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February 19, 2010


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Flowers always brightens up a persons day, no matter what's gone on before them. Vibrant bunches of Tulips like this are especially warming in any home.




Love your ripple tutorial ! Mine is growing nicely. Like you I love marbles too.



Could you please share where the pattern for the edging of the multi coloured granny square that you made. It is mostly blues and greens together.



I love tulips too, together with peonies and sunflowers they are my favourite flower. You bought a lovely bunch! Sleep tight! Pati x


You are so very worth it! I just love your blog. I think I'm going to buy some tulips!


Love this post from start to finish! When a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do ... you definitely did the right thing!!!



your tulips look lovely !!!!!!!!! I've got some that are exactly like the red and yellow one in your photo and they have been making me smile :0)

Monique Elisabeth

Those tulips are so wonderful. I love the colours.
I hope you can sleep some more tonight !!!
Have a great beginning of the new week.


looooove your tulips! i bought a bunch of tulips, hyacinths and ranonkels (don't know the name in english). Because the weather won't work with me, i have to bring in spring myself!
greetz from holland.

Annie Wynen

GOOD ON YOU! I think I will buy myself some flowers tomorrow because I'm worth it too. Thanks for the inspiration and vote of confidence.


I love your blog and all the lovely things that you make and the way you share your thoughts and home with us all! Please accept this well-deserved Sunshine Award, (I know you have had one already!) check out my blog to find out more: http://dotsandspotsdesign.blogspot.com/ Congratulations on your recent Gold Medal Blog award too!

Aussie Maria

I know exactly what you mean about the tulips, one of my favourite flowers, after daffodils. Love the colours of them


Darn tootin' you're worth it! And those cheery tulips look just PERFECT in your home!

Just wanted to tell you that you have received the Sunshine Blog Award. Please stop by my blog and pick up your award. You will find it at: http://musings-by-melani.blogspot.com/

And thank you so much for your wonderful blog! It's such a joy to read...


Did you know Tulips keep growing after they are cut? That is why you can arrange perfectly arrange them, then the next day they have moved. :) I keep cutting them so they don't get so leggy.


So glad you went back and picked up more!!!! Eight would not do!!!


Isn't it wonderful how a simple thing like flowers can lift the spirit just by being there? The greatest joys in life are found in the simple things! Enjoy!


Fresh flowers always make me feel better...even with a lack of sleep...




I don't speak enoght english to explain how much I like your blog.
I love it, thank you!!

Gemma Wilson

You so did the right thing!


you are doing so wonderfuly well Lucy - just look how tidy and clean your bedside table looks..!

Lorraine Tarr

You most certainly are worth it dear Lucy :-) If anyone can spread twenty stems with flair - it is you!
Happy weekend xx


I've been having tulip moments too. When the grey and the gloom outside gets too much the only thing that will do it is a bunch of pink tulips (oh, and perhaps some chocolate too?)


There's an old proverb that when you have only two coins, you should spend one for bread and the other for hyacinths for the soul. I think tulips for the soul would qualify, too.


Ah, that feeling of being 'without', just for an hour or so... A bunch of tulips like that puts the icing on a wee trip like that!

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