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November 30, 2009


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Thank you for such a wonderful tutorial on crotchet, I have just made my 1st snowflake this afternoon after happening onto your lovely blog for the 1st time. Warmest wishes of the season to you and yours.

Susan Hardy

Could you tell me if you have a pattern for the smaller cushion with the small squares on that is on the chair.


They're really wonderful your blog and your home. Your home is like a paradise full of colour.
Thanks from Spain.


the granny stars are great ! is the pattern available ?


I do love lounging about in pjs :)


Ok now you really need to make some Snowmen and Stockings!!! I am busy doing some right now and would love to see some Attic 24 ones :-) Love your Snowflake! Finally a pattern I can understand! Thank u thank u thank u


Thanks so much for sharing your starchy goodness...
I have found my stars sit really nicely when I have made them from "harsher" yarn...When I have made some with my oh so super soft yarn they do go a bit floppy...
And I do starch them if this happens...
Thankyou for putting this up on your post as I know lots of lovely girls have been very busy making them and this will help them out...


Ooo, lovely. But it's summer here. Might have to make some of those stars though. I've been wanting to make some stars to hang...have I told you this already?......


Oh, I can't wait!


i agree with the snowflake-theory, but oohhhhh the suspense. i´ve checked with your website at least five times today already.
you brighten up my days!!!!!!


Good day Lucy, I very touched my self by your creations beautiful , I loved your work, I liked your nature colors that are there with an art beauty, here you deserve a soft kiss to nectarine flavor.

Ah I forgot to present me: Here I am; Jamila, Moroccan, elderly 48ANS, unmarried, direction secretary, I spend my days: the correspondence, the reading movie, travels, sport, the stamp collection, the soap collection, nature, brodery, crocheting, the kitchen and I very much like to be a day decorator.I launch myself in of other leisures to break the rhythm Daily life. To soon
[email protected]


Lovely post, full of everything one could wish for: Crochet, cakes, colour and a surprise!
The Hobby Room in your magazine looks amazing, do you mind me asking which magazine it's in?
I can't wait to see the surprise unfold later today.

Claudia W

Your wool maybe be all World of White but your descriptions will bring in the colorful!


Oh I DO hope it's a perfect snowflake pattern, because I've been looking for one for WEEKS, I tell you......But I'm sure we will all be thrilled with it whatever it may be....=D

Freakish Lemon

I can't wait to see the strung up stars and... mysterious white things. XD


Snowflakes. Nearly positive. At some point, could you create a basic crocheting tutorial(or suggest some ways to learn)
for those of us who are new to the wonderful world of yarn and hook? You are so very inspiring, and its making some of us want to learn!


I so love those jammy days even if I do have to put up with some withering stares from my teenage girls! Doesn't seem to bother my boys, though! Very much a winter thing for me..... although we have just embraced the first day of summer, here! I love the snowflakes, too (well, I hope that is what they are!)and even better; they would survive our harsh Aussie heat!


White!!? That's a surprise. Do you like Kaffe Fassett. You and he seem like kindred spirits, with your layers of color and pattern, as you have on your comfy chair! Beth


Well now, who can say it better than Lori?

Thanks for bringing tons of color to our worlds.

Aussie Maria

Wow - that first photo just made me say "Wow" Love the colours
And the stars will be so sweet in a garland

Shelley(crochetedsass on crochetville)

Those apricot bars look scrumptious. I might have to give them a try. Your stars are adorable & I can't wait to see what you have for us tomorrow.


thanks for your wonderful blog Lucy. you are a truly wonderful and inspiring person. thanks for making my day so much brighter. looks like you are making snowflakes. sure wish we could have some of that rain you are having there we are back into drought over here in nsw australia.its just awful, so dry and hot

Sarah west midlands

Dear Lucy I think snowflakes!! Can't wait to find out. I've been getting into bed at night
with thoughts of crochet, sewing and now deco patching! Made a dozen christmas
trees on Friday for a school craft fair and they all sold in about 10 minutes. Hoping to make some for home as well. It is all down to your blog which as spured me ever onward and rekindled my creativity.
Love Sarah west mids

Alex Mason

what a great weekend! Im thinking of spending all week in my pyjamas :) xx

Peng Peng

gosh lucy i am finding it hard to 'catch up' with you (am not complaining though)

love love love your post as usual...

bought some lovely yarn over the weekend in hobbycraft (haven't even thought of what to make but just love the yarn)

i might follow your tutorial and make some lovely fingerless gloves..

will keep you posted about them :)

can't wait for tomorrow's post...


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