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October 28, 2009


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I think the legs fit well; might look more natural when it's hanging....

Janice Perkin

love the robin - long legs and all!!!! - I think i might try one!!!!!!!

Krista - Poppyprint

Hi Lucy,
The birdies are just adorable and I personally love the storky legs. I have a fun bakety project you could do with your little people tomorrow! Check this post http://poppyprintcreates.blogspot.com/2009/10/dismembered-digits.html for recipe and photo of spooky cookies!


I don't think that it could be any more cute! Thanks for sharing the process!


I love those birdies !
Thanks for sharing them, they would make great Christmas decoration too I guess.
I always enjoy visiting your Blog .


Lindos trabalhos, Parabéns !!

Linda Kristin

Can't wait to see the tutorial! The legs are cute!!


lovely birdy and i love Lydia's suggestion of a birdy mobile :-)
enjoy half term - we are upto our eyes in kitchen renovations but got the lovely Ideal Home mag that ive just blogged about with the fab calendar they include so am browsing that instead of doing any DIY ;-)
lesley x


I think your birdies are fab! I keep thinking that they would make a lovely mobile for the Attic 24 baby... & I made the banana buns - srumptious, and a huuuge hit at work, thanks!

Love Lydiax


Loving how the robin is looking. I Definitely like it with it's legs - maybe a little tiny bit shorter, i.e. the length of the bead? But gangly long-legs are best. The beads are really effective and ornamental too. I will so be wanting a robin (or two)this Christmas.

Beautiful roses - my old neighbour used to have them growing in his garden practically all year round - don't know how he did it and he used to cut me one or so most weeks. I was very lucky.

Hope your new bathroom is all you hope it will be. Enjoy your time with the little people tomorrow.

rosie hearts

The robin is so cute and his legs are just fine. I'm waiting with hook in hand for the tutrial-no pressure!!x

Petit Filoux

Hum I think the legs might be a tad too long... but you know what, it really doesn't matter, you can do the next one slightly differently if you want, this one looks really cute as it is anyway! You're so lucky to be able to stay at home and do all those wonderful things!


I agree with Debbie Price, if you are going to make a mobile, I would not put the legs on. If you are going to use them sparingly on a Christmas tree, the legs would look good and if you are going to hand them around the house the legs would look good. I have little dogs that are being neglected. Got to play with them. My girl is Lucy. I love that name. She is a Llaso Apso. I hope to soon start a blog with her name in it. I also have a golden ret. named Sam. Big Sam and little Lu. They are quite the pair and are always intertaining. Every project I do has a little fur in it too. Can't wait for the pattern for the birds. The other day I went looking for yarn and was going to attempt one myself, but that was have been hideous I am sure. So, I'm ready to get started. I was going to do Christmas ornaments to decorate packages this year that looked like Christmas (stockings, santa's, candy canes) I think the birds will be much cuter. Thank you so much for sharing. I can't wait for the scarf pattern either. Can wait awhile cause I am going to start on the birdies. Scarf will be for spring.

Jen Gough

The little robin is lovely! Thanks again for the wonderful color and inspiration that comes from you! I am looking forward to the pattern. Thanks again for generously sharing your ideas!


I think the Robin's legs are a little too long, but needed. Maybe 1/3 the length they are now or half. Just have to play with it and see. I would go with 1/3. I love the Robin. I can't wait for the birdie pattern. I am so EXCITED. So cute they are.

Debbie Price

The robin turned out so cute!! If they are going to be on a mobile, I think no legs, they may get in the way of the next bird, but who knows? I do love the robin! How do you come up with these ideas? Even though all of us would LOVE to have these patterns, the Little People come first! We can wait! Pictures of the bedroom/bath remodel would be lovely! Have a very good day...actually, is it evening there? Can't remember the time change thing....


Your roses are beautiful and your robin is adorable. I love the idea of birdies flying around my little girl's room so last week I made some out of vintage fabric, and I am so pleased with them. I will definitely be making some of your crochet birdies as well. We'll have quite the flock by the time we're done. Have a great day.


I think the robin rocks. Didn't you do your bathroom already?

Sarah west midlands

Am having a go at making a circle for body
of robin(in green as this is the only colour
I have to hand) and so far so good.
Your robin is wonderful and so are his legs
with the tiny buttons on the end.
Will be off to yarn shop on Friday for some
appropriate colours. Are the wings a bit
like the leaves you make for the flowers?
Not sure how to go about the beak. I have learnt to crochet in the last fortnight with your wonderful tutorials.
Enjoy the rest of your half term.
Love Sarah sunny west midlands today.


Both robins are so cute and I think the legs are just perfect , am looking forward to the tutorial... I finally finished my big ripple too if you'd like to pop across and have a look?


I don't think the legs are too much, I think that legs here and there mixed with no legs would make a cute flock. You are right that they just might be a bit too long though, maybe take off a third or so? Better too long than stumpy though.

I was looking at your lemon squash yesterday and it looks sooo deliscious! I think I really will have to try that when there are good lemons to find, I wonder though: should it stand in room temperature for 24 hours or in the fridge? Can it be in room temperature when it's bottled? No heating before bottling? How long does it keep fresh? How much water do you mix it with?

You make wonderful tutorials but somehow I tend to end up with questions. I am trying to stock up on energy enough to try out the ripple, I really want to make one for my baby, and for me too for that matter but right now I'm busy with tying a rug and that really takes tons of time.


Lucy, I utterly adore your robin - the loooong legs are perfect in their quirkieness!

Anna-Karin, Sweden

It turned out perfect, the little robin! Love the one in metal too!
How exciting to have the bathroom fixed. Good having it done before the baby "arrives".
Take care of yourself and your Little People. I guess I will "see you" on monday, because we are going on a little trip tomorrow to see some relatives, and I don't think I will sit by the computer there... But the crochet-stuff must definitly go with me :)

Have wonderful weekend, Lucy!!
Love Anna xxx

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