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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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December 17, 2009


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Rissa Richmond

Lovely! I just found your blog, I live in Texas. LOVE IT. So inspriring. I adore your use of color. I think you would also like this company (I get there magazines for inspiration- but I dont really buy their products


Godi 4

Congratulations.Arriving in all the snow. Glad to know all is well.


Hellow, Mw name is Lidia. I am from Sofia-Bulgaria. A friend of mine has shared with me "a rate find" - your site. Is was so in an interesting manner for me. I love to crochet and I would be very pleased to keep in touch with other ladies who love to crochet, too.
Best regrards -

Karen B

Your crocheting and blog are so beautiful. I will definitely be back!

Karen @ Elderberry Street


I always love the view outside your attic. Take it easy, and be sure to show us how you hang the decorations.


Hi Lucy,

I dont know if you got my last comment but i'm wondering if you have any tips for changing yarn colors. your changes look so flawless. any advice?



Hi Lucy,
I am one of many that follow and really like your blog and everything you share. You make the simple things in life to look just great with your enthusiasm. I’m so inspired every day when I read what you have written in your blog. I’m a morning crafter too. My two boys love to create and we enjoy all your craft work ideas.
We had -58 oC last Saturday for few minutes and lots of snow for the last couple of weeks, here in Edmonton, Canada. I hope you are feeling well during the next weeks.
Happy holidays! Feliz Navidad!


My most fabulous piece of clothing was a pair of mens dungarees, (quite fashionable at the time) which had buttons down the side. I wore those to death for both my pregnancies and I was a good 15 stone just before I gave birth. My daughter is now 18 so gives you an idea of the trends for that era!


I used to be an early morning bod but in the last few years I have been a bit of a lie-a-bed. It really should be my new year's resolution to get up early in 2010!

Love the Christmas decorations - they're so sweet! x


Hi Lucy, enjoying still your post and my daughter is always also asking of how is the "Colourful aunt" doing and what has she been up to? ;.) You are part of our evening when we peek to your post and check what you are doing.
I have done most everything you have done and thak you so much for giving my life the enjoyment of the colours. You really have made a difference in my life. Thank you for that and wishing you well for the January and the best Christmas period ever and new year with all your family.
One another thing. I am living in Finland and was reading just of you going out with the crocs..please, don't when there are some snow or ice. I know as I am one crocs (or copy crocs) fan myself and crocs are rather dangerous on a wet surface, icy surface and specially if there's little snow. I have falled selveral times, but that doesn't mather but you are caring a precious one. Please be careful:)
Hoping you all the best.
And one additional comment: in blogs here in Finland are currently visible a new kind of bird that is set to the Christmas tree and I thing that it origins from your blog;-) So there are many happy followers for you here in Finland,
best for all of you,


6:15's pretty early for this time of year! I like getting up early in the summer but find it a little harder in the winter.
Lovely colourful post as usual!
Hope you're keeping well.

Ingrid Peters

O, the last weeks of pregnancy are not the most comfortable... I was pregnant of twins so I now something of having a big belly. Maybe the wintercrocs are something for you? Look here: http://www.lookatmycrazyshoes.com/crocs-c-36.html?sortby=bestsellers&cPath=36&gclid=CK3alqm7354CFeZr4wodzVYzJw
Have a nice day. It's snowing here in Holland too... Lookes very beatifull that white cover.
See you!

Sarah - Jane down the lane

Hi Lucy,

Merry Christmas to all at the attic and bump 24 too! It is beautiful here this morning, a blanket of snow engulfed us overnight!

Are wellies no good now? How annoying, I hope you find a footwear solution,

Sarah x

Claudia W

sounds so wonderful sitting and crocheting, while having tea and a sweet bite or two.
The snow would have me staying inside all day with a blanket wrapped around me!


Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog! Cheers from snowy Canada!

Diane F-D

What a wonderful view you have there. And a wonderful life from the joy in your blog - so glad I found you this week. I live in my crocs full time, treking thru snow in Kentucky all winter - just add socks, your toes may get a little damp, but if the socks are wool, your feet won't get too cold.

Erica K

I'm the opposite in the morning...I get up just when I need to in order not to be late. I get too tired waiting around... but you do make it sound nice.

Peng Peng

ooo those x'mas decs look positively fun and exciting !!! i wish i had time to do my own... or perhaps some mini people to do them with :)

can't wait to see your finished project.



So lovely to read about your Christmas preparations. I can remember my girls loving the craft at this time of the year. They are grown up now and decorating their own homes. I am about to attack some baking too so might try to find time to try your recipe as well.


your bag is looking lovely!!!


What Early Birds !!! I am a dormouse in a Teapot kind of person and the lid is firmly on at that time of the morning!!


It is astonishing to read that your kids enjoy to create things for decoration before breakfast. With my kids, no - teenagers it is very chaotic in the morning and I am happy when they leave for school.
Here in the North of Germany snow came last night, not much, but enough for to whiten the city. Now Christmas can come.


Sarah west midlands

Dear Lucy snow here this afternoon without warning during the Christmas party and a visit from Santa. i think the children at the school thought it was especially arranged for them. Really getting below freezing this evening. Have finished for this term so am looking forward to making some of my own decorations over the weekend. Look forward to seeing your completed bag.
i get up really early and love putting on the christmas lights when it is still dark.
I have really enjoyed your blog since
discovering it (via Anna Maira Horner)
one wet Sunday back in October.
Look forward to your next post.
Love Sarah west mids


Just wanted to ask you ... in the photo of your bag project .. what kind of cotton/wool is the lime green ball. Is it the smooth cotton dk?

I have always wanted a blog .. but realy dont have the time to keep it up. Well done you. I don't crochet but I do knit alot ( currently rushing to finish x2 sackboys from little big planet for my 2 little people to open on christmas eve ). I also do alot of sugar art - its my job so thats a given .. i model people out of sugar for occassions cakes and such.

I remember the swollen feet. Infact my foot .. just one was swollen for about 2yrs after my youngest .. doc would say .. walk more , rest more , walk more ... in the end the only thing I found to work was drink plenty of water. I think if it is possible for you or your man to pop out maybe some of those furry ugh boots would be best .. they are large loose and warm.

As for your decorations .. I am one of those above that can't barley get out the door with breakfast let alone craft, well done you, I am however popping some spice into my tree this weekend. Me and the kids are going to bake cookies to hang on the tree, gingerbread I think, but have to find the right recipe, I want to make holes and melt boiled sweets in the centre to make stained glass look. Very pretty and yummy too. Also have you thought of hooking some little jumpers to go on it in different colour and designs. I have knitted lots of little jumpers for mine and used silver florist wire to make mini coat hangers .. very effective. Might be a bit late for you though.

well thankyou for letting us all have space for a little ramblle on and natter on your blog. I enjoy all your bright fun colours.


Lucy!! Now I get it... you´re pregnant, right??... OMG.. is it a girl or a boy?? do you know??...
I love your crafty decorations..



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