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December 02, 2009


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Shelley in SC

The "frost" collage is stunning. Yes, it's hard to believe 2009 is wrapping up. The calendar days are always fun!

Cheryl Bailey

My husband and I just got back from a trip to the UK and after reading your blog wanted to enjoy a meal at the Fountain Inn in Linton. It was last Thursday night on dark, rainy and narrow roads but well worth the visit. The food was excellent and the locals were friendly. I also had my sister-in-law find me the Ideal Homes Dec. issue with the calendar. Can't wait to use it. Couldn't find Zeal measuring spoons. Love reading your blog.

Jenny McH

I follow your daily postings, but rarely comment. Glad to read you & Bump are doing well, soon another child to cherish. LOVE your photos of icy frosted bits of nature and the changing view from the Attic. Have you made plans to use the fabric that is in your November mosaic? from Jenny (Australia)


Hi, Lucy! I love your blog - you've gotten me inspired to start crocheting again after a several month long hiatus. I just felt so blah about it, and then I saw some of your beautifully colored projects, and I was hooking again in no time! :)

Right now, I'm rippling away myself - I'm working on a blanket for my bed, and your pattern is fabulous! I told my husband I was going to need more yarn soon, and he very pointedly looked at my overflowing yarn basket, but what does he know? :P

It's lovely to see your little bump of joy there - it's making me feel quite broody myself. :)

Rosana Bongiovanni Pacini

Here in my country Brazil is very hot we have a late years very nicely, our winter is mild, it is also very good. Kisses.
Rosana \ Brazil


You've been featured in whip up! Yay!



wow your frosty pictures are so beautiful and the way you arrange them in a mosaic is very effective.Loving your granny stars too,can't wait to see the finnished product !


Hi Lucy - Thank you for the sunrise and good to hear you are doing well while you wait. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Tamara Erbacher

Hi Honey,

Your bump's looking beautiful and you're in the single digit countdown phase so that got to be good :) I've still got 14 weeks to go!

I bought that Baby Crochet book btw, love love love it...are you making anything from it? I'm confused as to where to start...

Take Care,

Tam xo


Hi Lucy,
thanks for the lovely photos. I love your snowflakes, and a few are already in our window...you'll see them in my blog if you like. Thank you again for sharing everything
Love from Angela


Hi Luce,
I think everyone feels behind this time of year...don't worry it always get done in the end and/or deciding you will just simplify things this year!!! Because if you don't put it out, you won't have to put it away...when you are really busy with your sweet little babybump! My snowflakes are awesome! I love hot chocolate weather, with marshmallows, of course ...lovely pictures. Thanks as always, Robbie


I had to come out of lurkdom to post after seeing your lovely tummy photo. Two years ago my tummy was just the same (my little boy was born on Boxing Day - a little late as it should have been Christmas Eve!!)And now two years later almost seeing your photo made me yearn for my own round tummy once again - it's such a lovely photo and thank you so much for sharing it xxxx


Hi Lucy, You do live in a beautiful part of the world. What a gorgeous view to wake up to in the morning. I'm afraid not much Christmas decorating is getting done here either. One step at a time....clean the house first.

Lovely picture mosaic...which gives me ideas. Happy December to you.



Hi Lucy
I have been enjoyng your post recently,hope I can find time to make some snowflakes before this Christmas.
A question though,in the photo with the Christmas tin,what is the square motif next to it? -Is this more spray and starch effect or is it fixed to the present?It looks good just propped up like that.


It's always nice to come and visit you!

Debbie Price

Hello! Love the post today...looks very wintery with the frost on everything....my daughter was very happy that you had another pic of Baby Bump...she loves your blog and adores the crochet and the pics of you and the kids, but she always asks if the Baby Bump has another pic! You'd think she knows you! Have a wonderful evening...
Hugs across the pond..
Deb P


Your posts and photos truly brighten up my day. Thanks for that. :)


Just wanted to say I've been looking at all your 'color' for months and months and decided it was time to Thank You for that. Color is so much a part of me, also, including all the excitement!! I just thought I was a little different, so am glad I found you. You are such an inspiration.

Thank You!


Beautiful post Lucy and you look blooming! Bump 24 is certainly well on the way to being ready!!! I noticed the decorative granny square in your post next to the housey christmas tin its really pretty have you made a blanket with these - have I missed it? Your frosty pics are great - its still wet and windy here in the south ugh!!!!


I love those frost-edged leaves, berries and flowers you snapped yesterday!

I can't believe you're at 32 weeks already! I suppose it just seems quick to me because you didn't Reveal All for a while. Hope you're taking things nice and easy, it certainly seems from your posts that there are plenty of sit-down-with-tea-and-baked-goods moments!

My sister proudly held up a beautiful object to her web cam to show me yesterday - she has been Decopatching! Inspired by you of course. Now I feel I need to join in with the cool kids and have a go too!


I just love your pictures you took yesterday - so beautiful with their frosty glow. How funny that although it is 2 months away that Baby Attic 24 will be here, it is only next month. How absolutely wonderful that will be! Have you ever done the "Which Jane Austin Character are you" quiz? I've done it a couple of times - depends which hat I'm wearing as to who I am. It's here http://www.strangegirl.com/emma/quiz.php if anyone wants to have a go - it's quite good fun. Was also wondering if you ever use the magic ring/circle. It's a way of starting off crochet instead of going into a chained loop. You can pull it really tight so you don't get a big (I quite like that though) hole in the middle or you can make it looser. I quite like it - after watching a video I've been using it; it definitely makes it easier if you need to put in a lot of stitches in a small ring. However, it's got pluses and minuses I think. I've done a lot of faffing about over decorations - and I've got too many already, but not a thing else. You are very organised putting your stars up as I haven't put any up yet. Will love to see them.


I love all things covered with frost, what beautiful pictures. Can't wait to see your frosty snowflake garland, and I'm so glad that you and the bump are doing well. Have a great day, hopefully you can stay all warm and cozy.


Lovely Bumpy Lucy!


Love the belly :)....And you are way more on the ball then I am with the holiday decor..I need to pull mine out but just can't find the energy lately..BLAH..

Happy December!!

Sarah west midlands

Dear Lucy lovely pics. A good frosty morning yesterday in this part of the country as well. Felt like proper winter!
As I travel to work on the bus towards the city centre and then walk the rest of the way sometime shortly after seven am its great to watch it getting light and to see all
the christmas lights especially when its quiet! Far too crowded coming home!!
Love Sarah west mids.

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