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October 28, 2009


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this blog is amazing! I'm starting crochet and I realy like it. I'm looking forward to know how you made the robin, did you post the tutorial?


Crafty Gardener

I've finished one of the birds, call her Flossie bird, hope you can stop by and visit
Flossie bird


Hello Lucy!
I love this your blog. You have done so many gharming things. I try those small pretty birds even though I´m not good at crocheting.



De gulden gulden


My name is JO, and I live in the Netherlands.
I have a blog of my own, and it is about frugal living.

Yesterday I stumbled upon you're beautiful log, and I noticed the little birds you've made.

I now want to write an article about it, and i was wondering that is was okay that I used one of your photo's of the birds for illustration.

The article I'm going to write is an article about making your own "Sinterklaas" presents (Sinterklaas is the dutch Santa Claus who visits us at the 6th of December) and you're little birds are perfect to give as a little present.

So, I'm hoping you will give me a positive answer, and of course I'll mention you're blog.

With kind regards,

Becky Cochran

So adorable Lucy, his little legs are quite dangly cute! Hope you're feeling well. I cannot get your blog when I'm in Dubai and I find it so cheery, so am delighted when I get home to the states and get all the latest from you....you're delightful!


Love the robin, Lucy. He is very cute. Good luck with the reno's


Your birds are so cute


The flowers are lovely, I can see why that made you happy. I love the robin he is just so sweet and perfect!


I love these birds, I think they're great and the legs are fine. The little beads at the top just make it extra special. Gorgeous!


The birdie gets cuter and cuter each time.

Gosh i just remembered it's half term. It's nice though driving to work in the morning, a journey that usually takes me 20 minutes, i could do it in under 8min !!! haha.

lovely lovely ideas lucy. keep them coming :)

i've decided to make tiny baby booties for my friend's new born so wish me luck (haha).

I started some granny squares with bobbles but as usual, might not see the end of it, so have decided baby booties might have a chance of being finished.

have a fantastic halloween weekend. xoxo.

Julie. C.

Hi, My first time to leave a comment. I had to say I love your work and this little robin is so sweet, for me I think the legs are fine. lovely work.


Fab, Fab, Fab, the likkle robin is fab. Legs are perfect, the tin robin has long legs. Looking forward to the tutorial & will be making my first birdie this weekend he he. I can`t tell you how much i enjoy your blogs, they sooo brighten up my day.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxxxxxxx

Ann Van Gampelaere

Dear Lucy,

For a while now I'm reading your blog and enjoying it enourmously. I'm 47 and live in Belgium and I have 3 LP (large people) of 20,18 and 16. Of cours I love to crochet! And every time when I feel the urge to leave a comment I just can't go through with it because there are allready soooo many comments for you to read and they all express exactly what I want to say so there's not realy a point to say the same thing. But those birds are so beautiful that I just have to respond. And you are making a tutorial!!! Just fantastic. Thank you for brighting up my days and for your generousity. You may not hear from me again but know that I'm enjoying your blog every day and with me (I'm sure) many other silent readers.

Love Ann


I can't crochet :( Are you selling your robins???


Bored and fed up? Must be the tail end of half term.

Love the robin!


I know what you mean about working with brown, but thit was worth it! Lovely quirky robin! And you NEED roses when there's no light. Hope the sun shines today xxx


another vote for the long legs here too very cute


Just love your birds! I think your robin and his legs are perfect! Longing for to be able to make a cuple of them of my own. Have a happy croceting day.
Regards from Sweden


So adorable!
I couldn't resist and just finished my first one!
Thank you for the idea!

Hugs from the south of the world!


The robin is lovely. :)


Both the robins are wonderful - your crocheted version and the metal ornament you bought. I love the long, dangly legs!

I wish I could crochet so I could make one (or a hundred) of these cuties! I have a book of instructions; I've had three (yes, THREE) friends try to teach me. My brain just can't grasp it. Sigh.

I'll just enjoy your work instead.


The little robin needs little three pronged feet, and they could be the littlest bit shorter...the next one I mean...this guy already is. So...prowled right along through picture after lovely picture and some reading of your blog and you are just one little rainbow after another and rainbows are the sign of a promise. Very fine...thank you.

Suzy's Vintage Attic

Hello Lucy

Very sweet robin! I must practice my circles, they keep curling. I have been told that I've probably done to many stitches but even when I am being careful it still curls. Oh well, practise makes perfect. ;-))
Isabelle x

Wendy Wager

Thank you for Roses & Robins. I love the dangly legs and the way simple crochet shapes take on a personality when finished. Hope your Little People don't mind too much, but later they will appreciate the wonderful childhood you are creating for them.

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