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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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October 01, 2009


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Your blog is beutiful.
Thank you for sharing & showing.

Maya - Israel


Hi Lucy, My name is Gabrielle. I live in New York, Long Island. I just discovered your web site while searching for crochet bags online and I fell in Love with your colors and web site. It makes me happy to look at it. Please keep up the BEAUTIFUL work!!!. Thanks, Gabrielle


Hi Lucy

This has got no relevance to this post whatsoever! I've been looking at previous posts where you are talking about how you like your blog and why. One reason is the keeping of memories. A blog must be fabulous to have as a record. Well, I just thought that maybe for reasons of posterity (and because computers crash and blogs are lost) maybe you could print out your entries and bind it up into a beautiful book (or 2 or 10). All your family could get to be nostalgic with you, looking through your blog posts and beautiful pictures the way people do photo albums. It would be a stunning keep-sake. Perhaps you could have year books. It would be wonderful for your children to have when they are older too - to appreciate what a wonderful, talented and funny person their Mummy was and that yes you did other stuff in your life when they were not there etc. They will be amazed! After all how many of us really know our parents? In fifty years time computers may have moved on - a bit like video recorders and your memories may be trapped in cyberspace for ever. But not if you print them. You could be selective of course if you wanted. But anyway I think it would be lovely for you all to have. (or even just for you if you prefer). Just a thought!

stem cell treatment

The October cold breeze is really wonderful. It reminds me that Christmas is fast approaching.

Anja Heling

Dear Lucy,
very, very nice once more. I love your photos and I think, you are an artist!
Please read your Etsy-Mails, I have contact you for a little hope...
Thank you so much for all the inspirations!
Greetings from the near of Cologne, Germany,

Louise (Thirtyfive Flowers)

Have been having a bit of a catch up and have loved your colourful mosaics and had a wonderful time sitting watching your flickr pool slideshow while drinking my early morning coffee. But now I need mittens and possibly some cosy slippers too, I am off in search of patterns in my books.
Louise x
I craved apples when I was expecting both my children, I got through bags and bags of them, Coxs fresh from the market,mmmmmmmmmm!


Yes, why loose the colours as they are still there. Make a calender, I'd be happy with it on the wall. I love the garage door too.


Thank you for sharing your lovely, yummy photos.

As for crochet fingerless gloves - I will share a fab link with you. These are my absolute favourite (and so simple to crochet)fingerless gloves pattern. All credit and big thanks to Ria Saakshi for sharing her trully brilliant design!


Hope you enjoy

Anne H

Just thought I'd add I'm now in my fifties (shock horror) but don't feel I've grown up yet - can't quite believe it really, except that my 'little boys' are now 19 and 22!! so enjoy your just-a-bit-over-forty year .....

Anne H

Would like to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY this month! Just saw your pictures of Whitby, Robin Hood's Bay etc from your birthday last year - I've spent LOADS of time in Whitby - day trips, fish and chips, the 199 steps (my Dad has a step in his memory), Shepherd's Purse etc as my family come from North Yorkshire. We also stayed a few nights at Raven Hall in Ravenscar one year so know the view down to Robin Hoods Bay well. I think I'll be planning a little jaunt up there very soon......


Happy Birthday Month, Luce. Should have known you were an October girl. I am surrounded by Libras myself. My mother - 19th, daughter - 9th, cousin, friends, even an X or two. :D I love you all and you are cocmplex and creative and so alive. All of you have such incredible eyes that see things no others do. Thank you for sharing all the aspects of you.

Birthday hugs,

hello gorgeous

what gorgeous colours and a stunning view from the attic - you're SO lucky! ;o) x


I love October, too :) And I must agree that with all the beautiful colors of the fall, the brown is, well, anticlimactic. Have a wonderful weekend!

Isabelle (France)

Hello! I do feel the same about my calendars, I sometimes even turn the page a day early, isn't that silly!
Robin Hood's Bay is one of my favourite places in the world! Used to go there to celebrate our wedding anniversary (in November) when we lived in the UK. Really truly special place...

Marion L

Like Jacqui, who commented earlier, I saw the Prima calendar and thought of you. I think you'd be happy with their delightful pumpkin and purple porch picture for October 2010.

sara lambert

I adore that Ideal Home calender page too and also put it on my blog, I am so desperate for that gorgeous jumper! Please, please, please will you add the pattern for the gloves when you have made them? I am desperate to make some! Thanks!!


Beautiful pictures as always Lucy!

Ahhh Robin Hoods Bay! I stayed there for a week with school when I was in year 6. First time away from home without my mum and dad! I love it there, I've not been for a few years now. Must go back some day soon!

Sarah - Jane down the lane

Oh my I have been catching up! My colour is blue at the moment but that will pass.
Loving the crochet pics soooo much, my calender is Matthew Rice and I too get V. excited about the reveal! lovely dahlias for October, I think you would approve,

Love Sarah x


A friend gave me a lovely homes and gardens type calender and made me promise never to turn the pages until the first of each month, I kept my word and it made the gift last all year. Your calenders are so inspiring I must look out for similar ones for 2010, when I'm not knitting winter cosy things that is.


October is a wonderful month with autumn and the fresh air.


oh yes i LOVE to turn the page to a new month too!...not so much for the picture on my calendar as its pretty basic but i love the freshness of a new month, esp an autumn month! x


Just a quick comment on Brown. Please have a look at moonlightandhares blog (it's a very beautiful blog by the way). The blog belongs to an illustrator. On September 17th her post talks about brown - have a look at the painted wooden heart. It is very very beautiful. And yes brown. Generally I'm not so fond either but this piece changed my mind as I love it so much. There is also really nice music! It's a very poetic and lovely site.


Ciao Lucy,
I do love October too!!So much!Unfortunately, here is Venice the temperature is not fresh and agreeable. It's hot and wet. Some people is still swimming in the island where I live. But not me :)
Take care,


Hello Mrs.

Yep the 1st October is alway good for me as it's my wedding anniversary. 21 wonderful, happy years! Hmmm, love him to bits!

Looking forward to the fingerless mits pattern (I'm sure there'll be one)

Love Fi x


brown = shiny chestnuts and chocolate!
*always a good thing in my world*
it's rich earthiness makes other colours shine
I have a penchant for collected stones ~ especially ones with holes in ^_^

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