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October 16, 2009


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Very pretty Lucy! Great eye for color, as usual. I linked to this one on my blog this morning if you want to check it out: http://www.mooglyblog.com/10-crochet-fingerless-mitts-patterns/


I'm going to try!!! :)


Okay, so I'm a little late to the party here. :) I just did a little searching through your blog archives after seeing these lovely fingerless gloves in one of your photos! I am up to my eyeballs in Christmas crochet projects but am very HOPEFUL I can squeeze this one in, too! SO lovely and very sensible!


Oooo, I totally like those colourful wristwarmers!!!


Wow..so beautiful....


beautiful and very useful.Thank you once more.

Josefina from Barcelona

British Clothing

Bring your artistic side by making your own mittens!


these are adorable lucy! would you mind if i used your pattern to do a crochet along on my blog?

Kari Thomas

So do you have a posting for that flower button too? It's awesome!!!

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Great photos those are adorable!!!!


u have me excited to try to make these for christmas presents. thanks so much . thanks for sharing this with us

Dawn G

I love this wrist warmer pattern! I am a crochet noobie, and this was very simple...however, I am having some trouble (surprisingly) with the part where I fold the pattern in half to join the sides. I just cannot figure out how to do it without making it look messy--especially when I get to the part where i have to make the gap for the thumb hole! I just don't know what to do -.-

I really hope you are able to help. =] Thanks a ton again for posting this great pattern!


I googled after patterns for crocheted wrist warmers... and what blog turned up if not one of my favourite blogs, and the main reason that I started crocheting. I'll definately will have a go at these. Cheers!


Oh Lucy you have done it again YAY !! I have been away from the Internet lately since there is a new grand baby ! But these wristies are just adorable and exactly what I have been wanting to make myself ! Every time I find a pattern they are always for knit, which I have not learned to well yet to try to venture at any thing other then a scarf ! I have only been crocheting for a little over a year and I have to give you credit for me wanting to learn to crochet ! All the beautiful things you make gave me the "wanties" some thing awful bad LOL! So I figured it I wanted then I had to learn it, thanks to you for all your patterns and tutorials I am coming along good on all the projects I have on my basket ! Now another one added ! These will be on my "start in September basket" LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM and as always your eye for color is fabulous !!! Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to start these !! Hugs


Love this idea and your instructions for the scallop for finishing off. I bought yarn today from Michael's and can't wait to start! These will be perfect for camping this spring. Thanks


These are beautiful!


These are so cute but I don't fully understand how to work around the thumb hole. I have done the row with the CH 9 but I am not sure where to go from there!

Taryn Dismang

These are so awesome! But I am curious to know if you choose not to knit, or if you just have not learned how to yet. Before I learned how, I always thought it looked too difficult, so I just stuck to crochet. But once I gathered up my courage (yes, courage, I am easily frustrated) I found it to be quite easy. And I am as addicted to it as I am to crochet.


Can you please explain a half treble to me. Some sites say to yarn over once and put into stitch, yo and pull through all three (basically doing a half double in USA terms is a htr in UK terms), and some web sites are saying to yarn over twice, put into stitch, yo and pull through two loops, yarn over and pull through all three loops. From looking at the pictures above, I assume you are doing the former, but I just want to make sure. THANKS!!! :D


As silly as it may be, I have never made wristwarmers (but will be attempting to replicate yours very soon) and would like to know how you sew up the sides without a seam showing. Any tips you can give this newbie is greatly appreciated!! Thank you for being so colorfully inspirational!


These remind me of the gorgeous rainbow legwarmers that my mother knitted for my sister and me when we were doing ballet as teenagers (a long time ago now!). Lately I've been looking for some easy-to-make, attractive wristwarmers to crochet for Mum, who suffers from cold hands, and these are perfect! I just love them! Thanks so much for posting the pattern.


Dear Lucy,
You're just great!!!!!

Can u help us with a beany cap pattern please....
Thank you very much!!!!

Donna Klein

How can I obtain a copy of this pattern for wrist warmers? Cannot seem to print a copy. Thanks


Merry Christmas!


What did you use to sew the edges together (color-wise), since they are multi-colored? I am making a pair and am perplexed...


whipping up a pair now :) xxx

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