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December 21, 2009


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It's nice to see someone else celebrating the solstice. We had a very calm celebrating this year too, some dark, some lights, family gathering out on the balcony just round the darkest of the dark to feel the dark and the cold. Moderate but nice anyway. It's such a nice time and Lucifer adores all our lights and points to tell us every day to light them and then smiles. <3

Then soon it's new year's when we celebrate our 10 year engagement anniversary and soon after then Lucifer's first birthday. We sure have lots of celebrations around this time nowadays! Also nice to come back and find many new posts from you! Hope you're feeling well and are having nice times with your close ones (including the baby!).



beautiful beautiful stuff. Hard to picture a cold Christmas as I sit here straight from the beach in my damp swimmers! Merry Christmas :)

bethel of bethania

Ohh Miss Lucy the snow is breath-taking, especially to a person who has never lived with snow... one day I'd love to have a White Christmas...
All the very best for the Festive Season to you & yours...
OOroo from the Land Down Under


So pretty...wish it would snow in Texas! Merry Christmas to you!

Leone Cabban

I would love to be in the snow, I have never been in the snow.It looks so clean and refreshing. Here in NSW Australia it will be a hot Christmas, although I did hear it was forecast to rain. Have an enjoyable snuggle in your dressing gown. Leone


Great pics, Lucy!!!

We don't have snow here in Chile... buuuu...

Enjoy your holidays!!




Snow--there's honestly nothing quite as beautiful. And it makes our homes feel cozy too! Perfect!


beautiful snow! i love how you celebrate the cosy pleasures of winter. hope the school walk is not too hard (cold)on your poor croc-clad feet ... take care and have a joyous christmas season full of heart-skippy pleasures.


Thank you for the solstice wish....enjoy your days.

Nina - Tabiboo

Evening Lucy,

such wonderful delightful wintry pictures.

I also just wanted to pop along and say 'Happy Christmas' and a 'very' merry (hopefully) New Year.

Warm wishes for 2010 and here's hoping all goes well.

Nina x


How truly lovely. I'm enjoying that relaxation vicariously as I'm in the midst of moving, but took a break to read blogs and found you via Posy Gets Cozy. Bright Blessings for the new solar year!

Anna-Karin, Sweden

Hi Lucy!
Today I did your "Festive Florentines", and they are just perfect! And so fast to do.
Here, we have about 30 centimeters of snow, I can't even remember the last white Christmas we had. It's wonderful. I have a good car for this kind of weather, so I'm prepared :-)
Your weekend sounded really good. Mine was more out than indoors, and it was nice too. But now, I have to do some Christmaspreparations, so the kids have to have fun outside without me ;-)

Have a lovely Christmas, You and Your family!!!
Love Anna xxx


yummy everything, and so glad you are taking such good care of yourself! what a robe. i would have a hard time getting out of it each morning and i know i would hop back into it asap each evening! happy solstice, happy christmas and boxing day! jkj


Beautiful pictures! And I'm totally envious of your snowy surroundings. I'm in Texas, so yesterday it was 70 degrees... today it will be in the 60's... with no hint of whiteness. I'm glad at least one of us is seeing beautiful winter!


Lucy, I just wanted to thank you for all your beautiful photos and your wonderful blog. We never get tht kind of cold weather so thank you for sharing . It is so nice to find someone who can always see what a beautiful world is out there. Merry Xmas and hope you have a great year
Bracha- Israel


I have to laugh when I see all that snow and then read that you walked the children to school in it. If we had that snow, we'd be off of school for a week!

LOVE the robe and the coziness of it all.

Mary Ann

A very happy holiday season to you and yours, Lucy!
Thanks for sharing your lovely blog! All the best from Denmark!

edna garcia

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year for you and your family.


Once again, lovely pictures!

Have a really lovely Christmas! x


Lovely, lovely pre-Christmas post.

I miss Winter Solstice at home too. As children, my brother and I used to help Mum make mini colourful glutinous rice balls (green, pink and white) to be cooked in syrup and fragrant leaves, and the next morning, Mum would wake up really early, 'make an offering' to the ancestors at the altar with three bowls of the glutinous rice balls in syrup and when the joss sticks have finished burning, we can then help ourselves to the special treat made especially to celebrate Chinese Winter Solstice.

The glutinous rice balls symbolise family unity, and also eating them means that you've grown yet another year older...

I missed home yesterday...

ps: I crocheted some really pretty snowflakes yesterday, starched them and they look absolutely lovely on the tree, thanks to you. Have a merry, merry X'mas dear Lucy. xxx


Thank you for the peace you dripped in my heart, which was quit sad these days...
Thank you for your warm, good, natural words.
From miles away, from your Attic, your day-to-day little stories became a part of my "survival kit"...
Your cheering up posts are helping me go through this difficult period for many of us, the common peoples.
Therefore I'm trying to take this wonderful, needed good spirit of you and give it onwards from my blog-little house, to others...
You are A GOOD HUMAN BEING, dear Lucy!
I wish you, from the deepest bottom of my heart a worm,peaceful,bright Christmas!
I wish you to get all the love you are giving to us,the unknown ones from all over the world!
May God preserve you and your deer family!


Don't you just love the Boden sale!! All the stuff I ordered for myself has arrived, but the shirt I got hubby for christmas hasn't - oops! At least I have a gorgeous knitted dress to wear at christmas!

Penny (Aust)

Hi, thank you for those wonderful wintery photos. We are having our usual hot and humid weather here in NSW, and a little bit of snow from England is a treat. Thanks for a great, great blog and all the best to you for the new year. xx


I'm so glad that I get to hang out with Attic24 on the internet! I'll look forward to more fun times in 2010. Hope you stop by ManorBooks for a visit now and then, you are always welcome. I'm leaving for Canada for the holiday, so will send you a wish from British Columbia.


Beautiful wintery photos - thanks for sharing :-)

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