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November 23, 2009


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Hi Lucy,
I have only just found your blog in the last couple of days. I was lucky enough to have a day off yesterday and sat scrolling through your archives. Thank you for a very pleasurable day of reading. I did a teacher exchange to North Yorkshire (Boroughbridge) a couple of years ago and went to that show in Harrogate with a dear friend. It was fabulous. Blew wads of cash!
Love your blog.


Soooooooooo excited for you too! You will LOVE patchwork, it is like painting with fabric and quicker and bigger sooner than with wool.
ENJOT, can't wait to see what happens!

Mrs Bun

Such a great fizz of excitement Lucy. It feels catching. Really can hear in your voice what a great day you had - hope you're still as overexcited.

Lisa xxx


Oh yes!!! I have been "suffering" from this overexcitablility (which I have been referring to as crafting psychosis) for several weeks now...I don't know if there is a cure for it - other than to get busy! I think I will need to stay off certain websites until I can finish a few WIPS ...otherwise I may need to be committed!

the cookie cutter

Gosh, the excitement is catchy!! I was actually looking at some Flickr groups the other night before going to bed and I don't ever have trouble going to sleep, but I did that night! I just want to make, make, make!!! x

Anna-Karin, Sweden

Wow, the buttons are yummie!!! And the fabric!!! The decopatch looks really interesting. What a lovely day you had! Today, I started to knit two christmas-stockings for my kids. One done, but I have to throw it in the washing machine, to felt it. Exciting to see how big or small it will turn out.
Now, off to bed. Goodnight!
Love Anna xxx

Alison Hutchison

Heavens I am over excited just reading your post. Entirely true, I am giddy! Can't wait to see what you make with all the loveliness. Those LOVE letters, how fabby are they?!!! xxx


ja, ja, ja, what an overwhelming evening you spent! It has been very funny but nice to read all about your exciting purchases.
Kisses from Spain.
I think your blog is completely wonderful and magic!!!

Naomi Rainford

Omg! how exciting! now i'm excited! need to check out your links but first i will calm down and go and dish the dinner up then come back to check the links in a calm manner. such scrummy fabrics, i have a patchwork quilt to make but short on time at the mo. can't wait to see your projects in motion :o)


That Decopatch looks really interesting. I have a rather ugly filing cabinet in the hall at the moment (the idea is to file the mail before it has time to even settle on the doormat!) and have been idly wondering whether to liven it up a little...

And thanks for linking to your button supplier, I have often thought what lovely buttons you use on your projects. I'm off to browse there now!

Sarah west midlands

Dear Lucy saw an example of decopatch
in Sunday Times supplement over the weekend and it wasn't very colourful!
You could do a much better job.
Fabric ace! Some lovely quilt patterns you can download from free spirit by some of the designers in your patchwork stash.
I am spending the rest of this evening
making some christmas tree bunting.
Look forward to your next post
Love Sarah west mids.


i love all the beautiful colors, sure brightens the day!


THAT is the very best way to make a patchwork quilt , just as you are now. Keep it joyful and enjoy the process.


OOOOHHH! So pretty and colorful. And the Decopatch is fab! Perfect holiday gifts for my crafty nieces.


Merry Holidays from Michele

OMG Lucy - I can see you have every reason to be giddy. Those fabrics! Hey thanks for the links to Decopatch! I would LOVE to find a small table or a chair and try this patchy worky thing. Fabulous!


I've come over all over excited now! Gorgeous fabrics, fabulous colours. I met decoupatch in France several years ago, the papers are so pretty. I've also found the special glue works really well with those gorgeously colour paper napkins. Have fun!

Kate Bruning

Nothing like a report from the front line of crafting. Can't wait to hear more. Thank you so much for your link to the Royal Sisters. Those stars (and now their christmas tree) are fanstastic and have kept me very busy. Today I am going to find my starch and see if I can make them stiff enough for christmas decorations. And adding buttons and beads to the trees. And clean the bathroom - maybe? Have a wonderful day you high priestess of colour. xxooxxoxox.


Wow fab colours, both fabrics,papers AND buttons! Can't wait to see what comes next. Thanks for the link to the royal sisters as like many more I have been and now have a star and a tree!!! Many more to come soon, they'll be our new X-mas dec's for 2009. Fab show wasn't it? I went to Aly Paly and also bought buttons....
Take care and have a cuppa with some cake to calm down?


hello!I'm one of your french fans...I have a look on your website everyday and I must say that a really really love it and enjoy seeingall your colours and ideas!Your blog is my favorite site and makes me happy everytime I go on it.
You made me wanting to have my own blog too...if you wanna have a look when you'll have a break, here is the link!
I'ld be soooooo excited and happy if you went on it. I wish you a good evening!

Zia Meadows

I know exactly how you feel, I have been unpacking old fabric and have the biggest to do list ever now! and I daren't open any more boxes in case I find more wool or ink or wood or goodness knows what!

I wanted to mention I have mentioned you on my blog (again!) and i'm giving away a made to measure lampshade voucher as I have now been blogging 2 whole years! Hurray!

Have you seen bombus decoupage chairs? they are so lovely, cartoons, maps, alsorts


Lucy I am so much in envy! I'm pretty sure I posted here when you made your chair cover that I wanted to do some quilting - and I still want to do some quilting! I even have some of the same Amy Butler fabrics as you sitting here, washed and ironed and waiting to be chopped up into pieces -- but suffer from too many projects and not enough time! I LOVE your fabrics and I LOVE your buttons and I'm sure I will LOVE what comes from it all - can't wait to see because I'm sure it will be a-mazing! I'm excited with you and I hope it's a lot of fun!

Jane Neath

I am new to your blog and I must say I'm really enjoying reading it. I know what you mean about the quilting entry. I used to do this years ago and after a recent trip to Beamish Museum where there some beautiful examples of quilts, I've decided to have another go. My recent blog entry details my fabric choices...I'm so lucky with this!!! Happy quilting and I hope you will check out my WIP (not as colourful as yours though!!)jx

Tracie B.

Now I'M hyperventilating! Love it all, and I can't wait to see what you do with the LOVE letters.


a bit of overexcitedness never did anyone any harm and it's given us some inspiration ^_^
those fabrics are yumMm ~ I'd forgotten about Mr Fassett!
don't think I'll be covering my little car *same as the brochure* with decopatch ~ I prefer him in all his cuteness in hearing-aid-beige


Gorgeous buttons, fabric and patterns, so much inspiration, im not surprised you're all excited! Cant wait to see what you do with the love sign thingy! And i hope you're going to give us step by step instructions for the quilt, my husband bought me a sewing machine for my birthday so any help/ advice would be greatly appreciated :). Have fun xxxx
ps finished the ripply blanket i mentioned last week, and put your bobble edge on it - looks fab, i put pic on the flickr group x

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