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December 04, 2009


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I am so happy to discover this place, its wonderful, full of colour, you can see behind this a very happy person...you.
Flowers, decoration, thoughts........the whole site
is amazing.
I am a housewive 63 years old soon, I live in Chile, South America, But still have some lasting friends in UK, I lived there many years ago, for a couple of years.
Ilove your country, your people, never forget England, live in my heart.

Jamie Lemankski

Hello Lucy,
I have just discovered your beautiful blog. I am from Illinois in the States. While there is beauty in everything, I think your country and your creations are divine. I have just spent hours getting to know your site. What else can I say but, I love it. You are blessed to be so creative. I have gotten inspiration to crochet again looking at your beautiful creations with such vibrant colors. I can't wait for your next post.
Jamie in Illinois/United States


I stumbled upon your blog and I am so inspired.... ALL of your work is just so so BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing.


I have been dreadfully behind in my blog browsing lately, and usually tell myself that you get so many comments you won't even miss mine, but this post required a THANK YOU. Lovely colors, and the red ribbon on your jug of festive foliage - well, it has made me happy for the whole entire day.

rachel awes

i ran out & got these ikea trays as gifts/looove them! thank you for the inspiration!! please come visit me too!!! www.allididwaslisten.blogspot.com!! xo


SNAP! I bought those trays from IKEA too. Fun aren't they?

rachel awes

totally inspired here, i promptly went to ikea and bought 1 tray for me and 7 more as gifts! loooove them and heart skippy happy with you!!


Hope you had a nice weekend. Lovely pics, IKEA can be a great place for shopping. Kind regards

Mary Poppins

Ohooo you did lucky to get THE tray ;) I posted about the one I managed to get my little hands on too, I have to say am not normally a birdie person but was very much taken with the beautiful colours, and well you don't get much for a fiver do you ;)

Hope you are keeping well

I think I am going to have to leave the country soon after my big T.V. debut, hopefully people shall be at work, phew, but knowing that around 2 milion viewers may be watching methinks I shall be hiding behind my vintage pillow ;)



No wonder you feel happy! And now you've made us all feel happy, too!

Jo in Cornwall

Thank you so much for sharing all your happiness. It uplifts me to visit your blog! Thanks also for being so generous with your patterns - I love the snowflakes and am making some of those this evening to hang around and about in our cottage! Again, a big thank you to you - I really value your posts.
Jo, Cornwall, x


Oooooo love love love the foliage and berries.
I really like the look of that Get Creative mag, me thinks i might just have to purchase it he he.
Have you seen a copy of Martha Stewart`s Book called A to Z of crafts?, oooo Lucy you would just love it. You can get it on Amazon. It is soooooo gorgeous, maybe Santa could bring you one!
LOve Carole xxxx (from Rossendale of course)

Judith. (Crete)

Have a good weekend Lucy with your new mags. Take care.


Lucy, don't know if you'll see this or not, but if you do, could you let me know where on your site you had posted about the Art you used to make? I was looking for the pictures this morning to show my dd18, who loves to sew, but not conventional things, but couldn't find them. I did have a lovely tour through all your beautiful colors though! And thanks so much for your lovely tutorials. After this knitting frenzy ends, I'm looking forward to picking up my crochet hooks again. Although the Advent garland and the snowflakes are enough to make me preempt some things....


Such a wounderful weather...The only sky we get to see here in Belgium is rather grey or black...always raining! Lovely pictures as usually. xxx


Lovely post! Made me soo happy, but now I have been searching the web like crazy to find that magazine "get creative" it's nowhere to be found! So if one of you lovely Lucy lovers would like to trade that magazine for a Swedish one I would be SOO happy! Please come in on my blog and leave a message if u have a urge for a swedish publication and can send me that one!Or if you know a way to order it online... Thank you and sorry Lucy for using your page for my pleas.

rachel awes

oh my goodness..i just discovered your blog (love it!!!)...a friend urged me to peek! i just love your colors & warmth & sweet joy that comes through! a big celebration of who you are from st. paul, mn!!


Gorgeous tray isn't it? Love mine too...love Ikea 90% of the house is Ikea need a monthly fix hehe

Made a mini birdie this morning to go on top of a tree l made...thanks for the inspiration

Shelley(crochetedsass on crochetville)

What lovely & fun things you found today. Isn't it funny how finding those tiny bits of joy make the whole day wonderful. I just posted my little happy find on my blog.


Your work is simply amazing. When my hands and mind are numb from my projects, I jump over here to see what colorful creations you have created.
Thank you for sharing with us =)


I love that tray too, I'm crazy about anything with birds on it.

You live in a lovely house in a beautiful part of the country.

I enjoy your blog immensely, fabulous photos.

: ) from the east coast of the US.


I adore the bird tray!


I am so jealous... you guys have the best magazines over there. The US versions are never as good.

Christine Warren

Lucy, I love your tray! I love IKEA, too! I have to travel to another state to visit one, though. It's about a 2-1/2 hour drive. I went this summer - but no tray. :(
Have a great weekend!


soleil d'hiver
ciel bleu lavande, comme par ici
c'est un temps que j'aime bien

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