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November 04, 2009


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Erica K

I love the snails with the scarves! Can you tell me where you got that from?

I hope you have a lovely 3rd trimester...I can't say I liked that one all too much. The 2nd's were pure bliss, but not the 3rd's!

Elisa Stocco

A very lovely bump!!!


darling, Lucy....the bump is huge!! but in a good way. '->

i'm pretty good a predicting the sex of a bump, but only when it's really huge! unfortunately so many people know ahead of time (they probably sneak a peek at their christmas presents too! ;D )

i have a 50/50 chance of predicting correctly. i think you are going to have a boy.

if you already know, don't tell me! i like suprises and can't wait to find out! =]

Sarah west midlands

Dear Lucy
hope you are okay, not falling off ladders
in your excitement to complete the bathroom. I had good fun reading through
your past blogs with all your wonderful ideas. Popped to purchase some more yarn
this morning to try some granny squares.
Unfortunately have a pile of house work
some ironing and cooking to do first. How
fast can I do it?
Best wishes Sarah west midlands.


Have spent far to much time today and yesterday gushing over your fabulous blog. I just love it.

Huge congratulations on you beautiful bump.


Nice pictures, ugly weather!

Norma Guerra

I so love your work. You inspire me. I too love lots of bright colors. The pic of you with baby bump and holding a rainbow mug...where did you find that lovely mug...I must have one!


Cute coffee cup and bump!


Lucy I didn't know you are pregnant. Congratulations! Your belly looks great!!
And your october mosaic is great. Love it!

Shelley(crochetedsass on crochetville)

I justlove all your pics. Sorry about the gloomy weather. Adorable pic of the bump. I've taken to snacking on almonds & dried cranberries together. So your cookies made me hungry for some.


Your bump is making me feel exceedingly broody, and your cookies look sublime, as does your cosy little house!

Love Julia x

anna hull

i own that mug too!


I love your posts. Thanks for the color! Where did you get the fall print with the snails and acorns? I love it!


Ohhhh - family is finished but even the sight of a lovely round bump like that is enough to make me broody! I seem to remember that you gave a link for your heart bunting over your fireplace - but I can't find it now - any chance you could give that again???Please???


Lovely Lucy - Lovely post, beautiful photos, delicious looking cookies and a delightful coffee cup shelf!! just wanted to say, No wonder you feel so happy blogging. You really do have the loveliest bunch of followers, the love simply flows from all those replies and you truly deserve it. x

The Curious Cat

Bump24 is looking lovely and big! :) The house looks very cosy too when you compare it to outdoors. Autumn is fading fast and the grey is setting in...still luckily we have fireworks and christmas lights to light the way and bring some cheer - and cosy sofas! xxx


Lucy, Lucy.... played hookie yesterday and made the raiainf and orange cookies - sensational. Thank you so much for the joy, colour and delight that you give me each day. Your house looks glorious, your bump delightful. You live your life to the full and enjoy every squiggly, coloured moment of it. Thank you
PS Have had to go to the gym for 2 hours to make up for the cookies (I did eat the lot!!! I've started so I'll finish...)- but it was worth it!


God bless you, your family and your new baby! ^^


I love the picture of your inviting sofa, I remember the days of dropping kids off to school and returning home to 'cosiness', sadly I now just go straight to work after the school run, :(
PS - Love the calendar, October is my favourite month.


Lucy, it's all wonderful as ever. And a huge THANK YOU because you've inspired me to go and sort out my house, which is very untidy post flu, and about which I was just bemoaning on my blog.

I hope you don't mind, but I have pinched your monthly collage idea, although I have given you full reference, and a link back to here. I'm quite new to photography and am enjoying collages as a way to reflect my life, family and home.

The Janet Bell gallery is amazing - you are a very naughty enabler and I can see me being a good few quid lighter this afternoon.

Lots of love - the bump is looking fab. I am almost (almost) broody.

Claire x


Soo many nice pics, really inspiering.We have snow in the air today.
Regards from Sweden


I am so glad you are doing well!
Bump24 is lovely!
Take care,


Hi Lucy, Once again I am loving the photos on your blog, particularly Bump 24. What a nice little bump he/she is! You are more than welcome to send the rain down to us here in Oz! PS. Looking forward to seeing the reveal of your new bathroom! Take care!


forgot to say, you have a nice bump there..:)
take care,


i just love your home, its so nice and cosy...

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