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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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January 19, 2010


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I'm a Granny who stumbled onto your blog. I was looking for a granny square tutorial. I think yours is great. What do you do with the yarns that are left hanging as you progress around the square?


Hi Lucy
First time comment. Love your blog - thank you for bringing color into my beige life here in Australia!

I'm having a go at your baby ripple blanket. Thank you for the detailed instructions.


glad all is well - my little girl is now 5 months and i have just lately managed to fit in some crafts - i have today made her a cosy toes warmer for the pushchair - we spend so much time out and about in the fresh air too - it does lift the spirits Amanda x


Keep up the good work with the 'milky machine'! And take the rest whenever you can. The little one looks soooo sweet!
And here too.. Lots of tulips and bulbs! Love them.


He is precious, Lucy..
love all the flowers..


I Lucy,my name is Lilly and I'm from Italy.I follow you blog,is FANTASTIC !!! Have a beautiful NEW YEAR,many kisses !!!!! The link of my new blog
is ,come and visit me,
http://lillypiccolina.blogspot.com Bye bye Lilly =^_^= xoxoxox


I'm so happy to hear from you and know that you and the bundle are doing well. It takes a little while, but you'll get into somewhat of a routine. My favorite times were early in the morning when everyone else was asleep, my girl would wake up and eat and she would sit in her little bouncer chair and play with toys hanging from the top while i watched one of my favorite programs on television and sipped hot coffee for about an hour. I still haven't found time to start crochet again what with being back to work myself and all, but oh, how I miss those mornings. As you know, they don't stay little bundles for long... Hope to hear from you again soon! ~Jessica


Love what you say about the jaundice. We used to put our daughter in the conservatory in the big pram (we were lucky enough to have the loan of a silvercross) in the gentle heat of the day and it worked a treat. Re missing "him" so remember that too. It eases with time but let him know. Thanks for the memories and thank you for taking the time out to share.


Oh Lucy what a beautiful child! Glad to hear that you are doing so well. I love your blog. I've been wanting to ask you what yarn you've been using. Is it wool? I hope not 'cause I'm very allergic. But the colors are awesome.


His little fingers are so precious!


HI, your blog is so lovely.
I began follow it a few time ago, and I am always ansious to read it.
I was happy with the baby´s birth announcement. It´s true the things are good.
Sorry for my english I´m not
very good.


I did promise you Ooooh-ing and Ahhh-ing!
Valentina from Cyprus

carissa... brown eyed fox

a beautiful treasure...
llok at him all tucked in with that pretty cozy blanket.

rest... peace... happiness be at your feet!


Hi Lucy,
Been away visiting my 83 year old mom. So nice to get caught up with you and your world. Love that things are working out so nicely for you. Enjoy and know that I'm so happy for you and your family. Love, Robbie

Angélica Oliveira

Hi Lucy!
How are you?
Your baby is beautiful!
It's me, Angélica, Brasil,again.rsrs
I would like of your visit in my blog.I have a surprise for you.You need translate, now, sorry.Hoje estou cansada,e aqui está muito quente, e estou com preguiça de escrever em inglês. O que vc vai ver em meu blog já estava pronto há muito tempo,desde quando descobri seu blog,in august,september or october...Mas não tinha costurado a alça, nem feito as flores.Vou ficar feliz se vc aparecer lá.
Estou terminando outro trabalho que aprendi com vc, de crochet. Eu consigo entender quase tudo que vc escreve, sem tradutor.For me is good, because i study,learn english. www.atelieangelicaoliveira.blogspot.com
Thanks, Hugs for you and your family.God bless you! Bye, bye.


Your picture just makes this Granny want to kiss that sweet little ear!


Loving the peeks we're getting of the wee babe. A cuties, I'm sure. Your photography is amazing, it shows the beauty of motherhood, and homemaking. It really inspires me.

zoe (in England)

I had forgotten how beautifully hyacinths smell until someone gave me a pot of them for Christmas. beautiful!


Oh, sweet! You need a great baby carrier though sweetie. Something bright and cheery. In the UK Big Mama Slings is fantastic. http://www.bigmamaslings.co.uk/

Clare Taylor

Well done you, sounds like you are finding the right balance. He just looks adorable, that perfect tiny ear...almost makes me want another........maybe not :)
Keep going just as you are.
x Clare

Anna-Karin, Sweden

Oh, what a lovely little ear!!
Lucy, I am so glad you are feeling good, and it looks like your Little Boy is doing it too.
Take care!
Love from Anna xxx

Diane F-D

It just amazes me how much joy your blog is spreading around the world. As I read the postings, so many mothers and mothers to be are cheered by your world. My little bundle turned 18 this year and is officially not a child any more, but you helped me recapture those old memories and make them fresh. Thank you!


This time last year I was in the thores of a baby moon, when all I wanted to do was sleep whenever the opportunity presented itself! My one year old has just weaned himself off the mummy milk which is both a relief and a sadness -bittersweet I suppose. Enjoy your milky snuggles and feeds, and the cute little snuffly noises he makes!

Tanya D

Just wanted to say glad your doing well. Love the cute little glimpses of Littel B. Take whatever time you need to get into a groove. Looking forward to your next posts!

Clare Powell

So glad you're enjoying life! Good to hear you and little bundle are so well.x

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