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October 07, 2009


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Your carrot cake looks so yummy , Is the plate you are using for the cake a melamine or glass plate;


Ideal recipe for me ))) (simple & tasty). But I cant translate to Russian "ground mixed spice", what is it?

запчасти Kia


I also bought a winter-cherry plant, it works! ;-)

The Garden Bell - Kate

Fresh Little Tom-Toms, Carrot Cake and a Bag of NEW Yarn.. What more could you ask for.


Its really nice your three things.I like the way you tell us your three thing which makes your heart happy.Thank you very much for sharing your feelings with us.

Izabelle Costa

I love this three and have some in my garden.
And I love you "cut" blog.


Yummy carrot cake and beautiful yarn. Do you know if you are having a boy or girl or is that a secret? Thanks for all your inspiration. I love your work.


Can't wait to see what those scrumptious colours are going to become. Even went and googled "Winter Cherry Plant" :-) Never heard of it down-under :-)


"Heart-skippy-happy" will be the new way I describe anything wonderful that brightens everything about me and my day!!! :-)


Is it going to be in two rows of 1 colour? I do hope so!
Hope you are feeling well and bump is growing beautifully


I nearly bought a winter cherry earlier after seeing your post, but didn't have enough money.. payday tomorrow, y'see!

I just made your lentil bake from last October (without the peanuts), it was gorgeous, thank you for sharing it! I'll be making it again. I didn't realise it'd be so huge though.. had to change pans!

Looking forward to the new project reveal! And I may have to make a carrot cake on my next day off..

Kate Bruning

I can see where the happiness is coming from. How divine to be on the cusp of a new project. I have to admit, I broke away from the balls last night and found myself crocheting a babushka just to see a different shape forming in my hands. Seeing it standing on our sideboard this morning gave me a burst of joy...


Three...the perfect number!!!***
PS.Can you tell me where i could find a tutorial for crochet-hearts?Thank you in advance.


Ooh what are you making you naughty woman, tempting us all with those delicious colours!! Cant wait to see, hope you and bump are well!

Julia x

Wendy Wager

Heart-skippy describes how I feel reading your blog. My heart-skippy moment today came when a regular Oxfam customer, who had promised to bring me a few buttons she had no use for, came in bearing a large plastic tub containing hundreds and hundreds of buttons of every size and hue imaginable. She had even washed them for me! I shared them with my knitty friend, but oh my, heart-skippy certainly describes how we felt. Can't wait to learn what the new project is to be. Take care x


I love love LOVE the colors you always choose. I wish I could use colors like you do, they all look so yummy!


I have just recently stumbled upon your journal, and I'm so happy I did! every post is so beautiful and colorful (and makes me truly wish I lived in England)! I will have to save up for some quality yarn like that now. :)

also, from what I've seen in the pictures, your house is lovely!!


Lindo blog, parabéns!!!

bjo do Brasil..


carrot cake.
You are an inspiration.


You always have such beautiful things surrounding you!


My no 1 today was wisiting your lovely blog. All the lovely colours and inspiration makes me smile and think about getting home after work doing the things I love.
Have a fantastic day.


Oooh, I'll have to try your carrot cake recipe- thanks for the link back! And I can't wait to see your next project. They're so beautiful! You've inspired me to pick my crochet hook back up again. BTW, have you seen the granny square slippers at the Purl Bee website? http://www.purlbee.com/granny-square-slippers/

I'm going to give these a go. I thought they looked fun!

Shelley in SC

Oh, isn't that winter cherry just the brightest, most delightful thing you ever saw gracing the middle of the dining room table!! Thanks for sharing with us today. It's making my heart go "skippity" all the way across the Atlantic Ocean!!


ahh I LOVE your cake plate!!


Hello Lucy,

You've definitely got reasons to be cheerful ... one, two, three.

Bet that you've got lots more besides, so... may I have a square of that carrot cake, please!

Yarn looks so tempting. Know that you'll soon be putting it to great use.

Best wishes. xo

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