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October 28, 2009


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Marian M-S

The robin is oh so cute! You are giving me all these ideas that I want to try, but I have to finish some Halloween costumes first...not a robin, but a little 7 month old owl, and 2.5 year old spider. Then a baptism and Thanksgiving, but no matter what anyone says, December is mine, mine, mine for Christmas projects, and robins are very Chrsitmassy to me, so I am thinking that will be a good time for them!
Can't wait to see updates on your bathroom and bedroom projects too! Exciting!
Have a lovely time with your big little ones (they'll appreciate it all the more with a little boredom mixed in ;-).


Hello Lucy,
I've been following your blog for ages (my pal Julia at Vintage Heaven put me onto you)and have made your flowers, hearts, granny squares and now I just can't wait to make a robin! However, I'm still wading through my own BB for my youngest (and she's already 8 months!) and another blankie for my 5 year old! Alas, I fear they will have left home before I get these finished! Severe butterfly brain syndrome! Keep up the great crochet; love it, love it, love it!
Liz xxxx


Hi Lucy,
I found your blog while looking for granny square blankets.
Thank you so much for all these great chrochet ideas.
I have a look every day and I like your pictures,thoughts, chrochets and so on. I felt inspired by your lovely yarn for the baby granny square and bought some as well. Now I want to chrochet such a blanket for my granddaughter.
I love your blog and the feeling you give about loving your home and being at home doing all the things for the family.
Thanks a lot
Gabi from Germany

Anna, Sydney

Perhaps Bump is trying to tell you that it likes the name Robin?!

And I think it looks awesome with it's dangly legs and beads, well done.

The Garden Bell - Kate

That's just what I need to do is find a corner and steal away with my yarn. I sure hope you project goes smoothly for you.

Bad, Bad, Bad day here,...what could go wrong went wrong.... icks... nothing major....but spent way too much time running around to the hardware stop for things not anticipated...

I can only hope tomorrow is better, like you. Or at least I can find that quiet corner to hide out in.

Love the robin and the new metal one is soooooooooooo adorable.

I could ramble on and on, got up way too early this morning at 430am. Need to go grab a cat nap before Mr. S get home.

Don't forget to share your project with all.


Crafty Mermaid

The long legs are great - they remind me of these (http://www.birdsinbackyards.net/bird/355). And they are the cutest and most awkward looking teenage (you know what I mean - all angles and unsure) like birds I've seen. Cute, cute, Cute!!


I just found your blog - its so lovely!! and I think, the legs of the cute robin are just perfect :)
Like your cakes, too!:)

Greetings from Berlin

Hooked In Hove

Aaah, what lovely roses, I paused to admire them for a while before scrolling down....to that ADORABLE robin! Love the long legs with the button feet and the red loop and beads at the top - Genius


I love the robin's legs. When I first saw these beautiful birds I thought they would look good with jingle bells for feet - very Christmassy!


Oh, what a cutie robin. I'd probably make the legs a bit shorter, only because I'm lazy that way.

Love your roses, too. Your bump is going to have a very special Mommy!


The robin is so nice.
Maybe the legs are a bit too long for a robin, but who cares?
The coloured beads and the red cord make it a jolly bird!

And again your flowers, crocheted birds and colours do make me really really happy!!


I've been coming here for awhile and love your blog! I also just realized that my family came from an area of England very close to where you live. I have a complete family tree going back to the early 1600's when they came to the colonies, and that's where it stops. I was wondering if you could contact me, I'd love to pick your brain about a few things. I'm interested in finding out more about my family history, the family before they left England, and I honestly wouldn't know where to start. I promise I'm not a cyber stalker or a serial killer, and I live across the pond with no future hopes of coming that way, so you can consider me completely safe. I just have some questions that I think you may be able to answer for me. This was the only way I could find to contact you. Please email me if you would at:
[email protected] I would so very appreciate it!!!!!

Erica K

I think the legs are adorable. In fact, when I saw them I thought I must tell you how much I love them. So it was funny that in the next sentence you were questioning them. (Though I do suppose they make him look like more of a shore bird) That's a cute tin robin as well! :)


speaking as a long legged person ~ they look good to me, in fact any length is fine
Libbie & I made your cookies today and there aren't many left for the tin *or tomorrow* ~ yummalicious

Louise Zaagsma

Just stopping by to say Hello. I don't remember who sent me to your blog, but it has brightened my life. I love granny squares, but most of the charity groups I belong to say "no" they aren't warm enough. Now I have dug out the squares I had tucked away and am working on them again. Love the bright colors, etc. Thanks and hugs from the eastern part of Washington USA...Louise

Judy @ daily yarns

That is too cute Lucy!


I honestly don't know how you have time to do all that you do. You are such a giving spirit to share all of this with us and then do tutorials on top of it all. I LOVE the birdie and think they would be sooo cute in a babie's room (anywhere, for that matter). Good to know that someone else enjoys immensely.....baking, creating, taking care of family, etc etc. Have fun with your kiddos. They are a lucky two.


Lucy ~ I love the little metal robin you bought yourself yesterday ~ he is lovely and quite Christmassy looking with his red and green patterns. I also love the little crochet robin too along with his little dangly legs ~ but I think that it's fair to say that I prefer the other little bright and colourful birdies as they are much more Attic 24! I can't wait to make a start on a little birdie myself and am getting quite excited with the anticipation of it all:O)


i love your robin, luce!!....i know what you think about browns but i LOVE neutrel colors and i think your robin is FAB!!! xxx


Looovely birds!!


The robin is wonderful! I think his dangley legs are charming. Have an enjoyable day playing with the little ones tomorrow!


Love the beautiful roses, adorable robin! Legs are perfect, he's a whimsical little robin, after all...and legs make him "just so" :-)
I'm excited about the birdie tutorial, I know you put so much time and effort into making them just perfect for us. You are very much appreciated for your work and dedication to us, your adoring blog groupies :-)
Take some time with your little peeps!


How cute! Make the legs as long or not as you like, cute either way. Another beautiful bright post. Thank you.


the robin is perfect, and his legs are not too long, think I am going to make one for my daughter,
it's too cute.

Kathy C.

oh my goodness....love the robin!!! ;-)

Your blog seriously makes me SMILE! THANK YOU!

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