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October 26, 2009


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Bunk Bed

I love the heart garland you crocheted for your fireplace mantle. Your crocheting is beautiful - I wish I could crochet like that. I like R&R weekends better than any other kind of weekend. I guess I'm just a homebody.

Eileen @ Star's Fault

What a wonderful weekend. We always have a bit of housework, a good soup and homemade bread (a fall tradition), blankies and watching old movies, a smidge of nesting and time outdoors with my horse. I work hard to fit it all in before I go back to corporate America on Monday. - but it's what keeps me sane, right?

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

Freakish Lemon

I need one of those days. Midterms have just past and things have been picking up at college, which means papers and exams and living at my job helping students write papers. Very stressful, indeed.


Sounds like a lovely weekend for you and your sweet family. Love those bitty baby toes and all of the colors.

How is it, that halfway around the world, we're having the same weather?


Could have been my weekend, except for the crochet-part. Still working on that :-)

Anna-Karin, Sweden

Actually, it feels like you have written about my weekend :) The same weather, the same "activities" (hooking, baking, eating candy, lego-building, colouringbooks, tv, and so on). And it's so peaceful to do just that! We also have a "autumnholiday" from school. No early mornings this week!!!
Hope you have that kind of week ahead of you too!

The blankie looks absolutely adorable!

Love Anna xxx


Hi Lucy..perfect...similar to mine until 10 last night..son on way back to camp had a small crash!! 3 of them in the car and all OK..thank God
He's 25 but still wanted to rush in and hug him and make it all better!!
Not had a reply but just checking you got the info about the Merino? XX


What a fabulous sounding weekend. I have come to love looking at your blog with all its creativity. I wish I could crochet a whole lot faster than I do. Is it possible for me to get your email address as I have a few questions I would like to ask you?


The food... the colors! Everything. It looks so comfortable and snuggly :)


Sounds like you had a perfect weekend :) I hope your week is just as lovely and relaxing.

Oh, and I love the heart garland on your mantle.


I love your bird as well. I would pay for the directions as well. I want to make a tree and hang them from it. They are so cute.


How nice. I especially like the snuggly blanket time and coloring. Looks like a cozy weekend. It was grey and snowed here this weekend. I spent most of it indoors myself. Thanks for sharing:)


Oh yes, that sounds like a delightful weekend. I actually didn't get to much creating this past weekend. But I did enjoy the sunshine and company of friends and some pleasurable time-wasting on the computer. Looking at your blog always inspires me to get back to creating. I'm longing to do something extremely colourful like your projects!


Dear Lucy your instructions for crochet are
great. Am on half term myself down here in the west midlands enjoying some free time
and sorting my crafty stuff! Have a great week.

Anna, Sydney

Look at the colouring clown! I believe the LP have been inspired by the stripey goodness around them, hahaha.

Suzy's Vintage Attic

Hello Lucy

I love not having any fixed plans. I thing I would love above all is to have more spare time to do some crochet! I am amazed at how much crochet you manage to get done. (Do you sense a tinge of envy there ;-))?) I am self employed working from home and the number of times I have been tempted to pick up a hook and wool!!But, I then remind myself that work has to come first... I can't complain really, I like working from home, not commuting and no boring office. I certainly won't miss the morning chaos and the school runs this week.
Take care
Isabelle x


Have had a very similar weekend myself - yum
Have you ever written a pattern for your heart garland. Its yummy


that all sounds idyllic - we have such hectic days in our lives that a few unaccounted days are a breath of fresh air!
enjoy the rest of half term :-)I always wish this one was 2 weeks as just one week goes too quickly!
Lesley x


Lucy ~ your weekend of R & R sounds just like the week I had last week after I stupidly fell off the kitchen worktop and cut my head! A week of crocheting, tea drinking, chocolate and cake eating works wonders and I can thoroughly recommend it. We have had our half term here in Scotland and my 2 children go back to school tomorrow. There's some Attic 24 hookiness on my blog today if you fancy a look. Hope you enjoy the rest of your week with the little people :O)


I absolutely LOVE that heart garland!!


Really really wonderful. We try for one day a week like that! We all seem to need it.

Your projects have been so so lovely--I've made a bag like your stripey project bag, and am working on a large hexagon blanket, done up in all the colors of Rowan Cotton Glace (leftover from a Rowan Ripple I did a couple of years ago). Next up is a pair of the fingerless gloves!

I know everyone always says it, but you are inspiring.


Very nice pictures. I also adorate this kind of weekends and sometimes they are necessary. Instead, I had one of those kinds of weekends full of meetings that makes one wish two days of rest... but, instead of that, one has to come back to work!

Hooked In Hove

Sounds like the perfect way to spend the weekend! I do love when you share the simple things of life, often so overlooked. And accompanied by such lovely photos too - the little feet and crochet blanket is adorable!

Erica K

Sounds wonderful! I'm very good at doing nothing in particular...a pro, even. But I'm afraid my husband either works all weekend and complains that he didn't get any rest, or rests all weekend and complains that he didn't do any work... That's why I love a road trip! :)


So glad you had an enjoyable and restful family weekend! Looks like the LOs enjoy strips, too, very cute little clown.
Bump24 is getting so...bumpy!!

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