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December 15, 2009


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I just love that! It is beautiful.


Wow, what a transformation! It reminds me of a dancing lady twirling around in a colourful tiered skirt!


I've just recently discovered your blog via Ravelry, and I just love it. Thanks for sharing your days with us.

Anna-Karin, Sweden

And, it really is your colours!!! Love it!
Have a wonderful Christmas, just a week until the Big day now. Here, we have the real festivities at the 24'th. The Santa often knocks at the door at the afternoon, and give all the presents, not at night as I think it is in England. Isn't it wonderful, how different we celebrate the same thing?
Well, Merry Christmas to you and all your family!!!
Love Anna xxx


that turned out so pretty..
You do have the touch..
take care,


Lucy--you're brilliant!


Its fantastic what a great idea


Love it Lucy!


Brilliant and so happy colours.
Lovely idea.


I've really loved this post. Your ideas are brilliant and so charming!!! Have a nice week and kisses from Spain.

Suzy's Vintage Attic

Hello Lucy

Wow I am impressed with that stuff. It answers my question, as I had wondered if it only covered things like the Love display that you bought. I guess it can be used on anything then. The possibilities are really endless then.

I really like the end result, that lampshade has been transformed in to something very pretty and vibrant.

Warm wishes
Isabelle x


Oh my life I love it! We have spot lights everywhere so all my pretty light shades are in a box getting dusty. :(


It's beautiful, makes me think of a spanish dancing skirt! I had one of them when I was a kid, it had thees same colours.

Pom Pom

More color! More joy! Happy! Happy!


Love it! You are so creative and I missed you but understand you need time for other things. Thanks for sharing with us and bringing us a bright light in our day!!!


You are amazing... you have such a bold use of color and I LOVE it! Beautiful lampshade and beautiful home! :)


How lovely the "new" lampshade looks. It sort of brings the whole room together. All your lovely colours repeated in the LOVE sign, rugs, table runner, cushions, and heart garland.... and you always manage to have a vase of lovely flowers somewhere in the room. So comfy and homey!

suzie sews

you so have your own colours...


Hi Lucy, your re-vamped Lampshade is gorgeous.
Love Carole xxxxxx (from Rossendale) xxxxx


It looks like a very expensive Tiffany Lamp when it is all lit up. You are very creative, well done to you!!!!


Lucy, you are one of a kind and I mean that sincerely. The bright light shining forth from your soul inspires us all to look for the silver lining in life. The beauty that is you can't help but bubble forth into colorful shades of creativity. To know you would be like walking from one end of the rainbow to another. Everything sweet and loving would be the natural order of the day. You, my friend, are so admired and so loved. As you look forward to a new year and a new little member into your family I pray you are blessed beyond everything you have ever dreamed of. You have brought an awareness to me to look further for the beauty within. Your happy soul sings and dances and makes me feel young again. You make me believe in endless possibilities. Thank you for being you, a real authentic geniune graceful lady with class and integrity. Your children are blessed to have you as their wonderful mother. How I wish I would have had such a fine mom. Take care, my dear Lucy. Oh and by the way....I like your magic lampshade, very, very much!


How lovely!

FarmgirlCyn (Cindy)

I think it is most "ta-da" worthy, and the colors are just what I would have picked out! So cheery and bright!


Lucy, it's so flirty! The rippled edge is just great !


I think it is wonderful. I love the shape of the shade and all the colors accent it so nicely.

Just a reminder, because you told us to remind you, can't wait to see the bag that you are working on or have finished.

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