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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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November 30, 2009


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I love the way you tell the things and your photographs, and I'm in proccess of making your crochet flowers for my dolls dresses. I'm trying crochet as a result of visiting you in your attic.
Kisses from Spain


HI Lucy, I love your little crocheted stars, they look great. I am very keen to give them a go and string some around my house...I also love the picture in the magazine you were reading, the picture of the hobby room, very inspiring, any chance of a closer look? Hope you enjoyed your day in your pj's...days like that are so nice....looking forward to the next reveal, Jess


The perfect weekend! Cake, crochet, children!


it is not my first visit but it is my first comment here, and I would like to tell you how much I love your blog, the colors overall that are nothing less than vitamins and the ideas and the words that are nice to read.
a visitor oversea


I love white, simplicity and sincerity. Glad you are keeping so well and just having a happy time. Lucky family to share such special times . Linda


Oooh, so intrigued! Love the den too. I remember making those as a child. We would take over the whole kitchen table and drape it in blankets and sheets and play under it and eat our lunch there. I'm sure Mum would have been happier if we had only taken over one cute chair! :)

sharon stanley

What a pleasure to touch base with you...as always such fun to visit England, and thats what it feels like, a little visit. Will be stopping by tomorrow for the big white reveal...I LOVE white so you are singing my tune. Also, yet another question. You post monthly mosaics (which are so fantastic by the way) and I want to know if there is a website to go to to make the mosaics or is it something you do yourself...very un-technical here so I could use a little advice...thanks a bunch!

Naomi Rainford

I always save reading your blog until the evenings when i am all settled and cosy. And today was no exception after a rather busy day at work and with a miserable cough ridden little one on my hands i have had a bit of light relief reading your blog post. thanks for sharing look forward to tomorrows post x


Hi there Lucy, I stumbled upon your lovely blog a few weeks ago. I hope you don't mind me reading. You have such a warm colourful home. I just love the crochet star garland idea as well as the possible snowflake ones too! Very inspiring. Maybe one day I'll get out my old hooks and wool and get myself started again, maybe something for Autumn next year (heading into summer here now). Thanks again for your lovely blog.


Clare Powell

That starch looks like just the job...my stars have been looking very floppy too!

Claire Hilton

cant wait till tomorrow thanks for your tutorials very generous might have to try the stars....have a great day

Holly Days

I love how colorful your world is I would to have all that color around. Maybe I'll start for my closet and use color all in it. I look forward to all your post. Thanks for sharing your life.

Erica K

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I love the stars...and I love the little den. :)


What a lovely weekend you had! There must have been something about this weekend that said 'Scotch Pancakes' because that's just what I made for breakfast on Sunday. I was feeling quite festive as it's my baby's birthday, and I do need a bit of a reason to branch out from cereal boxes and the toaster! We had lemon curd spread on our pancakes, which seemed like a shortcut to the traditional lemon juice and sugar, and more appropriate to the little plump Scotch pancakes. Mmm, I feel very peckish now!

Your stars are looking beautiful and would make a very pretty Advent garland!


A colourless post on the Attic?? I'm not sure you could manage that Lucy..... I'll be popping by tomorrow for a peek though.



Hello ! I also think that a raining week end is perfect for a pj's week end .... and it's so good. It is not always easy for a mum to do that ....
Here the snow flakes are on the mountains all around today and the sky is grey ...
I wait for your new project.


waiting til tomorrow!
can i really blame the lick marks on my '
puter screen on my 4 year old?
do i have to admit it was all the fault of your lucious lemon cake and my craving for all things lemon when feeling under the weather!
may have to bake lemon cake tommorow and rejig all the other things on my to-Do list. i love lucy world! em ;-)


I'm looking forward to seeing this white project... I love white-crochetting!!!

Marian M-S

Love the stars! I am trying to muster up some inspiration to attack some house cleaning projects and get ready for Christmas. Your blog never fails to inspire me, so I think I better get to it so I can start doing some decorating soon! :-)


Sounds like the perfect weekend looking forward to the 'white' reveal! x


çà sent noël, les épices et les soirées au coin du feu



What a cosy den Little Lady made for herself! I remember how I also loved doing tents and hiding under with my imagination.

Starch is amazing! I actually use glue and water to finish old glue pots that I used in my school days (in uni you don't need it as much :P )



I have arrived at your blog via Vanessa (doyoumindifiknit) whom I follow every day.

Well, I have another superb blog to follow - your photographs (especially your crocheting projects) are so inspiring and definitely cheer me up on the dark days before christmas.

Hugs, Jane x


Lucy ~ I just love those lazy and very cosy stay at home days which are especially lovely if you can wear pyjamas all day! I didn't get the chance to say how much I loved your LOVE letters ~ they were fantastic and I think it would be a lovely idea to decopatch names for children's bedrooms too. I am also going to try making some of those granny stars when I get the chance and I also have another christmassy idea to try out when time allows. Your baking looks very yummy as always ~ although I'm sure most of it will have gone by now :O)


I really must start blocking things! I have made a Grandma star garland this weekend and now, having seen your stars, I know mine would look better if I blocked it.

You deserve to spend all day in your pajamas whilst heavily pregnant and looking after 2 children - I remember only too well how tiring that is.

Looking forward to your next post, even though I know what those white motifs are!!

Victoria x

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