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October 21, 2009


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Heather x

Oh Lucy your baking looks awesome and yummy, my belly is rumbling with anticipation but alas I have nothing sweet to comfort it lol.
I think I may have to bake one of my flat creations tomorrow :0)
*hugs* Heather x


Lucy, I DO understand you sooo....I am possibly in a worst condition than you, as a few years ago I bought my first bread machine...since then, I discovered bread making, natural yeast, levains, the smell of bread an cakes first thing in the morning...and we all got rounder at the edges :-)
but it's soooooo fulfilling....

Anna, Sydney

What a lovely post. You know, I read your posts several times during the day. They provide such joy.


they all look really delicious you look like a pretty good cook to me

Anne H

Hi - yes I've always loved baking - except sometimes when the children were little I would bake a whole batch of biscuits and then eat most of them myself! Now I find myself always making tiffin for people at work - always a success! and a much requested recipe! Love your cake tin - reminds me of Janet and John books at infant school and our own teas when I was little - when we used to 'go round the table' and eat one of everything!! I was always there when my children came home from school - I think it's a special time you can never repeat so hope you continue to enjoy it! I still love the times when the family are together and I can bring out home made cakes...


Oh no...must you post about these luscious treats? Accckkk! Makes me want to run right home and bake...right now! Yummmmmmmy!


Wow! A kindred spirit! I too have been doing lots of baking recently - no excuse other than wanting to eat the cakes etc...!
I recently bought the Hummingbird bakery book, have you seen it? Divine is all that I can say!!! Especially the banana and chocolate cupcakes x


Hello, I just came across your blog and I will be back soon for sure. I love your style, your inspiration, your colours and the way you crochet! Thank you for sharing.


Your orange cake sounds delicious, and your chocolate cake looks delicious!


I'm hungry...


That Carnation site is awesome. Just printed out some of those delectable muffin recipes too. It's always a pain to covert those grams though and I don't believe I've ever seen Carnation Caramel here in the US. Anyone else in the States ever see it??? Thanks Lucy for your lovely open heart. You are always so willing to share. Oh, and your little birdie is a beautiful little creation. You're amazing!


I have tried your lemon drizzle cake and it was a great success. I also tried your choc chip cookies, which were not so successful, but that was down to me. The chocolate cake looks great, I will have to give it a go.

Amy Caroline

Might have something to do with that baby you are also baking!!!
That cake looks divine. I just finished looking at another's friend's blog and she made cinnamon rolls. I think there is more baking in my future... beside bread!!


Lucy ~ there's nothing quite like a cup of tea and a lovely big and gooey slice of homemade cake to go with it! Your cakes and cookies do look very yummy indeed. Unfortunately I packed all my baking things away when we were decluttering the house a few weeks ago getting it ready to go up for sale which should be in a couple of days time! ~ I must say that I am missing baking a lot and am also definately missing eating the cake too :O)


I could totally have written this post (well, except for the SAHM bit - unfortunately I have to fit my baking time in around working *sigh*

I will have to give the orange cake recipe a go, it looks lovely. I can completely recommend this recipe for carrot cake:


Totally moist and lightly spiced and delicious. Even my kids love it.



a slice of any of your cakes would go down very well right now!

My mum always baked (and still does) for all of us and there is nothing so nice and homey as homemade cake or cookies when you get in from school. thanks for bringing back happy cake-day memories :)


I also go through those little baking phases, although I'm sorry to say mine don't last very long and aren't very inventive. If I had my dream life of being a house-wife and mother, I'm sure I would be more bake-y and craft-y. Alas, I am still a student now and have no babes yet, so I will continue saving recipes for the days when I get to send lunches to school. Your lemon cake recipe is about to be added to my book!


Hi Lucy, Those cakes look sooo yummy. Now i`ve just made coffee so can you send me a piece of chocolate cake. I won`t have any excuses that the little people have eaten it all lol!
Love Carole xxxx


Hi Lucy, thanks so much for your lovely, homey, colourful blog - it inspires me on a daily basis! I have a card above my desk of very colour-soaked images, and it says "My eyes are hungry". I often feel like that, and soaking your pictures up satisfies a real craving in me - not just for colour, but for homey-ness too.

It's also great to have found a blog like yours that's updated regularly - I can make visits part of my day - especially when another funding bid (day job) is making my soul plummet.

Also - CAKE! Hurrah.

Thanks - Joy x


Everything looks so tasty, but your orange cake... oh my. I am going to have to give that one a try. I've even written a note on my calendar reminding me to try it in February. I love bright, sunny citrus flavors when winter is in full swing. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah - Jane down the lane

Hi Lucy,

I too am a very big advocate of the Carnation chocolate cake recipe, never never fails and I am always bathed in praise when I give it to anyone, tee hee, evaporated milk is the secret and the icing is AMAZING TOO!
Loved all your sentiments on home baking and am off to try your orange sponge cake recipe, wish me luck,

Sarah x


soooo? How does it taste???? :D

It loooks very yummy!

Anna-Karin, Sweden

Oh how I wished I was at your house tonight!! It all looks so very yummy. I often do your "choclate chip cookie". It's so easy to bake and taste gorgeous!! But this Chocolate Fudge Cake... well, I can't describe how wonderful it looks.
Have a great evening!
Hugs, Anna xxx

Meagan S.

I'm hopping on a plane to jump the pond and have dessert with you tonight! Looks so yummy. Thanks for sharing.


I love learning what you do across the pond that is different that us. (U.S.) A cake tin isn't something you see over here... I also love hearing what you call things. Are "buns" cupcakes to us? Oh how I wish I could stop by the Attic for some tea. Maybe some day! xoxoxo Jennifer in Boise

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