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October 21, 2009


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Lucy the chocolate cookies are a big hit in my home. I have all the ingredients for the white chocolate version, so excited!


They look oh so yummy.Ive been looking for a good lemon cakr recipe. Ta

Sharon Sunday

I loved your baking column! Especially the cookies looked awesome. I also loved the old timey illustration. I'm going to try the cookies!

Pipppa Ibbotson

Just tried baking your choccie fudge cake, on my wonderful. Two inches on the waistline I am sure and a pudcast from fav chef.


Oh my, that chocolate cake instantly made me water at the mouth. I want some NOW!


A baker would have a white finger, instead of a green thumb! White for all the flour, sugar & other white ingredients used for all those delicious baked goods.
Or maybe it would be multi-colored, or the color of the baker's own favorite baking ingredient.

You lemon cake looks scrumptious!


looks so delich, Lucy..


I'll add a few words to the many! How we are all inspired by cakes, and baking them and eating them- and the smell of them is vaguely tangible from this lovely post! I'm yearning for ladybird this week- Primary School anniversary dictates 1939 Dress-Up Day after half-term and I want my old ladybird Book of Fashion. Now long lost... Maybe Ebay??!


This whole post is a big YUM!!! Pictures and words, things in the picures, just yum all of it!

Anna x


lucy, I have tried these, and they are also DELICIOUSSSSS...


Just lovely. Very slimmimg of course


Oooh, the cake looks and sounds fabulous!

For my Dad's birthday last week I made him your Chocolate Tiffin recipe and promised to make him a cake a month for the next year...I think the chocolat fudge cake will definitely be heading his way soon!

Thanks for another great baking idea. x


A good cook is like a sorceress who dispenses happiness.
Elsa Schiaparelli

What a wonderful post Lucy...message from someone whose son used to ask...'what have you burn't for tea tonight Mom?...in total admiration of your fabulous cakes and biscuits
I wasn't that bad really|!! lol


Hello lovely lady! Congrats on the baking... I'm 32 weeks preggers and have inlaws and rellies arriving this weekend so I'm having tomorrow as an almighty bakeoff. I'm going for lemon drizzle cake, fig flapjacks and then a chocolate and pear pudding for sunday lunch pudding...
Scrumptious! And I WANT that tin...

On an aside - I have recently learnt how to knit (!) and have made a load of very simple squares. I want to crochet them together using a stitch that adds a bit of a decorative/lacy/open band between the squares but all I can find are basic joining stitches. Any examples or pearls of wisdom you can find?

Loving the blog so much - brings a beautiful burst of cheery colour into my otherwise grey London desk!!



Hi, my name is Teresa. I'm Catalan. I follow your blog for some time although I never dared to post anything. I love the colours of your works, the great and beautiful photos you show, the cookies recipe (I adore them!!) and every detail of the blog. Congratulations!! It's not easy to put together so many virtues.


What can I say about all these beautiful pictures?! Yammy!


Dear Lucy,
I'm italian. My name is Elena. My compliments for the work done. Your blog it's incredible!
thank you.


Oh, you're making me hungry!! And I've just had dinner! I am VERY keen to try those bikkies - they sound magnificent. Except I might need to use half milk chocolate so my husband will try them! Though actually, if I just use white, I might get them all to myself....


Scrummy! Nothing more to say, so I'll say it again! SCRUUUUMMMMMMY!

louise paemen

Hi Lucy,
By the sound of it your problem with cake baking could well be due to oven temperature. I suggest for the flat cakes, non-risers and underdone recipes that they would benefit greatly from a rise in oven temperature.Depending on how bad the results were I would turn up the oven by at least 1 temperature mark but it could be 2. give it a go it could make all the difference,
love Louise

Caroline W

OMG all those bakes look so delicious,i baked your choc chip and banana buns last week and took them to the playground with the kids,and they devoured the lot.Am going to try the choc fudge cake later today, I love all your recipes, thanks a mill for sharing them.Have a lovely day Caroline X


Lucy, I am another one who just loves the entire process of baking ... not just that delicious blending of butter and sugars.

Alas, it's another joy that gets shoved to the side by my work pressures. I so urge you to bake your heart out, and be so glad you've got the opportunity.

With Christmas not too far off, even I will push other schedules away and soon be pre-heating the oven, and mixing up some batter.

Thanks for the inspiration, and for jogging my sweet memories.



It sounds like your oven may be on the cool side, thus your cakes don't rise properly or cook through in the desired time. An oven thermometer might be a good investment, to make sure you're baking at the correct temperature.
By the way, your site is beautiful! Your sense of color is inspiring.

Erica K

Your cookies and cake look wonderfully yummy! Hmm...it's fall. Time for me to make my pumpkin cake. I'd forgot, and yet it's the best. And the kids love the look...

Here's a link to the pan I use. The recipe was on the packaging.


Oooh those cakes look wonderful. Might have to attempt a choccy one myself!

* Thanks for being the first to comment on my brand new blog! Was very excited when I spotted it :-) *

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