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October 22, 2009


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thanks for sharing the lovely pics. I so agree that the blustery grey skies of autumn really contrast the colors of the changing foliage and passing plants. I want to live in a little blue house boat on the river.


Living in such an adorably sweet little picturesqe town, it's no wonder you're such a happy and positive little soul, Lucy Sweetface! I wish you a lovely cozy weekend, my dear!


those little blue colored berries look just like our muskedines (aka scuppernogs in other parts of the country i think). if so, did you know they make a deeeeliciouse wine??

Anna-Karin, Sweden

What a beautiful town you live in. So unlike my little village in the countryside. Thanks for sharing!
Have a lovely weekend!
Anna xxx


Such beautiful place. I wish I could go too.


Lovely post, having come from Llangollen in North Wales, I also, enjoyed canalboats and tow paths.. The artwork and flowers on some of them are beautiful.

Mousy Brown

I know what you mean about those bleak days we've been having - it's hard to see the beauty in them - but once you try is'nt it wonderful how many pleasures you can find! Thanks for cheering my morning up!


Wow, you live in such a beautiful area.
That second picture you posted does look dreary, but somehow also very attractive to me. I have never been to England, even though I really really want to and there is only one small length of water between my country (Belgium) and yours, I have never managed to get there. Seeing your pictures has now even increased my desire to once go to England.
Even though autumn and winter always means getting soaked by the rain at one point or other here in Belgium and I’m sure also England, I still really like this time of year for its coziness and warmth. Nothing feels better than taking of your wet cloths, change into your pajamas and drink hot coco ;). I guess each season has its own charm and it feels great to appreciate it all :D


There really is colour all around. I am very jealous, you are making me want to return to Yorkshire!

Now I am in a horrid bit of Essex!


Nina - Tabiboo

Even on the greyest of dull days Autumn can put on a spectacular show - all those colours to brighten up your day, so warming it's almost as good as the sun herself though rather an inner warmth or glow than actually feeling it on your skin,

Have a lovely, lovely day and weekend,

Nina x

ps. we bought the chestnut roaster from a little antiques shop years ago though giving the bottom a slice and popping them into the oven for 10/15 mins on a med.heat does the job as well, but without the smoky fire taste. N xox

Deb King

What a lovely part of the world you live in. I can imagine how inspiring it is to live there.

Anne Bebbington

Lovely post Lucy - I very nearly bought one of those flats before I met Nigel but they were just a touch too pricy brand new and I moved to a flat down Keighley Road overlooking the canal where I would watch a pair of great crested grebes regularly swimming past my lounge window when the narrow boats had a break

We are in Leeds on Sunday doing a Uni visit for our eldest, sadly we won't have time to venture further up the valley but it will give me a little Yorkshire fix :o)


Lucy..you inspire me! love your blog which I have recently come across..it is one of my faves. I have just started to learn crochet, so far I am not so good though I love doing it..'The journey is the reward' I think you could say of crochet..I hope one day to make blankets like you do!.x.


Autumn is my favourite season (although I do like them a little more crisp and a little less damp!). I do so wish our walk to school was as pretty as yours though.



Hi Lucy,

Just a small hello from Ireland - I read your blog every day and its always a pleasure. You have an enthusiasm for life and crochet that's infectious and inspiring. I wish there were more just like you. I've been a long time knitter and crochet-er myself and have used your ripple pattern to spectacular success recent - and have now moved on to the crack-cocaine of knitting - Granny Squares - I think I have a problem - I bring my stash and crochet pattern book into work in the hope of getting a few minutes hooking time. Thanks a million for taking the time to brighten the day.


Hi Lucy
Just had to say that was the BEST EVER lemon drizzle cake. Non left this morning!!


Love were you live! The canal with the boats must be really interesting to the Little People as well, isn't it? And how is your bump24 coming on? Are you feeling well?

At the moment were reading a Great Brittain travel guide (Capitool), trying to find out what is the best and cheaply way to visit for a holiday. And ofcourse, what to visit. But I think that will need more than one visit. We love rough mountains and good walks, do you have any suggestions? I suppose we must go and see Scotland.

Kind regards from The Netherlands,

Anna, Sydney

Those are lovely photos. Autumn was always my favorite time of year when I still lived in Europe. The colours, the freshness in the air. Cooking soups and stews, lighting candles and drinking tea. Here in Sydney we only have two seasons, stinkin' and cool. ;o)


I loved that little walk Lucy, thank you. So pretty and good to try to notice the loveliness even on dull days x


Here in Sweden fine rain have been soaking everything for forever it seems. Everything is wet, wet, wet. I just long for some colourful autumdays!

Thank you for your beautiful pictures!


Your Blog ist great, Lucy. I love to visit your colourful pages. Greatings from Germany :-)))


Thank you for the lovely photos.


We just done have autumn like that in South Africa. It is beautiful!

Marian M-S

We don't get much autumnal weather here in Santa Barbara, California. We've had two and a half days of rain so far. But I miss it!! This is so truly beautifully autumnal! I can almost smell the wet, cool, autumn air :-). Thank you Lucy!


Thank you so much for allowing me to visit your life, to see such wonderful creations, to read about your love for life and finding beauty in something everyday... Thank you for the daily reminder that life is now and to look around once in a while..
by the way... I am in LOVE with the little house boats! They are so charming...
Thank You!

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