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December 01, 2009


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This White Hooky Snowflakes is a wonderful workouts..http://www.vivamagonline.com/index.php I like lean to do such designs.. Can you please update the steps? Waitng for new hosting.. Well done


I have been looking EVERYWHERE for some understandable snowflake patterns! I should have know to stop by the Attic :) Thanks!!!


Thanks for sharing! They look great. I'm sure gonna try this out!
xx Monica


I just tried your snowflake pattern, made a big one and a small one, and they are full of win. I'm sure I will be making more.

Thank you.

sheila andrews( aka woolbrain knitter!)

Lucy :) your are so kind and generous as well darn good at making stuff! Thank you so much for your totally inspirational blog and access to all your fab patterns.
Your photos always make my day...your site is soooo colourful and uplifting. Thank you and all the very best for your new arrival in the coming year.


Oh god, I love these! Now I want to make a snowflake garland...

Shelley(crochetedsass on crochetville)

Oh so lovely. Thank you for the easy instructions. Can't wait to see them all strung together & hung.


They look fantastic!

Rainbow In the grey sky

Hello Lucy i am glad all is well with you and the baby is coming along nicely! Wishing you well with that! Thank you for sharing your wonderful patters they certainly keep me busy and my family happy!
I adore the look of your lemon cake it looks so moist plz plz can you tell me where i can get the recipe you used for this?


Dear Mrs,
I have found your blog on the net a couple of days before and already made your lovely snowflakes, crocheted bag and fabric postcard all inspired with your blog. I'm from Croatia, mum of three beautiful children (6,4 and 1), love all sorts of crafts. Don't remember the last time I've seen such an inspiring place on the net. Thank you for sharing your work. I would like to show you mine but as I'm not so used to putting pictures on the net perhaps it will take some time. Must ask my husband for help! Hope my English is not very bad as it's not my mother tongue!


Hi Lucy,

I'm one of those lurkers whose world is daily cheered by being allowed a small glimpse into your life over there in the attic!

The snowflakes are lovely. I zoomed into them, and it was only by the third flake I began to get this uneasy feeling that something was amiss...sure enough, living in North America, I read "dc" as our dc, not as our sc... my snowflakes turned out quite on the huge side as a result...not sure if I want to keep them as they are, or redo them in the smaller size!

Hugs to you! and thanks for all the lovely, lovely patterns!


Lucy Dear, I am somewhat new to your blog but am checking in everyday as I enjoy and appreciate it so much. As I looked back in your archives I found a darling circle scarf you had made. I looked around in your blog for the pattern but couldn't find it. Have you posted it and I missed? Thank You for sharing your crochet goodies with the rest of us. Vicki


Hi Lucy, lovely snowflakes.

When you say: chain 1 (counts as 1dc).That means only when we start the new round ?


You explained the confusion I feel when looking at a crochet pattern so well! Perfectly I think ;-) I get so muddled that I haven't yet even tried to crochet but a chain! I'd like to but knitting is so less stressful to me. I must prevail though and you give me much hope. If you can create such lovely crocheted loveliness with a brain freeze to boot...than I can...I think;-)

Beautiful snowflakes dear!

Lots of love,


Beautiful! I must add these to my list of things to make. I'm new to crochet and your blog is so inspiring. I have made some of the stars, and have a big bottle of the spray starch, but cannot for the life of me work out how to do it. When I follow the instructions on the bottle, the iron completely flattens my stars. What am I doing wrong? Do you block them out first? Kate xx


Lucy!!! Love your snowflakes. Yesterday I was at the knitting and crochet books section at Borders and saw a delightful book that made me think of you... it's called "Beyond-the-Square Crochet Motifs: 144 circles, hexagons, triangles, squares, and other unexpected shapes" by Edie Eckman.

I also was thinking... have you done any felting?? I think that you would have lovely felted results... (hope my english is understandable).


I love your tutorials. They're so easy to follow and the pictures help a lot. And thanks for putting what kind of stitches are used and how you do them on there as well. (I still confuse them sometimes!)

I will try to make some snowflakes when I get home from work tonight.

Sue Scott

Thank you, thank you Lucy for posting this pattern. I have made three snowflakes so far. I've just starched them and they look fab. I'm going to hang them on my Christmas tree.


Ok now you really need to make some Snowmen, Christmas trees and Stockings!!! I am busy doing some right now and would love to see some Attic 24 ones :-) Love your Snowflake! Finally a pattern I can understand! Thank u thank u thank u


Thanks for the links.

Martina Tierney

Lucy, as always, chatty, upbeat, fab photos, clear and concise tutorials, and most of all, a generosity of spirit! I love your blog and am learning so much from you. Wait until my daughter sees this snowflake... in fact better go and buy the white wool now! Lots love Martina x


love them love them love them xoxoxoxoxox


Hi Lucy,
words can not express my gratitude to you and your blog. As I have only recently taken up crochet I have had my frustrating moments but with your blog I have made hex's and a snow flake ( run out of white wool! but really thrilled with it ) and have found your tuts so easy to follow. Thank you so much Lucy cant wait to see what else you come up with!
Take care

little pink room

Lucy, these are so pretty. I think I'll get out my hook again in the new year. It only had one rather disastrous outing this year... Oh well. Lovely snowflakes are definitely worth a try. Aoife x

Suzy's Vintage Attic

Hello Lucy

How nice of Victoria to forward the pattern to you. Crochet is just so versatile! I understand much better when shown how to crochet rather than have to follow it from a pattern. Can't do without patterns so am going to have to improve on paattern reading!
Enjoyed your previous post too. You certainly know how to brighten up a dull rainy day!
Take care
Isabelle x

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