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October 21, 2009


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Lucy, as always, I've been treated to a lovely blog entry -- thanks! ^_^

I grew up with Ladybird and still have a lot of vintage books of theirs, full of illustrations like that - I absolutely *love* to pull 'em out and look at them.

Have a fantastic day today!

The Garden Bell - Kate

One right after another. Are they all gone already? I'm really loven' that Lemon one. I'm going to have to check the recipe out... So, yummie. Glad to see an orange snuck in there... That way you can say you have your fruit for the day.. or does that lemon cake count. It's so much fun to put something in the over and they hook away.

Just started another Lucy Bag... With all my leftover, leftover little blanket balls. You know the ones... This time I tried rippling up the side for a change. It worked with adding a small stitch or two at the beginning to get the number right.

Now, about those birds, sure hope you are going to have a little tutorial for us all. I still have some of that leftover stuff left...

Sweet Dreams tonight to Lucy xoxoxox

Kate - The Garden Bell


The cakes look yummmy. May I come to tea?


Oh that Chocolate cake!! You cruel woman, I'm off to Weight Watchers in a couple of hours! We've been on the same wave length though, I've just posted my recipe for Damp Orange Cake, which is also heavenly!


Can I please come for dinner? :)
If I could bake like you my family would be so happy.


All of your cakes and baked goodies look amazing. I love your new cake tin, I have been trying to find some tins over here for storing cake, cookies etc. but it's not the usual way of storing things, so I am having a difficult time finding any. That chocolate cake is making me drool a touch. Do let us know how it turns out.


OH goodness...Those all look so darn yummy...I have to say I have felt the urge to bake lately too. Maybe it is the nesting thing or the fact that I really have a huge sweet tooth all of a sudden lol..Your Chocolate cake looks so good I don't know if I could wait to share it with anyone :P


I'm the eldest of 8 and I could always tell when my Mum was pregnant again because she would start baking like crazy! :)

I tried out your banana and chocolate bun recipe at the weekend, they were lovely. Thanks for sharing.


That's NOT fair! I can't eat cakes right now because I'm sick and my medicine don't go on well with sugar! Lucy, you're KiLLiNg me!!!!!it looks soooooooo good! argh! can't wait to try these!

Fruitful Fusion

What a love, cheery post! I love baking too and would love to try out that choc fudge cake!


wow...that's a lot of baking in 1 day... way to go lucy... love visiting your blog....


I also ment to add, if you buy the pre-packaged cake mix, don't get the expensive one. Get the cheapest one because you're going to add your own goodness to it.


You wanna know how I make THE best orange cake, that always gets applause?? Very simple, I get a pre-packaged store bought yellow cake mix. Substitute the water called for, with orange juice, add in about a teaspoon or 2 of orange extract, and a teaspoon of orange zest (zest is optional), bake it as the package directs, and voila! for the icing, mix a box of powdered sugar with enough orange juice to make it icing consistancy, a few drops of orange extract and stir. Pour over a very warm (not hot out of the oven, but about 10 minutes later) and it make the most scrumptious orange glaze. and the cake is super duper moist. and I NEVER tell anyone it's a box mix. You can get some of those manderine oranges from the grocer and put a few slices on the top of the cake for decoration too.


I think a "baker's thumb" would be brown - a bad thing in the garden, but perfect in the kitchen, because it means you have been working with chocolate! :)
Both of your cake photos have me drooling. What I really want is a skinny slice of the orange right along side a skinny slice of the chocolate, so that I can enjoy the flavors together. Yummmmm.

Nina - Tabiboo

Mmmmmmmmm chocolate fudge cake I'm in heaven...

...and all those other goodies. I think I've put on a couple of pounds just drooling over your bakey goodness 'yum, yum' - I'll supply the soup and bread if you make the cookies and cakes!

Have a lovely day,

Nina xxxxx


oh my, i have to swallow my saliva, ops.. such temptation, love it.


I admire you Lucy. Not just for the stuff you make but mostly for being able to wait to cut that gorgeous chocolate fudge cake. It looks delicious. I wished I'd be sitting at your table for dinner tonight ; )


French Knots

Perhaps the baking equivalent of green fingered should be floury fingered!
Your cakes look delish, I'm trying not to bake at the moment in an effort to loose some baby weight ( yeah right!) but often make banana bread for the children as I don't like bananas so don't scoff it while they are at school!


Oh Lucy! You have such a lucky, lucky family. I'm going to keep following your blog because you inspire me so much...I'm not a baker a-tall. But last week I did make a spice nut cake which went over real big. Now to get more color (or colour as you say) everywhere in my home, wardrobe and magazine selections! Thank you for blogging!


Please can you send me a piece - lol

Looks delicious!


Hmm it all looks delicious!
There has been a lot of baking here to, it must be the time of year!


Oh - that looks delicious! I will point you also to this delicious, easy recipe for brownies (it is the 2nd recipe)

also, Dorie Greenspan's Swedish visiting cake is one of our favorites as well! I am having a baking day myself, bread and cinnamon buns ;)

karen smith

mmmmmmm I'm hungry now I bet you didn't save me any did you lol



Have just sat down this minute with a cup of tea after having baked some chocolate chip cookies using your great recipe and I also baked a chocolate cake as well ( we like our chocolate here)!Apparently its UK National Baking Week, so bring on the buns!! :)


I've been into baking lately, too. In fact, I was about to make a banana bread (it's sweet, I don't know why it's called 'bread')and then thought of blogging a bit first. I've made your lemon drizzle cake a couple of times; we all loved it. Your chocolate fudge cake looks delish!

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