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December 26, 2009


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Happy New Year from a fellow crocheter and colour afficionado. A friend just shared your blog with me and it was an instant fave. Thanks!

karen harrison

hi Lucy and family
your comments brings so many memories back and it does get easier, now mine have all flown the nest i actually miss all that busy noisy time feeling needed
1 month since xmas where does the days go
roll on spring+ summer
love all the pictures
take care

Carol Holtman

Hello and Happy New Year,
Please...my request for the pattern for your dear flower scarves...both with and without the edging..also pattern for your "bathroom bunting"..
Thank you for your time and energy...your pix and words are delightful...color,color,color....heaven!!!
Gramma in Utah, U.S.ofA.


lovely photos..


Those snow photographs are amazing and I like all photographs.Actually I like snow very much and specially I like white Christmas.That second last picture has nice view.Thank you for showing us this photographs.




Viewing from Australia; I can't even imagine what this feels like. We're stuck in humidity and high temperatures. Love being a little part of your world.


A belated Merry Christmas to you Lucy. I just recently discovered your blog and find it very inspiring - like a favourite magazine but even better! I have two little people and we have had great fun making the most of the Christmas snow as well - such joy!

Petit Filoux

What beautiful photos!! The snow's pretty much all gone down here near London, but we did have a white Christmas which is indeed so unusual!!! Absolutely loved it!!! x


We had a nice white Christmas in Kansas, USA this year too..............quite nice!


I love your pictures, so very merry looking. Everything looks dusted with powdered sugar. I love a white christmas, and since we didn't get one here, I'll enjoy yours vicariously. Cheers.


I'm so jealous - we've never had a White Christmas that I can remember in London. Lovely photos! Are you going to turn them into Christmas cards for next year? x


WOW how incredibly beautiful thankyou for sharing :)


Hi Lucy, wow how I enjoyed those snowy photos! We were lucky here in australia that it wasnt quiet as hot as usual.And it has finally rained so we will finally have some green paddocks to look at instead of dirt.enjoy your snow Im very envious!oh to dream of a white xmas.


I have been to England once, for a two-week visit, and Bolton Abbey was my favorite place that we visited! Lucky you to live so near it.


Hello Lucy! I've been thinking about you lately and wondering how you and the (not so little now) Bump are getting along. I see that it is very nearly time for your new little one's arrival, and I wish you all the best.
I am so delighted that you and your lovely blog have taken off, and I am not surprised at all by your success. I have had a delightful evening catching back up on all that I have missed from the Attic. I am in love with your birds and the advent calendar. I just joined your flickr group too, and I can't wait to make some of your projects. But first, I really must finish the never ending ripple that I have been working off and on for the past year and a half. Big ((((((hugs)))))) to you. I am so happy for you. :~)

Alicia P.

Oh goodness me. Now I'll never ever believe that real-life England doesn't match my imagination. Ev-er.



Oh your teasing me!! I know it. It looks oh so lovely and I'd love to have that experience. I'm glad you had such a lovely Christmas. Mine was good too but quite a bit warmer. Late 20s. Lovely sunny day hanging out with family.

Fiona Cheng

Thanks Lucy for these beautiful wintery photos. In Sydney we have already well and truly started summer and the snow looks so cool and comfy and soothing!


Lucy, I was unpacking a box today and I found something that I would like to send to you. I ready your blog all of the time and I can't tell you how much it makes me happy. I too, love bright colors. I also found something that I think Hen will like.

Clare Powell

It looks so beautiful! Its been slushy here and cold but none of the real fluffy stuff! Have a great new year.

The Curious Cat

Merry Christmas Lucy! Hope you and your family have a wicked season! xxx


Sounds to me like a very enchanting, magical Christmas Eve! Love to you!


Oh Lucy, I have just recently found your blog and my feelings are if I am dreaming, please don't wake me up! I have been glued to this computer going back thru all of your archives. Yes, all of them and I can tell you I have been totally swept away to another world. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that your blog has changed the way I choose to live my life. You have taught me to see things in a way I had never seen them before. You have lit a spark in me to make every day a little more exciting. It is so easy to see the negative things in life and overlook the good things that bless us every day and you have inspired me to "see the glass half full instead of half empty". Thank you dear Lucy for helping me add color to my life and to actually make me glad to think about the future. Believe it or not, I am throwing away all of my white socks and am on a mission to find the most colorful ones on the market. I'm even thinking about painting my tennis shoes!!! Words fail me trying to thank you, but just know you have made a profound difference in my life and for that I am most grateful. I am forever a devoted fan.


Your snow photos are lovely, but the branches against the blue sky is really special. What I enjoyed most was your delight in your Little People- that's a rare gift!

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