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November 19, 2009


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One of my dear blog readers posted a link to your blog over at my comment section today....probably because she saw some of my colourful crocheting. Og my! I am so glad she did. Your blog is sparkling with bright colours. I'll be back.


Lucy, this has nothing to do with the stars.I am just writing to say I hope you and your family are not in the floods. I do not know where you are, of course, other than in the North of England. I am in shock at what I have seen on the news and wish everyone well. Let us know if you are alright.


Wow! I am so blessed by your daily blog entries. I'm truly inspired.

Can I ask a question... when you make pillows, do you use a pre-made pillow form or do you stuff the pillow with poly-fil? Thanks so much for your response!

Sophie Sjöquist

Lovely stars, as are all your work I find. I thought it might please you to hear that I have started my very own BB, inspired by you! I have only finished my first square but if you would like to see a teeny tiny litte glimpse of it, have a look at my blog. It´s all in swedish, but you can at least "read" the picture and find the words "Lucy" and "Attic24" hidden somewhere in all the foreign words.

Emily Valli

Greetings from balmy Pennsylvania, USA...Dear swwt Lucy...my computer has been acting up lately and I haven't been able to say "hello.' But I have been reading your blog...your stars are lovely. I'm doing some in xmas colors for a small tree. Glad your bathroom is done...it looks so nice. Hope this message gets to you...Love, Emily V.


As always...simply great!!


Hi, Lucy!
These stars are really gorgeous!! And it seems you can read my mind, because I was in love with some crochet stars I´ve seen at Sarah London´s blog, but I didn´t know how to do it. Now, you came with this tutorial and your lovely, colourful twinkle stars!!
I´ve made 4 of them yesterday night! Thank´s a lot for bright my days here in Brazil, as ever!


i just found granny chic also its an amazing source of info hope u enjoy it as much as I have rx


Hey Lucy,

The stars are so lovely! And I forgot to tell you that I'm addicted to your caramel shortbread, wow that tastes sooooo good!

Vicky Hernandez

I think this Granny Twinkle Starts are infectious, I want to start making them.
Thanks for sharing your mindnihgt founds.
I love your color combination.
You are definitely nesting.


i understand your excitement! i love these star garlands and would make some too immediately if two babies weren't pawing at my legs! i fell in love with the royal sisters recently too, but haven't discovered this tutorial yet, so thanks so much. yours look lovely and of course very you. take care with the jigging about now. x


You are amazing!!! Up and 3 and producing like you do... I'd love some of your emergy, it's just fantastic... :)
Thanks for all of the great links in this post I've followed each and every one of them and they've made for some great reading... I'm loving those granny stars and can't wait to pump some out for my self...

Take Care :)

Laura K.

Check out this 'granny tree' by sarah london...her mystery project for November...


I Just finished my Graland (blogged)and now im in love with your multi coloured ones! Might have to get working on another one. So easy and so sweet.


I'm running to find this pattern as soon as I"m done telling you how fabulous that granny star looks. I can't wait. I'm thinking of making a garland for Fall and another one for the holidays. I love your bright cheerful colors ~ maybe that would make a great spring garland. Hmmmmm the possibilities are endless. Thanks for another inspiring post!!!!
your friend in the Pacific Northwest, Debbie


Beautiful, Lucy...your crochet stars and your cozy bathroom. I see love, love, love...in everything you do.


Fabulous stars...totally scrumptious! have a great weekend...I wish you plenty of rest...in whatever form you can get! xx


i was only looking at star granny patterns the other day, how strange! I think i'm going to make some white sparkly ones for christmas. x

Laura K.

How coincidental, Lucy. I browsed the internet the last two days when I saw the same flowers on sarahlondon's blog looking for different star patterns. I crocheted my own from looking at pictures and sure enough, the pattern is the same as this one. Stars on everyone's mind these days! They're especially lovely in different colours!

Peng Peng

oh what lovely stars. i love the three colours you used, especially the middle colour gives the effect of the stars spinning in place... nice work lucy.

have a good weekend.


love love love those! must try them soon!!

sharon stanley

I've got to tell you that I just love you! Your energy, delightful way of describing your enthusiasm, and creative ideas just knock me down and more and more I find that yours is the blog I look forward to in the morning to get my creative juices going...well done!


Thanks so much for linking to this tutorial. I learned to crochet just six days ago and need very simple things to take my enthusiasm out on! Hope you and Bump sleep more regular hours from now on... :)


Have you seen this?



Jack Hopman

Hello(waving at you at the end of a big crowd)I'm still having a wonderful time with your Summer Garden Granny Square tutorial.Although i'm a knitter this crocheting certainly makes one(me)happy and I want to thank you for that.
The/your granny stars are great and could,indeed,also be made as a nice christmas ornament perhaps with the use of a few glittering beads...Anyway I hope you and bumper24 will be o.k.
Best wishes and a nice weekend for you and your family.

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