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February 19, 2010


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I love tulips. Yours a lovely. I had pale pink tulips as my wedding flowers. Just me, my love and my family on a beach, he with a tulip in his coat, me with a big bunch of tulips draped across my arm as we were married. Thanks for reminding me how beautiful those tulips were.

PS. Tulips like your gorgeous bunch here in Australia would be $15 - 20.


What a wonderful thing it is to chance upon beauty and colour, waking up to read your notes is a very good thing indeed.
Yay on your freedom supermarket jaunt and bounty of flowers, x Nadia


If in doubt....ALWAYS go with the BIG bunch of tulips!! You can never have too many tulips!

Rosemary Dennis

What a lovely, descriptive post, with wonderful photos to accompany it.
I really enjoy your blog.
Glad the flowers cheer you up.


you are most definitely worth it - enjoy your gorgeous tulips hunni! xxx


You are worth it, every tulip!
Did you see my white roses? Big and beautiful, but I desperately need spring colours....
Hope you get more sleep!

~X~ Karin


beautiful colors! ^_^


I love this, not only because the tulips made you so happy (and it's the simple things in life that bring real happiness), but because I bought a wee bunch of flowers for myself this morning too. I completely understand :-)


its the little things in life that give us the most pleasure!


Oh, yes, dear Lucy!
Even, three tulips there was a small piece of happiness! I was with you in supermarket and I felt free!
You know why? Because you are amongst the few people that are confident in themselves and they like themselves!
You know that it is right!
Keep smiling!

Dar Kleinheksel

Tulips are lovely and a wonderful reminder that spring will be here shortly. I live in Holland (Michigan - not the country) and we celebrate the beauty of the tulip every May with a festival called, (you guessed it) Tulip Time! Tulips are planted along the streets coming into our city, tulips planted in park gardens, tulips planted to look like windmills, tulips, tulips, tulips. The colors are amazing. Lucy, you would love all the colors! I shall never think of our "Tulip Time" without thinking about your love of them! (especially the red and yellow ones!) Makes me want to go out and buy some!


Good on you! :)


Yes I agree with everyone else - you are worth it!
Love, love, love having fresh flowers in the house - I treated myself to tulips on Tuesday - great minds think alike!
Take care Lucy and have a great weekend.
Sally x - Portsmouth.


CONGRATULATIONS on winning your category in the Handmade Olympics! I voted for you! lol You're one of my most favorite blogs. The cheer of your family and the beauty of your environment are a comfort to me in a very difficult time in my life, so thank you for the cheer and for the lovely craft inspirations! I hope that you can some day share your recent heart granny square pattern. It was the nicest looking heart I've seen...and I've been looking!!! lol

Leanne O'Hara

Yes, you are worth it! And so am I! I love tulips and think I'll pop out and buy some for myself too!


Gorgeous tulips.

As regards baby - I remember one of my friends saying it's amazing how such a small person can take up such a lot of time. I realised what she meant when I finally became a Mum myself!

By the way, I just completed a round crochet cushion I made following your flat circle tutorial. It's on my blog if you're at all interested (or have time to look!). I'm soooo thankful for your generous and effective tutorials.

Many thanks!

Anne x


The joy of going to the shops - ALONE!!! Sometimes quite sad if that is what gives us the feel good factor, but it's so true - and ooooh I love this time of year with the beautiful tulips and yes, you're DEFINITELY worth a BIG BUNCH of them! Enjoy them and the weekend. XXX

Marian M-S

You are so worth it! Isn't it funny how with babies/kids a ordinary trip to the supermarket sans any hanger-ons is such a treat? My husband doesn't get it. I don't think men understand how nice something like that can be :-p.
Have a lovely weekend!


Love the photos of your tulips! I also find that tulips (especially this time of year) are so intoxicating! I've bought two bunches of them so far this year and I have to stop and look and smile at them every time I walk past... :) Glad you are having a good week!


Yes, YOU are worth it! ~lovely~ post. Thank you for sharing.~

Lucy (in IN)


You are worth every single stem!

So sorry you did not get a good night's sleep. hope tonight is much easier on you and baby.


have a good night..
with the smell of spring in the dark....


Ruby 2 Shoes

You are worth it. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous, and the way you've written about it all is lovely :o)


of course you are
hope you have a better night tonight


Gorgeous blooms! :) xx

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