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January 13, 2010


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Congradulations on you new little bundle. When you hold a baby, you realize there is hope in this world. God bless your family. Beth

Sarah west midlands

Dear Lucy snow beginning to disappear
here. Sun actually shone for about an hour today and then the fog returned. As other half in hospital I decided to have a good tidy up on the ground floor. Now I have a pile in narrow hallway needing to be taken upstairs! Other half brought back home this evening. Bit wobbly but okay. Now tucked up in bed.
I was reflecting on the birth of my own sons and the best bit was definitely sitting on the settee just cuddling them.
Keep resting!! A big hug from me.
Love Sarah west mids.
PS Have just had an inspirational idea.


Congratulations on your new little "Tiny Man". Enjoy this time! I wish you all the best!


Congratulations! I'd like to thank you for sharing all your wonderful work and for being an inspiration this Christmas.


how sweet Lucy...So happy for you..
hugs and congrats!


I really wanted to comment on the post that announced your sweet new bundle of joy but I felt that with so many posts how could mine mean anything... however I cannot keep myself any longer! Congratulations to you and although it was not under the best of all circumstances I am so happy you are home and healthy back at attic 24.... and YES all that icky stuff is behind you and a new chapter has begun with you being 5 and all! Andrea


While you were out, I got a friend to teach me how to crochet stars. I am so desperate for an advent calendar like yours. Truth be told I am also desperate for a teeny tiny man like yours, but all things considered, maybe I'll just stick with the crochet instead!

Glad you're back home and resting loads. Keep it up, rest until he's 14 if you want. (As the mother of a 15 year old, I can tell you , you will need the rest!!!!!)

Becky Johns

Many congratulations to you and yours. Was wondering where you were and suspected the time had come. Enjoy your teeny man. As I am sure you have found, they grow so quickly and time is precious.x
ps love your blog - endless inspiration and feel like i have made a new friend.


I wish you could see me this evening. For dinner I cooked your butternut squash risotto, which everybody loved, followed by your lemon drizzle cake. I am now relaxing by finishing my first crocheted blanket. It's so cold and w've had no refuse collection in my Midlands street for 29 days now, but your blog keeps me cheerful! xx


I recently found your blog. Your world is so bright! I just love all the colors you use in your crochet!! Congrats on your new bundle of joy!!!


Dear Lucy,
congratulations on your little boy! I remember when I had my first one nearly 16 years ago, and it took ages to get better because he was HUge! Well, I went on to have two more, my last one when I was your age and he is a lovely toothless 7-year-old now. And keeps me busy! Just rest and take it easy, and enjoy the amazing first moments of getting to know your little one. Also, thank you for a lovely, bright blog! Found it last year and it cheers me up every time!
Love, Iiris


Many congratulations. I had an elective cs in June. Make sure you get plenty of rest (if possible) and don't do too much too soon.


I hope your blood pressure soon settles and that you enjoy your snuggle moments Jane x


I've always thought that there is nothing cuter than a baby in a sleeper. Now I can update that: nothing cuter than a baby in a sleeper on a crocheted blanket. Rest and enjoy. :)


Dearest Lucy,

Me again. I hope you are having a good day and feeling better. Just wanted to drop a note to let you know I had to tell my corner of the world what and inspiration you are. I hope you will take time to read when you feel up to it.

Big hug from North Carolina!


Hello Lucy, after reading your post on wristwarmers I have crocheted my own, would you mind if I posted them on my blog? I would obviously link to your blog.


Take care of yourself, Lucy. Rest, rest, rest... and breathe in that heavenly newborn scent.


Congratulations! I baby is always a good news.


Congratulations Lucy et al......time to update your profile, methinks - now you are mum to 3 lovely little people!!

pw x


magical indeed. the whole bit.


please take more rest, and enjoy your precious moment with teeny man >___<<
would loves to hear more happenings on attic24, but that can wait, no prob at all.


congratulations!!! happy happy joy joy for YOU!


Sorry to hear, that birth as such was not as hoped - I am crossing my fingers that everything will heal quickly, hormones will normalize and that you alle feel totally well! Beside looking at these tiny and perfect fingers and toes i totalls adore baby ears - they are sooooo soft :-)

Victoria Leather

Hi Lucy

Enjoy every single lovely gorgeous moment snuggled on that sofa with your new bundle of soft baby and your other two big ones squidged in for hugs and sniffs (kids smelll so great don't they?). Take care of you xx


Hi Lucy, Lovely to hear from you. You just enjoy you`re blanket-fest! Cos quite honestly it is rubbish outside. It`s sooo cold,icey and snowy, looks lovely but a nightmare to get around. Sooo slippy, so you just stay where you are all cosy and warm and you just recover. Fab photos as usual. Take care.
Love from Carole in Rossendale xxxxxxxxxx

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