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December 26, 2009


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Lovely photos Lucy. I have so enjoyed your writing and pictures throughout the year. Co-incidentally our house here in France is number 24 too. (no attic)!
Very best for 2010.

Sarah west midlands

Dear Lucy lovely photos. Our snow has all
gone! Might we have some more?
Number one son had idea for making a cover for a memory book for his girlfriend. He made the template and selected the material from my recycled stash. Guess who wound up stitching,assembling and adding some final embellishments. Up until
1.30am. Still good fun!!
Love Sarah west mids.

Nina - Tabiboo

Beautiful snowy pictures Lucy - ours melted last Wednesday, but there was still 'that' hope for a white Christmas.

I love the park picture - it reminds me of Lowry (Matchstick Men)

Have wonderful rest of the Christmas break,

loads of hugs,

Nina xxxxxxxxxx

The Coffee Lady

I think I've enjoyed the snow more than the children have this time!


Merry Christmas Luce, it looks perfect xxxx


thank you ! for this nice christmas walk....

Claire Hilton

oh how gorgeous & how different to me sitting in my sarong infront of the air con!! my daughter rang Christmas day she was so excited to have a white Christmas as last year
(her first in Wales) it didnt snow where she is till January...


How lovely is that...such a beautiful Christmas scene..
So glad you enjoyed your trip out,must be treacherous with a bump!! and somebody else's wellies!!
We had a lovely day but such a contrast to yours, see my blog for more.


So lovely. Our snow was mostly gone for Christmas, so we have been feeling a bit forlorn - especially the boys, who received sleds from their grandparents! Thanks for a glimpse of your White Christmas.


i had a great christmas but feely very blue today i prayed that you had written as i love to read your blog it makes me heart happy thankyou i am feeling better already. the snow and surroundings look heavenly

Kelly Bassett

I do love a white Christmas....but now I'm over it and ready for baseball!!!

claudia w

Great pictures! Great fun!


Lucy, how grand that you acted on that impulse to get out to see the sledding! And how truly lovely that your husband went back to get warming provisions to allow you all to stay the course.

Quite a soggy Boxing Day over here in New York ... we have had our recent beautiful snow washed away, and now ... wonder when we will have the first snow of the magnificent New Year.


The Garden Bell - Kate

Congrats on having a snowie Christmas over across the pond. We.... of course are digging out of 12 inches today....On top of the Ice Storm over Christmas Eve. Will try to get pictures up soon of what 12 looks like, but way too much digging out right now to think about pictures.

I'm so happy you had a wonderfully white holiday. Can't wait to get back to normal and get caught up with everyone.

Kate-The Garden Bell


No white Christmas for us, but I'm glad to see you enjoying the snow :)


It all sounds delightful. So glad you had a lovely memory-filled day.


oh my that is so beautiful, what a wonderful way to spend Christmas Eve :)


Delightful, thank you for the pictures, oh how I miss snow.

Brenda Kula

What gorgeous scenery! I just found you a few days ago. Enjoying your photos and blog! Funny, my now grown daughter use to have these Fisher-Price little toy figures. She use to call them little people. She'd say, "Mom, where's my little people?" Now she has little (real) ones of her own. You enjoy them and remember all the funnies so you can do as I have: tell them on their wedding day, to their dismay!

FarmgirlCyn (Cindy)

What absolutely beautiful photos, with memories to match!


Don't you just love white Christmasses?
Just across the little pond, we've had a huge melt-down, leaving us with a very messy-gooey grey mass of sludgy icy snow. Not worth to take the camera at hand.. I love your pictures...


What lovely photos Lucy... I am so glad that you got to enjoy those special moments with your family. I have always dreamed and wanted a white Christmas since I was a little girl... I guess thats part of growing up in Australia where its always summertime :)

Aubrey Cotton-Stapleton

Hi, I am Greedy Kate's Mum and I too love all your amazing photos!! I would so love to seeit all. It does look like a story book, all the people out enjoying the snow, all dressed in colourful clothes add to all the sparkle of the scene. I am so glad you made the most of the opportunity to go out on Christmas Eve with the family, a treasured memory for you all. I am in Australia and we have had beautiful coolish days for Christmas, but our parched paddocks do not compare with your snow, the village scenes, in fact all the winter wonderland scenes. Thanyou for sharing it all with us out in blogland!! Thankyou too for all your blogs, I really enjoy reading them all, Aubrey, Kate's Mum


You are so right! The scene you came across does remind one of an illustration. Many lovely memories from this season I am sure. Take care. :)


My heart made a warm and happy sigh when I saw the kids sledding. I'm so happy you decided to walk up there and share it with us. Your blog is like a gift every time I visit. Thank you so much for a year of English delights!
We had twelve for Christmas Eve luminaries at our house, then visited the snow on Christmas Day and now today we are awaiting our friends for Boxing Day lunch. Soup and cold cuts and various leftovers as usual. With cookies, fudge, and cake for dessert. With plenty of tea too!
Happy Boxing Day.

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