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November 17, 2009


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East London

We also did repairs in our apartment, and I will tell you that this is a huge task for the owners. It was tough for us to choose contractors who will competently do their job. Of all our employees, the guys from the construction waste collection company did their job very well.

Joel Griffith

An awesome makeover - your efforts have definitely paid off!


I was really amazed by the transformation that you did. That was really cool. I bet you're smiling every time you go into the bathroom.

ana kardeia

Belissimo seu blog e seu bom gosto para tua casa, apreciei cada cantinho que você idealizou com tanto carinho .um grande beijo.

Shower Doors


bethel of bethania

Lucy 'tis me agin...
I was wondering if you would be doing a tut on your crocheted bunting at all???... OOroo... B

bethel of bethania

Ohhh my Miss Lucy hasn't your bathroom come up an absolutely treat... no wonder you are doing the 'happy dance', I sure would be... definitely needed the 'Lucy touch' to make it bright, colourful & user friendly...
Love your way with colour Lucy... OOroo... B


This bathroom is LOVELY! Love it - love it - love it. Never stop doing what you do, it's so special and wonderful!


I love it! So colorful and happy!

I'm taking some time and catching up on some blog reading today, and while reading yours I was horrified that I've been missing out on my favorite blogs since October, but amazed that I started reading yours right when you began the remodel.

Thanks for all the inspiration!


It's just so beautiful. What a nice treat for you and your growing family to have such a gorgeous bathroom. It makes me want to rethink ours. Do you just smile for hours after you enjoy your new services. Well done! from the Pacific Northwest,


Delicious, I tell you. Especially love how the red bounces off the turquoise, such a great colour combination. I'm all for teeny detail, like the bunting, the spotted red mug and the cute nautical pictures. Well done!!

Mary Ann

Very, very beautiful!!
Your bathroom has definitely gotten the "Lucy Touch"!!!


your bathroom is fabulous...but you already know that! ;D

gah, a towel warmer! i'm having a mad crazy jealousy attack right now!


Looks terrific! Well done! I can't believe that iccky green that the timber work had been painted!!! Maybe they were colour blind. I will say that is the problem as no one would do it otherwise!!! lol


Love, love, love that bathroom Lucy. I saw some lovely stained glass fish just like yours hanging in a window on Portland Island this summer. Would you mind sharing where they came from ? Thanks !!!!

Shari Sunday

Love the new bathroom. It is awesome!


Oooooh,it's sooo lovely!
Blue and red...my favourite colours,Isn't it wonderful when it all turns out just as you imagined? I bet you can't keep yourself from having little peeps in there all the time!...I said peePS 0:)



Lovely! Like the color of the cabinet. It's a real feel good color! Makes you go "Southern England-on-a-sunny-day-with-jumpy-waves-breaking-into shore" in your mind kind of. A great thing when locking the door and leaving noisy kids, demanding tasks and rainy days outside... Escape! You've done a great job.


What a amazing job...
Love the renovation pics...
and adore the way it turned out...
Especially love the bunting...

flower delivery Philippine

Fantastic!You've done a great job!



Incredible! Absolutely Incredible! It looks as if it came from a magazine! I love the clean look of the white tiles, the window shade, everything. I had a bit of a wonder though, at the small mirrors just above the sink and then I figured they are for the little ones... correct? And I love your crocheted bunting! I am going to check out the directions. I love making crocheted thing that work up quickly. You have a great sense of decorating and choosing of colors. I can understand why you just go and stand in the bathroom and admire it. It is so calming and refreshing at the same time. Wonderful job!!


Gosh your bathroom has turned out so beautifully! I have been reading your blog on a daily basis for over 1 year now and I just love it. Often go back and read through old posts for some inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing. :-)

Peng Peng

ohhh my favourite is the blind with poms poms.. they are just divine !! this is not to say the rest is not beautiful .. i love it lucy. well done.


Absolutely a happy place to be!!! You always make things fun and jolly and you've done it again! Bravo!!!

Are these the most post ever????
Take care and many thanks for sharing your world ; )Robbie : o)

hill upon hill

Oh it is lovely. I have saved reading this post till last this morning as a special treat. I love your colours and the choice of bath shape was brilliant! Enjoy.

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