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November 24, 2009


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Berê...sempre Berê

This blog is wonderful, I loves.

The Girl

Good luck on your climb up the summit - there's such a good feeling when you know you're making progress!!

Looking forward to seeing the LOVE letters!


and it is such a pleasure to have your happy, colourful company too, Lucy!
One of my blue hyacinths just opened today as well, I so love the smell of hyacinths.
You are doing so well with your "clutter mountain" climbing. it does give you such a good feeling when it is done (well I think it does, I'm still climbing!)
I shall be joining you in the decopatching, it looks so effective - and quick!
I agree with Anna, you are such wonderful sunshine.


I'm glad I visited for today's color vitamin! love, Beth

country mouse

Decopatching? I can see a new craze sweeping blogland...
country mouse xx

Sarah west midlands

Dear Lucy your decluttering is going better than mine still one has to do a bit at a time
eh and keep going. Went to get some christmassy print material after work this evening so lots of cutting out for me this evening. Look forward to seeing your deco
patching project!
love Sarah West Mids.


Lovely to have a glims in to your world. Good to hear that you are all right with the bump and everything.Not so long time til she/he will se the world you have made for him/she.
Have a good day

Emily Valli

oh, dear...I meant grannymania...Emily

Emily Valli

Greetings from rainy Pennsylvania...Dear sweet Luce...your happiness is contagious! So glad you are getting your clutter taken care of. I'm a minimalist, but my DH loves to keep everything, so he has a few spaces where he does his own thing. Simplify, simplify, simplify...the words of Henry David Thoreau have always been a guide for me.
You really are "nesting"...getting ready for the wonderful event.
Have you seen so many of your little crocheted birds at GranntMania? The little beauties are popping up all over the world! All part of your flock. Love, Emily V.

Lori Daly

I have been inspired to decopauge (spelling) some letters of my own. I will be sure to share the final product. Thanks Lucy.


...and yours Lucy! You are such sunshine!!!

Anna xxxxxxxxxxx


I love your cosy pictures, we have our own Dutch word, I think you have a home that is very 'gezellig'!


Your house is looking lovely Lucy. I love having a good sort out, it's good for the soul. As I type this I am splattered with paint! I too have had the upheaval of building work in the house. I am currently at the 'putting it all back in stage'!
Love, love, love your crochet. You may remember that I finished a sea green/blue ripple blanket a couple of months ago.I am totally inspired by your blankets and I have nearly finished a second one in autumnal colours. When I learn how to make the photos smaller (for email purposes) I will send you a piccie. Take care Luce. Sally x x.

Anna-Karin, Sweden

The hyacinth looks so beautiful. Especially with your baby blankets in the background! Decopatching looks really fun. Must try that.
Have a lovely evening!
Hugs from Anna xxx


You seem to be making real progress while getting to do some fun stuff too - the decopatch seems like fun, lots of cutting and sticking going on. Love your pictures as usual, I wish I had green fingers - the only plants that survive me are the ones I give up on, put outside and ignore - I've got a lovely fuschia out there thriving in spite of me and my begonia which was dying while getting lots of loving tlc on my windowsill (as recommended) was very poorly before I just put it outside whereupon it grew lots and lots more flowers and continues to live happily ever after. I never water them or anything and yet they live. So I am not allowed any house plants. Your blog by the way is uniquely your own in my view and not like anyone else's! which is perhaps why we all love it so much and can't wait for your newest posts.

Fruitful Fusion

Great stuff Lucy! It's been wonderful stopping by as usual! :D


Oh i hate paper work! we have a few mountains! and i know i really should tackle them but there so many more things to do that are much more fun. Cant wait to see how you decorate your little bump24's nursery, so many of my friends are having babies so i'm busy rippling away. Take care xxx


I came across your blog searching through Google for a tutorial on how to join granny squares as you go. (Thank you so much for that, by the way! :] ) I must say you have one of the most colorful and beautiful blogs around. Your photographs make me so happy! So much color! I look forward to see more of what you make! :]

Martha in Kansas (US)

Thanks so much for showing us the clutter progress. Knowing others fight this same battle makes me feel so much better. I'm looking forward to the before/after photos. Your bowl of glass ornaments is inspiring me to get mine out too. Lovely photos, lovely color. You are inspiring!


i love your openness and the way you are living! the snaps are always a treat to see, whether beautiful scenes, your creations, or M.C., you are showing all of life. many thanks. jkj


your blog is one of my new favorites and very much like Jane Brockett's.

I have to ask about the footed fruit bowl next to your Lloyd Loom chair. Making pottery is one of my loves and now I want to make a bowl like that one. And I want to decopatch again. And dig out my old quilting projects.

Long live multi-crafting.

Thanks for sharing.

Petit Filoux

Your hyacinths are beautiful!! And the decopatching is awesome, looks like so much fun!! There definitely is a Mount Clutter in my house, and I reckon it will all be under control very soon when I finish my main Christmas crafty projects - it's so much fun though!

Emma - Dotty Mays

Oh well done for tackling Mount Clutter... I'm liking the idea of collating it into one room / mountain ... mine are scattered throughout our house ... in drawers, cupboards, boxes under beds and on wardrobes - just about anywhere there's a space ... maybe I'll steal your idea x


Oh well done you! I could do with some of your decluttering energy here but afraid I'm not prepared to have a bump to get that nesting vibe!
Hmmm...am wondering how else I can get all nesty...

Love the decopatching stuff. Might have a go myself.

Can't wait to see what the baby's room will look like (as well as the baby too of course, if you post any pics which you might not...)Yeah, think I'll go now!



It's always nice to get things in order and throw away! It makes oneself feel lighter!

The Chair looks lovely beside the blue cupboard!



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