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November 30, 2009


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Don't you just LOVE jammie days? I haven't had one in far too long. And the photos of the "den"... we used to call them forts. Blankets covering chairs, tables, anywhere we could make a hiding spot. Thanks for bringing back great memories. Wish I had a piece of that lemon cake... I might just have to make one.


I need a week in that chair den thingy....it looks so cosy!


Can't wait :-)
Wish it was tomorow already...



I love your blog, and I can't wait until tomorrow! :)

The Curious Cat

oooo love those stars...your home looks so cosy today - it always does but particularly so today! xxx


perfect way to spend the weekend!! and productive too! i'm eager to see the white project results. you could have entered a whole new world! and on a more practical note: how do you bake (and i assume you eat) all that yumminess and still look wonderful? jkj


snowflakes! I was able to finally get updated on your blog. It's always a lot of fun to read several new days worth of blogging on your site. You always make me smile :)

love love love your LOVE letters. love love love the starchy stars too! I can hardly wait to see what you do with that hanging light in your dining room.

Just reading you makes me happy.


what a truly fab weekend! I especially loved little lady's blanket den...brought back such happy memories. can't wait to see the white surprise - see you tomorrow!


Can't wait to see what you had up your sleeve! I love the little den your girl made! Little secret place to hide - does she take after you? ;)


So glad you had a wonderful weekend with the little people. I am so excited to see your All White project. Looks yummy. Just wondering, did you just spray the starch and let them dry or did you actually iron them. They turned out wonderful.


You? Colorless?
SNOW WHITE - the most magical color of the soul.

Lori Daly



I dearly love reading about your days, weekends, projects. It is all a joy.


I wonder Lucy if those elusive white crochet shapes could possibly be .... snowflakes! Everyone seems to think so, but maybe we are all wrong? Anyway if they are that is just what I have been doing today - I have been alternating stars and trees and snowflakes and I love them all! I had to buy a big ball of white wooliness before I could start snow-flaking and when I have finished they will be strung across the window. If yours are snowflakes then I could alternate what I have done with your pattern - after all real snowflakes are not all the same. I used a largish hook and they are nicely holey and defined. I can't wait to see what it is you've been doing and to see your pattern! Out of all of them I think I like doing the stars best of all. Many thanks go to the clever and nice people for giving us such lovely patterns and for being most kind and letting us all share. I'm glad you had a nice peaceful weekend. Children are so lovely to be around especially this time of year - but it is true what everyone tells you; that they grow up so fast. They really do - mine is very grown up now. Watching their imaginative play is just a joy and a real giggle too sometimes. We will just have to tell the rain to go away won't we? There are so many Christmassy things to get excited about aren't there? I need to make some robins and especially doves and to track down some suitable twiggy sticks for this years sweetie tree.

Anna-Karin, Sweden

Can it be snowflakes, maybe? I've done some, and they are hanging in some "troll-hazel" (I have no clue what the name is in english...) and it's beautiful.

Sounds just like my kind of weekend.

Waiting for your post tomorrow!!!
Love Anna xxx


Oh, I so miss my stay-at-home days in England... Thanks to your lovely blog I can get some of the lovely feeling straight into my heart every day. I love your blog.

Can't wait to see your White surprise.


your granny stars look great ✬
mine too were a bit curly edged so I ironed them but that made them lose their fluffiness ~ so your rainy ☂day experiment sounds just the thing
❤+ peace ~~~ Dee
*the D stands for Dashes off to find spray starch, a piece of polystrene & pins*

Shelley in SC

As always, a lovely comforting weekend . . . complete with all the things that make a visit to your Attic so fun---color and comfort and cheerfulness!

Debbie Price

Tomorrow? UGH...well, I guess we will have to wait, won't we?! Quick question...how do you make the stars attach for your garland? I am doing one also, but have not figured out how to make the strand and then attach the stars to it. Sometimes the simplest things boggle my mind! Glad to see you had a wonderful weekend....isn't it nice when you can just hide away and have fun with your kids? And Christmas time is the best time to do it!
Have a wonderful day!
Hugs across the pond...

Nina - Tabiboo

Some wonderful ordinary weekend stuff going on there Lucy and the stars are gorgeous - full of colour as always.

Have a lovely day,

Nina xxx


In the midst of my all day rainy day, but alas I must venture forth while kiddies are gone to take care of Christmas shopping. Ah, for a bun and a warm cup of tea.


Glad you had such a lovely relaxing weekend Lucy.
I can't wait to see your tomorrow post. If (as I suspect) they are snowflakes I will abandon my enormous pile of (must finish before Christmas)knitting and make some pretty crochet snowflakes instead!

Petit Filoux

colourless maybe, but you know what, I can't wait to see what you've been up to! Always very excited to see your projects!


I was thinking snow flakes too, and even white would not be colourless in attic 24. Anyway going back to my school days isn't white the absorption of all colour-or something like that, so it would make it a very colourful post!
Can't wait to see it, in fact I might go out and buy some white yarn today in preparation x

Elena, Moscow

Are those snowflakes??
Oh! I've been looking for a pattern yesterday!
Today I tried your ripple pattern and I absolutely love it.

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