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November 26, 2009


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Thank you for giving thanks :)


Why not start a Thanksgiving day tradition of your own? Maybe you can start a new trend all over England!


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Here in Florida we are finally having some cool fall weather. Just in time for the town-wide feast in my little town. 200 people come together all with ties to a "village" much smaller that the one you live in. We have been having Thanksgiving in the Park for 80 years, each one more precious than the last. Good food, childhood friends and new friends and family. With the weather beautiful(69 degrees and sunny)it was truly a time to be thankful for all sorts of things. I hope that you and yours continue to be blessed and have "Happy Thanksgiving" every day. I know I am thankful for my daily peek into your world of joy and color in Attic24. BeBe in Florida


Ilove this post lucy! pictures are brillant, and as ever your way with words, just make me smile with happiness!xxx.


What a very lovely thanksgiving wish. You have captured so well what I try to hang onto myself.

Kate @ UpsideBackwards

This is so beautiful!
We lived in the US for a little while, and were so impressed with the idea of Thanksgiving that we have made our own little family holiday here in NZ. We celebrate it in October, just because it's a good time for us. I sometimes think my extended family think I'm quite odd to do it, but family traditions have to start somewhere! We invite everyone over for a shared lunch, and each say one thing we are thankful for before sitting down to eat. Simple but a lovely get-together. Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating.


oh happy thanksgiving !
I just want you to know I'm THANKFUL for your ripple tutorial ! My kiddies are fast asleep as well as the hubby...and I have spent my evening learning the ripple pattern.
I'm so excited ...I want to go to the yarn shop tomorrow to gather the most fabulous colors.
You have inspired me so.
I never thought I could do a ripple pattern.
Oh thank you.
Thank you.
This is just what I need in my life right now.
I never, ever, ever sit down...and I want to cuddle and crochet all winter long. I simply cannot clean AND COOK 24/7, as much as I enjoy it....


Beautiful images...
I think that thanksgiving should happen in every country...we do not have it here in australia...
But that will not stop me from begin thankful for so many things that are wonderful and precious in my life...
thanks for sharing some amazing images to remind us of a great time of year...


And thank YOU, Lucy, for bringing a smile to my face and heart with every post =-) DebbyMcC, USA


What a beautiful collection of cards. You definitely should frame them and hang them up on your wall. As one other reader said, they are so YOU!

sharon stanley

Thanks for the good wishes...and just so you know, I think anyone with gratitude in their heart can have
Thanksgiving...not just us here in the usa. Grab a turkey and have at it!!! ( Your hearts are lovely too!)


Happy Thanksgiving!!! It was a first for us to just be "us" and not share with the extended family. But it was perfect and I enjoyed every second of cooking the ENTIRE meal. The best was having Hubby home this year!!!

Your post was beautiful and even if you don't traditionally celebrate Thanksgiving there. You definitely are passing along the spirit of things...Much Love!!!

Helen from Boston

Hi Lucy,
Here it is Thanksgiving evening and I was feeling exhausted from all the preparation, organizing, cooking and cleaning. Also, grumpy and upset with my kids for not helping very much. That was until I read your blog and you reminded me of the meaning of Thanksgiving. I have plenty to be grateful for especially those wonderful kids who sleep way too much and don't do dishes!! Thank you for sharing your joy with the rest of the world!!



I am giving thanks (like so many of your readers) for your wonderfully colourful and inspirational blog and am so glad you decided to join Blogland. The pictures are all so beautiful, too, and I seriously surprised that they weren't yours!

suzie sews

Here here... I agree. Fabby pictures too...

Vickie Carr

Thank you again Lucy for your lovely blog. We just finished our Thanksgiving dinner with one of our kids who had flown the nest - it was the first time since they left that one of our kids was home for Thanksgiving. Yes, it truly is a wonderful holiday and helps for people to put on the brakes for a day and reflect on their lives surrounded by loved ones. Your blog really warmed my heart today - thanks for being there.

Vickie in Seattle


Thanks for your lovely words Lucy. You manage to put into words what most of us feel but don't express.


Thank you, Lucy. Your blog brings so much pleasure!

Devon Hanna

I am thankful for the friends and before people I have met on the internet,,,they have open another world of beautiful pictures and places I would never get to see..I hope you have a very thankful day Lucy,,


It is so sweet to hear about Thanksgiving on an English blog... as I've been working on the theme ever since I heard last Friday of my forthcoming inspection, which took place yesterday , with a class of first year learners (some 45 hours to create my own extra easy documents from Internet pictures mostly, as we are not allowed to use a word of French during the lesson and to write the plan of lessons for a 6 week period, what fun !).
All went reasonably well, phew ! for which I am most thankful, and I undoubtedly feel very happy and relieved today as we went on working on the theme .
Thanks for your lovely and colourful blog.


Lovely !!! Just lovely. Hope you and bump are doing well !!


Lucy, thanks for this post and for your cheerful lovely blog!

Fiona B.

Dear Lucy,

I am thankful for you and your happy, colorful blog. It has been a blessing finding you and others who, like myself, feel giddy~happy over the everyday blessings around us. Happy, Happy Thanksgiving Day to You and Yours from Me and Mine from Maryland USA! xxoo

Suzy's Vintage Attic

Hello Lucy

Your post oozes happiness! Really like the first picture and the one with the crystals on the sand.
Take care
Isabelle x

Anneke Nanninga

Hai Lucy,
I'm allways suprised by your inspiration. This blog is lovely.
You somethimes write the words: love-love-loving it really much. It reminds me of the movie Pride and Prejudice - ...

Anneke (The Netherlands)

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