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October 20, 2009


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this is adorable! thanks for sharing. your blog is always a bright spot to the day! :)


what a sweet idea! these would be great hung on twigs as a christmas tree. very inspiring!


The bird is lovely. A very good idea.

I wanted to tell you something for a few days now but never had enough time. I've come across a website called www.bonniebabies.co.uk which is a charity website that collects crocheted clothes, blankets (and sadly burial gowns) etc for premature babies and sends them off to hospitals etc.

I thought you might want to make something for them. They've even got patterns on the website and stuff.


This is fantastic and I did laugh to myself when I thought of how many of us will be crocheting birds in the next few days. i'm going to make one for my Aunt as she's not feeling too chipper at the moment and I thought it would cheer her up. Thank you again for your wonderful blog in all it's colourful, cheeriness.


luv luv LOVE him! The birdie that is. Clever you!
Have linked your blog to mine in bloglist, now it's even quicker to visit.
White dull day here, need to bumble a bit. If you too need some extra colour inspiration - not that you EVER need it but I thought you'd love the artist: see www.stitchingandhookingpassions.blogspot.com
Take care, X SMK


For a creative and beautiful bird. Your blog is inpirerende and with beautiful colors. Sincerely, Turid


He's lovely!! I love following your blog, it's always so bright and cheery :-)

Any plans for a tutorial for the little bird, pleeeeease!! Newbie crocheter here ;-)


Oh you're just so clever! I've subscribed to your blog for a while now but hardly left a comment. But your cute little bird has made me step out of the shadows just to let you know that the bird is stinking cute!!! Can't wait for the pattern!

vanessa @ do you mind if i knit

Oh excellent lucy! Very original, very lovely, and very creative, I'm not surprised you were so excited about it, the little birdy is a triumph! And your wrist warmers look fab too. I think you're doing an excellent job of de-tangling all your ideas. Fab! Love Vanessa xxx

The Curious Cat

Oh how cute! What a pretty little birdy! :) xxx


Such a cute little bird and everything you do i so darn cool!!! :-) I would looooove a tutorial, it is never to early to think about xmas presents!


Another little hooky wonder in Attic 24 style. Lovely.
You'll have a whole flock in no time with all your Lucy followers ; )

bensedin art

Great idea!

Eileen Gamache

So signature Lucy! Great ideas~keep them coming!
I posted my blanket(again!) with my grand~daughter giving it a measure..she is waiting to take it home!


I'm thinking baby mobile...!!! Very cute!


I'm sooo loving that little bird! Lovely indeed :-)


What an adorable birdie! Oh how much I love love birdies. Pleaseeeee oh pleaseee share this on a tutorial for all of us. I would really appreciate it! Thank you Lucy!


Oh wow I'd love to be able to make birdies like that. I'd be proud too. She is too cute!


Hi Lucy, I always read but rarely comment (you have so many comments; I'm sure you don't need more from me) but I just HAD to tell you that I love your little bird. So cute! And I haven't said congrats on your impending bundle or on your recent birthday... so here are all my thoughts (well, not ALL) in one comment.

(I don't know if you remember a previous conversation we had, but I'm the one whose father was born in Skipton)


too darn cute, i say! glad to see you are starting to release all that pent up creativeness that is just bursting to come out!!
xo, k.

ayse Yetis

you can make a bunch of them and create a baby mobile for bump24!


absolutely positively lovely! it's darling to see other ppl like me thinking of the holidays this early in the season! i'm thinking of crocheting ornaments for my xmas tree, too! can't wait to see your entire flock :)


All my friends will have a sweet smelling one hanging in there clothes cupboard this Christmas thats for sure. A real money saver but oh so nice.


What a pretty little bird!

Lucy, I have started a Ravelry group for fans of your work - I hope you don't mind! It can be found at "http://www.ravelry.com/groups/we-love-lucy".

Gerry Hook

Now that's a BIRD ! ! ! !
Lucy, you are one creative soul . . . . .
we all love ya

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