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October 22, 2009


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And i thought our school walk was pretty!


How beautiful is this post?! While we are enjoying the spring weather, there you are enjoying the autumn. It makes me pine for it all over again.


you have the most amazing blog..it is a treat just to visit and enjoy your creative spirit..thanks


Wow! I wish my commute to school was that lovely. The streets of Chicago just don't compare (at least not the areas I drive through to get to school.) At least I know I can pop on here and see all your beautiful, colorful photos during my prep periods... and get all sorts of ideas for projects to work on once my students leave!


hi Lucy,i have seen your blog's photos,they are really wonderful.They reminded me of my holidays in Scotland last summer.I'd love go to visit the place where you live.I live in Sardinia,an island in the middle of the mediterranean sea.I wonder if i can add you to my blog's list.
Can't wait to see more entries!
Visit my blog if you want, Annalisa.

Janice Perkin

hi Lucy - great photos - are you near Soweby Bridge?


Dear Lucy, I have been printing off your patterns like crazy, and am following your pattern for a bag. I have got stuck though !! please help ! I have got this far and will be heartbroken to unpick it all -what's happened ?? It has gone curly and your bottom looks very flat (!!)I am going to try the gloves meanwhile as you have me totally hooked. Feeling withdrawl symptoms from hooking today but been for nice walk along river in Winchester and 10 minute fix in Cath Kidston ( just want to lay on the floor and take it all in !! )Do you have an email address as I don't know how to attach the photo I took of my curly bottom !!!!??


Oh quelles belles images d'automne, les couleurs des bâteaux sont sublimes.


You are so lucky! This view is so beautiful !
Thanks for sharing. Here, in Canada, it is freezing and snow is coming soon.


You made Autumn look really lovely. And those boats are great! Wish I could be there to see it all!


It is just so beautiful. Everything. I can see why you would want to add color to your world, but it is very beautiful just as it is. What a wonderful place to crochet.


l've only recently stumbled across your blog, but your words and photos make me want to sell up everything and move from Australia to the UK.

Your blog gives me a serious case of the Wanties LOL ;-)


The Garden Bell - Kate

So, I have to fess, I came back by to see all those boats again. They are just too cute. While working on purging "stuff" for our project into the dumpster today, I came upon my watercolors... They were screaming for me to get them out....

So I came back by to see the boats as it might just be a fun little project.

My "BB" bag is done and so is one of you cute little birds....however, my blue bird is quite fat... toooo much stuffing.... I'm scared sillie to even post him...oh, well, I may anyways this week, besides who really cares...

Scooter has kicked me off the big computer to back it up to move from the window area in the office.....icks...I'm on a laptop..yuck...

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.... Off to see the Flickr group.


A the best thing to do on a rainy saterdayafternoon is a cup of tea with a wonderful brownie (I found the recipe in a little book that comes with the Good Food issue of november)and enjoy attic 24 on the computer! Love your walk.It's beautiful Antje from Holland


Wow, I wish I knew what part of North Yorkshire that was, i'd love to take a drive down and see the canal boats!
I live near Newcastle Upon Tyne, so North Yorkshire is a day trip for me ha ha :)
We often drive down to Whitby - mainly to go to this amazing cake shop there!

marigold jam

What a lovely walk - thanks for sharing with us.

Jane x


¡es precioso! que gusto vivir en un sitio así, yo vivo en una gran ciudad (madrid) y desde luego esos paisajes no se ven....
un abrazo




Greetings from Toronto, Canada! You have a lovely walk to school, even on a dark and gloomy day. Thanks for sharing the beauty you saw!


Oh i just loved your post! I also do 3 return trips a day to school and back, I'm inspired to photograph my views, it's too easy to get familiar and take your views for granted, then one day the Smalls will say ' mum we want to walk ourselves' (!) and this comforting routine will be gone!

p.s Inspired by your wrist warmers i've had a go at knitting some too - check them out on my school run! www.makedoandmendquilts.blogspot.com


Hello, Lucy. Nice photos. The colors are so beautiful that one could forgive the cloudy day.
Appart from that I would like to comment you that I decided to create a blog and, as I loved the cookies I made with your receip, I put a link from my blog to yours. Thank you!! They were great!!


Such beauty in the midst of dreary weather. Enjoy every step; Here where I live, we're mourning the loss of an LP, abducted during a short 1-mile walk home from school. Hug those LPs and keep 'em close. (((hugs))) Thanks for sharing your walk with us.


So beautiful! Thanks for sharing and nice to see that you take the time to appreciate it

The Curious Cat

What a lovely walk...interesting to see the canal boats. Today I've had the song 'Barges' in my head by Ralph McTell all day...funny that your entry should then show these...if you ever get a chance, listen to his songs...they are very beautiful and about times gone by xxx

Sharon Sunday

Hi Lucy, I look forward to your postings every day. When you swelter through September in Florida, you wait impatiently for the first cool day. Your little walk to school is a taste of fall for me. I thought it looked beautiful.

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