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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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February 18, 2010


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Am catching up on some of Your lovely colourful posts :o) They are so good to read and You have definitely improved the wheely square..I Love it lots.
I'm not blogging due to having a nasty lupus flare, but I am finding at this moment that visiting Attic24 is very marvelous medicine indeed :o)
You are a very sweet and magical person and You just radiate good feeling.

Many Warm ThankYou Hugs xxx



Well there's a funny coincidence - I was just going through my large collection of cards to look for one to send to a friend to say thank you. It's a large collection because I can't bear to part with most of them because they are inspirational, beautiful, colourful etc. The card I picked out had a little machine stitched applique picture of a boat with red sails on an azure sea. It was really pretty... it went back in the collection beacause I couldn't bear to part with it... and it was by YOU!

(I found another card and sent that instead!)


I love cards too. I have the closet doors in my home office almost completely covered with cards, postcards, and other art. Right where I can see it everyday for inspiration.


I pop in most days to The Attic, if you're not there I just mooch around and remember old times! Cards are one of my little passions too, I have them propped up in odd places - in some ways they are "just the minute" art that a little spot in the house needs. :0)
Blessings, Val


I thought you meant Food, Baby and Bed. I've been there and I would love the energy to go back! It's a rewarding time but very tiring. Love you Tulips. I did the same thing with Daffodils the other day. The winter is too long. Thanks for your ever sunny blog!


I love cards too. My most recent finds were postcards from the Cleveland Art Caravaggio, Monet, whoever else. They are small,but beautiful and inspiring bits of life that talk to me and tell me stories.

Girl from Mozambique

Lovely... Sleep away!!


Congratulations Lucy!!! You've won the Handmade Olympics!!!!
You deserve it hun XO


We can't seem to help ourselves ... we like pretty things... all kinds of things! I have matted, framed, and hung cards that I couldn't resist. Does that make me the mayor of crazytown?


Hey Lucy I totally understand your card addiction, have the same problem here.

But the reason for this comment is to CONGRATULATE you as you won with the Handmadeolympics -as if anyone else had a chance ; )-


Have a nice weekend



What did you study at Art school and what did you work as before having your children? I'm very nosey!! I love your blog, your home, baking and projects are very inspiring, enjoy this time with your little one x


Lucy, I've read several times that you received one card for your 40th birthday! You look apsolutely fabulous!!! Thank you for your beautiful pics.


I too love cards, as you say they can be inspirational and so cheery. I hope you manage to get some much deserved sleep! **Kim**x


Love the cards...I'm working nights at the moment and love the idea of bed in the morning but have so much to do....maybe a afternoon zzzzzz

Mariette Stevens

This is such a comforting place to come. Beautiful things to look at. Life shines from your writing. Prettiness from all the colours in all the delicious blankets and other creations. I am making a blanket for a new grandchild arriving in september . . . using your small, three colour squares. They are so good to carry around and create while waiting. Life has enough ''waiting'' to make squares for a baby blanket. I stumbled upon this lovely site of yours Lucy, when searching for crochet squares! Thanks for sharing bits of your life with us! Happy snoozing! Bye for now, Mariette.


I too have a collection of cards/postcards, either bought or given, collected over the past 15 or so years. Some in frames dotted about the house some on my inspiration board. I love how they can capture a moment and transport you somewhere else........


How nice to nknow I am not the only one. I have an old wooden card index drawer full of postcards and two big shoe boxes of old cards - like you, they act as inspiration sometimes so that's a bit of an excuse!

Claire Hilton

I keep my special cards & ones I love the look of on a display board in my sewing room..... makes my heart sing everytime I look at them...have a good sleep.... wont be long till I join you (the eyelids are drooping)


I collect cards too - I think they are a great way of owning beautiful works of art - especially when you cant afford to buy the real thing (like me!) I have decorated my ancient and very dull kitchen with cards and plants and now its almost my favourite room in the house. It's like walking into a little gallery.

Dominique from France

Hello Lucy ! I also keep all sorts of cards, mainly cards about music.
Sure that flowers, tea and cakes are nice for a quiet moment.
Enjoy them.


Loving your cards most of ours end up on the sideboard or the fridge. sometimes if I find a favourite picture on a card i'll put it in a frame and on the wall. sweet dreams Jane

Petit Filoux

What lovely cards!!! I especially love the first one! I keep all my cards too! I've got a box at my mum's and a pile here too!! I love going through them occasionally, gets me all sentimental!


I hope you had a long sleep...
I collect cards as well. Your post was like reading my thoughts... except for the little baby... hugs, Anja


Good morning Lucy!
Hope you slept well! Fantastic cards!
As always, your post is so uplifting.


♥ nice

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