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February 19, 2010


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little pink room

Enjoy them lucy. They're gorgeous. Sleep deprivation is an awful thing, flowers definitely help. And maybe some Essential chocolate too?! Aoife x


Yes you are worth it. Well done you. I enjoy reading your blog so much. On Thursday was walking round the souks in Marrakech, Morocco, and thought of you when looking at all the lovely bright colours, spices, leathers, materials, carpets, beautiful. Like you, only had few hours sleep in our Riad that night as had emergency call from home that Mother-in-law very sick and in hospital, so quickly arranged flight back home. Maybe we will be able to go back one day. Have you ever been there? I know you'd love it, so much eye candy!
Love Karen

Isabel Rafael

They're worth every penny - You deserve some spoiling - love visiting your blog. Isabel (South Africa)


I noticed you had one of the most important essentials on your list....Chocolate.!!!


What a wonderful post! So, I'm not the only person wandering about the supermarket thinking these thoughts.

Lovely stuff.


Wow what a lovely bunch of tulips for £5. Bargain. I want some now hehe.


Oh you definitely do deserve them Lucy! I remember well that luscious feeling of a bit of space to myself (even if it was in the supermarket) after a small, small night of sleep. Enjoy your lovely flowers and get back in that bed!


Oh they're beautiful Lucy! I have a strong love affair going with all things tulipy at the moment! What a treat to discover such an abundant and colourful bunch!

Have a lovely weekend, Im glad you enjoyed your little break of Freedom too!

Julia x x x

Fruitful Fusion

You are indeed worth it Lucy!

The Curious Cat

You are definitely worth it! :) xxx

hill upon hill

You have practiced excellent tulip economy today.


Overall cost never makes sense where beauty is involved. We all deserve it!


What beautiful flowers!

This is totally unrelated to todays post, but I have been reading back over your blog and am lusting after your fabulous supply of buttons! - Where did you get them and are they available online?


I love your blog!


You are worth it!!!! So much work for the kids, for the family.
You are worth it !!! For your soul, for your health, for your heart, for you.
Have a nice weekend.



Oh, Honey, you are SO worth it.

Good for YOU!

I was gifted with a lovely big bunch of tulips for Valentine's Day from a faraway friend, and I can't TELL YOU how they have brightened my days since!

I'm SO glad you treated yourself - and US!



So glad you got the larger bunch and were able to spread the color and cheerful blooms about your lovely home. Here's hoping you get better zzzz's tonite. Blessings, Tammy

elizabeth Shahbazi

Hi Lucy! I used your pattern for the summer/crochet squares. Thank you so much...I get it! I have been obsessing over all the different patterns available...finally decided to use your tutorial!THANK YOU!!


Ahhh Lucy, I do agree that a big bunch of tulips is just about always a better choice than the frugal-based small bunch.

Tulips are exuberant expression of the Spring that will arrive.

Wonderful way to be cheery after not much sleep.

Hoping that the land of nod welcomed you tonight. xo

Shelley in SC

Oh, so sweet! I bought myself tulips for Valentine's Day and swoon every time I pass them : )!! They are a delightful flower. So glad you had something bright and cheerful to enjoy!!

Lori Daly


brooklyn codger

whoospies. this! http://mannafrombrooklyn.blogspot.com/2010/01/what-is-that-thing.html

brooklyn codger

Beautiful flowers! I also love tulips and also have tulips-am-I-worth-it moments! I think you will identify with this... http://mannafrombrooklyn.blogspot.com/2010/01/what-is-that-thing.html.

Thanks as always for your writing and pictures.


Tulips and babies - even with not enough sleep you'll remember it as a good tme!


Happy tulips, indeed! You deserve each and every one.
Do check out the Mason-Dixon blog http://masondixonknitting.com/ and click on the YouTube link. You'll love the backdrop in some scenes. Made me think of you.

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