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November 27, 2009


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Dricca Kastrup

Oh, I love your LOVE !!! Besides, I love my LOVE lol
See for yourself - http://www.flickr.com/photos/driccakastrup/4495446169/in/set-72157623098107926/


its lovely and the little man was so right, thats the perfect spot. i think i may need to do one..or two. love your couch

Our Shabby Cottage

Fantastic! I love it.


Wonderful lucy!!

From Buenos Aires,


Because of you I started to do crochet!!I got sooo inspired with the colors that you use that I started and can't stop making Christmas gifts for everyone.
Your way to post the projects steps is really easy and thank you for always including how-to-do the diferent sticthes! It really is a big help!
Being an expat and moving every 3 years with this type of craft it feels that at least this will not change!! A big Thank you! portuguese mom of 4 living (for now!) in the south of France


I absolutely laughed out loud when I read that you told the children to go away and leave you to do your own project. aahhh, I feel not so bad now about being a little teensy bit mean every once in a while. ha ha.

Shelley(crochetedsass on crochetville)

Oh I adore this. & they look fab over the mirror. Can't wait to see what you do with the light fixture.


They´re LOVEly, Lucy!!! Have a nice week! :)


More than beautiful! Love love love it:)


Hello Lucy, I discovered your blog a few days ago and have read it all. I love your place. I don't crochet but you made me want to learn. Thanks for your very nice blog which brightens my days. Take care.


LOVE it! It looks so good in your brightly colored living room.
And that lamp shade would look amazing decoupaged! I can't wait to see it.


Your blog always brightens my day.

m.e (cathie)

yay, that's wonderful..definitely feeling giddy ♥


The mirror is the perfect place. You did a lovely job making over the love letters :)


Very LOVE-ly wonderful, best location, clever little man! X Susan


I hated the decopatch but now, I change my mind ;-)) I love it !!


well, i finally feel like i have to leave a comment. the pictures of your home make me want to move in! so yummy. I should tell you I have started a rippley blanket from your pattern. i want my whole house covered in crochet like yours.... i think my husband may divorce me on my way to that end tho..... i am "hooked"......


loving it!that's so nice...as all the things you use to do!enojy your sunday!

Halfway Crafter

They're beautiful! The buttons and punched out flowers are a nice touch that I wouldn't have thought of!

I never knew it was called decopatching but I decorated a few things using this technique years ago as a child. Brought back memories!


The Decopatch in my home is on hold until I have more time on my hands but I love it too! It agree that it makes life very happy! :)


Beautiful! Makes me smile with all theses colors, thanks for sharing!


This is WONDERFUL!!! I am sooo ready to do something similar...


It 's wonderful !!! kisses
Shirley Cia das Agulhas

Shelley in SC

Oh, my!! Can I please come live in your colorful, delightful house!! Such a perfect addition to your style!! LOVE it!


i havent had time to look at your blog for a long while - the reason being 3and a half months ago I had my gorgeous baby girl, she is my fourth baby( 3 boys and now Anna) and I have a 7 year age gap between her and her next brother-( not a surprise just procrastinating!) its fine Lucy dont worry the age gap is great - i have 5 years between boys 2+3 which is just perfect. Congratulations on your baby news too! The difference I have found is that my crochet time is now in the small hours when the house is quite ( luckily she sleeps well at night!) I am sat in bed, baby snoring in her cot next to me and my lovely husband snoring on the other side making the royal sisters trees ( the stars have vanished from their page!!) and loving every minute. Goodnightxxx


ps i adore your blog and your tutorials and patterns are the best.

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