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December 14, 2009


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We missed you down here in Australia while you were gone! Glad to hear you are okay! Love the ornaments... my kids do similar and it is always so much fun!!!

Molly McNealy

Fun to hear you are in the same pre-Christmas mess/chaos as we are! I have been making snowflakes and stars galore to keep my sanity.

I LOVE the paper decorations and think you should just go w/ the flow. There will be enough future Christmases where you can use the other ones.

And WHERE did you get that lovely tree topping?? It is wonderful!! I would keep it out all year long.

Happy Holidays and best wishes to you and your lovely fam!

Molly Battle Ground, WA, USA

Erica K

I love the crocodile...so funny and cute!

You know my j would never blog for me! I should ask him just to see his reaction...I'm thinking it would be 'h**l no!' :D


So nice to hear from you Lucy. I didn't realize how much I need my Attic fix :) Take care of yourself and rest .....


Your children are very creative like their mother, I believe. At least the crocodile was green(green and red for Christmas.) We will certainly not expect you to blog as much as you prepare for the birth of your new little one. We will miss you on days you don't, however. Just take care of yourself.

Emily Valli

Greetings from cloudy,cold PA,USA...Glad you're back. All of us certainly understand your situation right now. It's about to get even more hectic...so, don't worry. We're thinking about you, wishing you well, and know you will be back in full swing after the little one arrives and is settled. That might take some time...just relax and enjoy. All your friends in blogland will still be around...popping in and out to say "hi." Love...Emily V.

The Garden Bell - Kate

Just love those homemade ornaments the little ones made. Let them know we think they did an excellent job. I totally get the fake tree thing and all those dropping needles. Besides, who wants to drag a real one out to the crib, when it below zero.... which it ususally is around here.

You are too funny having J as your guest blogger. Can't wait to read one of these, should be interesting. Pretty funny too. Hope he is up for the challenge.... chuckle-chuckle.

Enjoy the peaceful time of the holidays.

Ho-Ho-Ho Hugs,
Kate-The Garden Bell

Alex Mason

I love your little ones decorations! Take Care xx

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Just sit down - relax and crochet something beautiful for us to drool over! I love, yes LOVE your blog! I'm "hooked"! Your kids home made decorations are so cute.

Teacup Lane (Sandy)


Before you are enveloped by your crocheted blankets in your sofa. I just want to say big thank you, a very happy chrishmas and a fantastic and wonderful 2010. Following the gift of laptop last christmas I was introduced to your inspirational blog. Thank you for letting me have a peek through the window of your attic and inspiring me to buy wool and hooks and create thinks for my attic life!!!


Glad to hear that everything is going ok for you. A homemade tree sounds fab.



Just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I've enjoyed your blog over this past year. It's a treat for the eyes and the heart. I'm always inspired by the beauty you bring to us. Thank you so very much. Happy Holidays! Love, Nancy

Wendy Wager

Lovely to hear from you again as I sit here with a pile of tissues and a very red nose. My own Everest of clutter will have to wait, but I am being looked after well by S. Your J will rise to the occasion, I'm sure and I speak as one whose children were both born in the week following Christmas! Any concerns about clutter will be forgotten soon when Bump24 arrives. Ignore us lot. We'll be here when you are good and ready to communicate again. Take care X

Kate Bruning

There is nothing like starting the day with a new atticy blog but... make sure you take care of yourself first!!! We will still all support you even if you go weeks without a post - of course we will miss you but none of us will be going anywhere, the important thing is for you to feel as though you are coping and enjoying these last few weeks. Later today I am going to be posting something that I think you might like - I have finally finished my crochet ball wreath which of course now means I am spending all of my time sitting in front of the door on which it hangs mesmerised. So glad it is finished for Christmas.
Anyway, lots of love to you Lucy of the Attic,
love Kate (the very greedy one) xxooxxooxx.

Krista - Poppyprint

Your little people are so industrious! You must be proud. I love it when kids take it upon themselves to solve problems and forge ahead. I look forward to seeing 'their' tree all decked!

Shelley in SC

Love the little decorations made by the kids!! Yes, would be just perfect to have the tree covered with them and you with your feet up . . . crocheting away!!


Nice to see you Lucy. I started my day with your Flickr site. Of course I loved everything, but especially that little Christmas bird. Oh my, I am so energized by your work.


So good to see you back! I've been following you for a while and look forward to your cheery colorful posts. Definitely be sure to take time to just enjoy the season, don't get too stressed about the clutter. It won't matter in the long run, what matters is the memories you are making with your family. Like lovely homespun ornaments by the Little People! How perfect!


Hey Lucy, good to hear from you as ever, but take it easy. No point blogging if it stresses you. I've used EXACTLY that Christmas gift wrap this year - I was very impressed with the metre-age per roll, you?! x

Sarah west midlands

Dear Lucy glad to hear you are resting!
I was supervising reception children last Monday making their own decorations for their
class tree and it looked great when I went in this afternoon. (work as a supply teacher in a small number of schools). I have homemade stuff my sons created in the past. Lovely memories. Your little people
will enjoy taking over. After all they are only following in your creative footsteps.
Look forward to your post tomorrow.
Love Sarah west mids

Marian M-S

Soo glad you are back for a quick update for us :-). I think it's too cute the insight we get when little ones are left to their own devices and creative processes. If you do get enlightened as to the thought behind the crocodile, please share, I am very curious :-)! And happy decorating and getting readying!


so good to hear from you. i was starting to be concerned, do take care of your poor swollen feet! lovely xmas tree. xo,jo

Sarah A

You could put your snowflakes on the tree- that would qualify as homemade as well as very HOOKY indeed!!

I saw some ornaments on the Eddie Ross blog (google him you are sure to find it) made with strips of material- might be something you would enjoy!


I am so glad to hear from you.I have been waiting for some news from your blog in my sidebar.Guess you have to relaxs a bit.I am looking forward for tomorrow.See you then.

Girl from Mozambique

Yes dear, now we wonder what is going on at Attic24 when you are gone. :-)

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