart

Great to hear from you again....I love cards, I make cards and if I knew your address I would gladly send you one of mine.....


Your last card reminds me of Gustav Klimts paintings which I adore. Bet his home was dazzling.
I remember sitting up on the side of the bed with my 3rd baby (now 9yrs old) at 4am crying(me) with sheer exhaustion and thinking I can't believe I'm doing this again. Since which time I have done it twice more. What a sucker!
Enjoy the quiet times. Sleep whenever you possibly can, everything else will still be waiting when you awake.

Renee McCurry

You have been such an inspiration. Your patterns are wonderful and so easy to follow. We have been snowed in much of this winter and hooking had helped me keep my sanity. I have posted some pictures of my projects, most inspired by you, on my blog, thebusiestmom.blogspot.com. I would love for you to visit. Have sweet dreams and enjoy Little B, they grow up so quickly. Looking foward to your next post.


Ooh, I love cards as well. They can provide such a sense of inspiration, or calm, or so many other things on such a small piece of card. Hope you have a good night's rest.

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