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December 14, 2009


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Imaginext Toys

How come the aligator only have two legs? I think they are very nice, christmas is around the corner again.

Kristina Keller-Wilczek

Enjoy these comments on my blog for posterity's sake.I do believe your little people will be famous or at least quite skilled with all the fun they feel and freedom to create. Your Amazing!

Kristina Keller-Wilczek

I am glad your back too and i just found you!
Your little people were so precious to fill in for you on the adorable paper ornaments.It brings back some sweet memories i want to mention on my blog about my kids. May i use your link?


It's always good to slow down. Those decorations are just precious!


I have spent all week reading your blog....that's right....all week!! Ok, that's not all I've done, I can't imagine what state the house would have been in, but It's like reading a good book, that I couldn't put down! Had to keep on coming back and reading another post.

Those tree decorations are wonderful! I wish my boy would put decorations on the tree...he seems far more interested in taking them off!

Put your feet up!


oh goodness you're back! I only discovered your lovely blog on 7th Decemeber, and then you vanished LOL - I am relieved to hear that you and bump are well!


Well, you are doing better than me - our tree is still in the back yard!
My crochet garlands are up though :-)
And I spent a very happy Sunday evening making these http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-3D-Paper-Snowflake
Next on the list is hama bead snowflakes! Such fun.
Loving the crocodile decoration by the way.

Alicia P.

Hello beautiful, I am just thinking about you and wanted to say hello -- am starting a granny square blanket -- double thinking about you, and just sending love in general. xoxo


I enjoy to read your blog and can not wait until you present new ideas.


I have a tin alligator made in South America that I hang on my tree every year. Love it!


I think that it's absolutely perfect that you're raising the kind of children who know that when you see something that could be made more beautiful, there's no need to ask. I love the way they took charge and started decorating the tree.


Wow, I can't even imagine the "voice" of your husband, now that will be interesting! The only image of him that I have is that he's working and walking (you have told about your walks pre children and you're still walking around). I don't know, maybe I see him as a quiet suity/natury kind of guy with a colourful wife, him walking with big steps and you sliding by downhills. :-D Mr Mystery Man. I'm actually looking forward to that guest input, and just THINK how cozy you will be with the new baby while he's rumbling around here. :-)

You're starting to get to that time where really anything can happen in any speed any time so just to be sure I've had the time to say so: GOOD LUCK with the delivery, I hope you (both?) will get a really lovely experience. *many big hugs*

Oh how I wish I (we) will get to do it again some day too. :'-) Just so you know, if you don't think it's too personal I would love to hear about your deliveries, both previous and the one to come.

My baby is now 11 months, time really flies, I can't believe where the time went. At the same time it feels like he's always been here. He's so lovely I get goose bumps just thinking of him! This morning he woke us up by singing to us and delivering kisses. <3

Oh I could talk forever about my baby but at the same time those feeling are too big to find suitable words for. Maybe that's good since I do seem to ramble on for ages when I am close enough to the keys so I can leave a comment! Mostly I read your blog while breastfeeding but I still read it, I've been with you almost from the beginning and I have no plan on abandoning my attic24 moments.


the paper decorations are lovely but did you realise that they are a fire risk


Oh, a homemade decorated tree sounds terrific! This year is our first year with a tree in one colour! Usually we have a tree with all sorts of colours and tidbits. And I made a garland with stars and snowflakes in red and white! Very inspirational, this blog of yours...


Hi Lucy
Great to hear from you again, I'm looking forward to your tadah moment!
Take it easy and enjoy your relax moments!

Martina Tierney

What a fab idea Lucy. Leave it to your little people, you will have a very precious tree full of their young creativity! Rest well.


christmas crocodiles - perfect !!! take it easy .
oh and I helped someone learning crochet yesterday, yes, me of the totally useless beginnings, of course I sent them here for fantastic advice and patterns xxx


hi Lucy, So good to hear from you and see that you are doing well!! Love to hear what bag you are working on!
See you tomorrow, Robbie ;o)


I have to thank you for the snowflake inspiration. I finally spent a weekend making something for no reason but I wanted to do it. I had to laugh this afternoon as I pinned the snowflakes up on my clothesline to spray with starch - they looked great against the blue sky with a lemon tree behind. Keep pictures of N. England coming . . . some of us have LOTS of blue sky. ;-) BTW, I vote for homespun. My kids, 11 and 9, decorated the tree this year and I literally sat on my hands to prevent myself from reaaranging. I'll only have so much time with them at this age.


I was so happy to read your post this morning.... I so look forward to it. You are such an inspiration, and I'm not sure if you know how many lives you have touched with your lovely blog! We all wish you nothing but health and happiness, so you take it easy and keep resting those swollen feet! I think letting the Little People decorate the tree this year is a fabulous idea. One day they will look back and say to each other "remember when Mum let us decorate the whole tree ourselves??" It will be a great memory for them, and a timesaver for you right now! So please, rest and relax and enjoy this wonderful Holiday season! :)


Oh goodie, glad you're back, I was wondering if Bump24 was trying to make an early appearance.... I'm glad that you're taking things easy, it's so important.
Also loving the decorations - every Christmas tree should have a crocodile!
Katie x


Wow... just decided to go through the memberslist at Cherry's forum to find new blogs to visit (and re-find blogs I used to visit) and am so glad I popped by here. Your advent garland is just beautiful, I love it... I also love the fact your little ones decorated the tree so creatively, how sweet! Christmas is such an exciting time and coming here has made me even more Christmassy!!


Though I miss you when you are not there I am glad you are slowing down for youur own sake. You will just have to go with the flow for a while - fit us in when you can, let us know how things are going for you, but don't stress yourself and add too much to your load. I think we would all be happy to hear from J on your behalf.


So glad you are ok Lucy I have been away and thought there would be lots of attic24 postings when I got back - and there wasn't but I am glad it was nothing more than you trying to rest those poor swollen feet!Hehe! did laugh about J, I hope you get him up to speed on baby talk and crochet talk we will quiz him about his double crochets!! My hubby is a J too, I think he could guest blog about football, but not much else!!! Take care and I loved the homemade tree decs definite ones to keep! Kim xx


Love the decorations! I have many made by young hands on mine as well.

Merry Christmas

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