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November 26, 2009


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thank you for a lovely post Lucy!

Sarah west midlands

Dear Lucy your lovely post is indeed inspiring. Perhaps we need a heart image
for every month of the year. It would make us all reflect on our blessings. I came home light hearted this evening looking forward
to some me time tomorrow and am just checking your posting whilst waiting for tea to finish cooking. This weekend sees the start of Advent. Ill be making an Advent wreath and lighting candles during the dark days up to Christmas.
Love Sarah West Mids.




Goodness! I'd just had an awful day, and reading this made me feel a little bit better.
Thank you!

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

I am thankful for your blog and meeting you! Start your own tradition of "Happy Thanksgiving". Pick a day to celebrate and do up a special dinner of your favorite foods and invite your family and friends. It's a nice celebration before the start of the busy Christmas season. Have a great day!

Teacup Lane (Sandy)


Thanks for a beautiful blog! If you e-mail me your address I will mail you another heart card!


Hi Lucy, You always bring a smile and a heart-swell to my day. I am in America and celebrating today with the feast (turkey and all the trimmings) and family, and lots of reflecting on my blessings and offering up prayers of thanks. Here's one: I am thankful for the sharing you do in your blog. You have such talent for showcasing the sweetest things in life, both in your crafts and pictures, and in how you write. Love you, dear Lucy, Happy Day to you.

marigold jam

How lovely! You are right we do need to take time to give thanks for all we have.


Eileen Gamache

Oh Lucy~you can have a Thanksgiving! Its easy~just buy a turkey and invite all the people you love over with a pot luck dish and share the day!! make your own history! I too am thankful for you and your colorful attitude toward your life~Take Joy! as Tasha Tudor would say!


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Your site is such a pleasant place to visit, and I give you a big 'Thank you' for that. If every I am feeling a little out of colour, I log on and ‘Voila’ all the colour and cheer is there for me. Thank you once again

Jennifer Edwards

I truly love following your blog! I enjoy your colors, your crocheting, your writing. Please visit my blog for a free crochet pattern of a mini snowman. http://drawn2life.wordpress.com/ I hope you enjoy it, and that you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!

karen smith

Happy thanksgiving hunni I really don't know why we don't celebrate this here in the U.K
I just popped over because I thought you might like to see what I made using part of your crochet bag pattern.
It's the 8th photo down
I'd be interested to know what you think.
Ps Those cards would look lovely framed and hung in the hallway maybe ???

Kathy C

I'm so THANKFUL for your happy little blog and that I found it...Your creative goodness is being spread all over the planet and that's just SO COOL!

Have a wonderful day!
~ Kathy (Hillsboro, Oregon, USA)


As much as I love the Pilgrim story, our national Thanksgiving actually began during the Civil War. It was proclaimed by Abraham Lincoln, and may have even had some political overtones. The hearkening back to the Pilgrims may have been an attempt at unifying the country around a more palatable theme than the blessings the North was experiencing during the war between the states. I'm a "yankee," as they say in the south, and was surprised to find Thanksgiving not heavily celebrated in one of our border states. And, in fact, it was actively opposed in some areas, and may still be. It wasn't that long ago. I asked a woman from England once, to make conversation, if they had Thanksgiving over there. She was offended and wondered why they would celebrate our country being discovered. Which, of course, was not what I meant.


"I Give Thanks for the many little itty-bitty things throughout each and every day that bring pleasure, that make me smile, that inspire me."
For me your blog is one of thses things which bring pleasure and inspire me. Thank you very much Lucy.


Well said Lucy, and beautifully put too. Thank you for that!


Happy Thanksgiving to you Lucy, from across the pond! Finding your blog is one of the things I am thankful for this year. You always bring a smile to my face and my heart, and you also inspire me. Bless you and your lovely family. May you have a beautiful and happy Holiday season.


I so agree with you - I was looking at Posy gets cosy's Thanksgiving post earlier and it seems a wonderful and reflective time, I think sometimes we can all be a bit cynical in the UK. We should look at what we have (and let's face it most of us have a lot when compared to plenty of people), most of us have what we need and as they say "enough is as good as a feast". Love the cards you've picked. And thank YOU Lucy for being willing to share so much with us.


Thank you, Lucy, for this post and your continuing cheer, wonderful powers of observation, and generosity.



it is so important to give thanks every day. Life is precious. we are all incredibly lucky just to BE here. I finish every day by writing a list of things that I am grateful for. Its such a nice way to end the day and look forward to the next :-)


Lucy ~ what a very lovely post. It is indeed a very good thing to sometimes just stop and think about what good and wonderful things that are in our lives such as family and good health which are sometimes so easy to take for granted. I love the accompanying pictures too ~ they are beautiful. I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving Day with your lovely family :O) xx

Wendy Wager

Once again, I echo all the comments, especially Liz (04:17PM). I found a heart-shaped box to put the dolls clothes in for my grand-daughter's new doll and also found I have lots of patterns featuring heart motifs, so a theme is developing. Thanks to you, I can also think of all the lovely things on my life while I work on them, including your blog, of course. Spot on, as ever!


I can understand why England would be hesitant to adopt a holiday that was started by the people who had decided to leave England and escape religious persecution, but many other nations and cultures have adopted the tradition, if not the national holiday, and I don't see why Attic24 shouldn't be on that list! I am very thankful for your mouth-watering blogs and sharing of all your creative tendencies. Happy Thanksgiving! Off to meet the family now....


what a beautiful "thank you note" you have written! the cards are so pretty.

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