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November 05, 2009


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can I tell you a thing?!?I run and eat a big piece of cake...
Kisses for a wonderfull week-end

Sam Moss

wow! see what you mean by pricey! A little out of my price range too. However, have you seen a crochet book called Tasty Crochet by Rose Langlitz? There's lots of scrummy foodie patterns in there and I bet if you teamed your makes with a nice little frame from Ikea, you could make something just as wonderful for a fraction of the price.


Every house needs a crocheted Battenberg . It would certainly taste better than the real thing !


Amazing Lucy !!!!!!!


Wow, I love them! Really gorgeous aren't they? Have a good weekend Lucy x


Blimey Lucy, checked out the website. What prices, phew!! That`s Brighton for you!I was just thinking the cakes looked a bit dry!! Anyway i love your likkle birdies best he he! Looking forward to the Big Bathroom Reveal.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxx
ps If you`re down your High street pop into Greggs for a Pudsey cupcake, mmmmmmmmm


Definitely silly money being asked! A couple of my favourites though - the battenburg and the iced gems. Yum!

Your bathroom sounds like loads of fun - both to do and what it is going to be like when it's all done. Can't wait for the big reveal - bet it's amazing!


Waah, you are on a mission to part me from my money, aren't you?! It will definitely have to be the cards though - champagne taste, beer budget.

Have fun with the bathroom! I am envious as I am stuck in gift knitting / crocheting hell.


one of most beautiful blogs I've ever seen! Thank you!


love those cards! and nice to hear all's going well on the creative front.


Lucy, if i didn't know its a crochet comfort food, i am surely gonna gobble down most of them! hehehe.. so adorablely cute! hehehe

have a great day!


Those are incredibly cute, but I think I'd stick to the paper version, too!

Can't wait to see the finished results in your bathroom. I'm sure it will be fabulous!!!


Lucy, have recently discovered your blog and love it so, I am literally looking at things around me with new eyes, the world really is a very colourful place. I have also dug out my crochet after many years of knitting, also looking at that with new eyes. You would be more than equal to the task of making some yummy doughnuts, I loved the bugs on the cardigan website. Lynda

Sarah west midlands

Dear Lucy cakes and biscuits with zero
calories. Good idea. I have a sort of seaside bathroom but it needs a bit of a revamp.
Can't wait to see the results of your handiwork. My shed is a bit seasidy as well.
One of my friends pulled my leg about it.
You sound as if you have had a lovely day.
Best wishes Sarah west mids.


What little girl wouldn't love a bakery box of those adorable sweets.

Can't wait to see the bathroom reveal.


Really great cards!!!


Lucy...sono meravigliosi!!!

rosie hearts

Oh Lucy we all know you could make iced gems like that too! Cant wait for the 'ta da' bathroom moment x


I had to make a cup of tea to go with this post! Those look so yummy! I linked to your blog, I always love what you have to say and share. Such a bright spot in the blog world! Thanks =-) Debby Mc


Ahh. Looks like the bathroom is getting finish just in time! As to the crocheted sweets - you could totally do your own version of them. Just saying.

Shelley(crochetedsass on crochetville)

Wow, now I want to crochet & I'm hungry. LOL

Can't wait to see how your bathroom turns out.

Linda Kristin

Super cool, but I think I would have gotten way to frustrated that I could not actually eat these scrumptious-looking things...


Only discovered your blogs this morning and i've spent the whole day reading them. So inspiring, you've changed my life.


oh, how fun. YOur blog brightens my day!


Lovely lovely crochet, but youch...very very pricey!! Can't wait to see the new bathroom....oooh!! :)

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