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October 30, 2009


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HI LUCY, Well, I had a lovely time reading all this week's blogs I missed, while I was away visiting and helping my 82 year old mom. SOOOOOOOOOOO enjoyed them and I am so happy and excited for you and all your upcoming preparations for your third bundle. I think it will be a girl!
I love love the birds and am so happy you made a robin. Thanks, after me right! only kiddin' Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you get whatever you want done and feel like you can check one thing off the "to do list". Again thanks for your words and inspirations.. Robbie


What lovely photos today. The colours are gorgeous and I can understand that you treasure the sunny breaks while they are there.

I used to wonder how people in northern parts would keep cheerful during the gloomy months of the year, especially as, when we visited the north of England and Scotland we noticed that there isn't a lot of colour in the buildings either. I felt I would need a red front door. I understand better now, from the insight into your world, that so much cheerfulness can be generated within those four walls by creating a haven for your family with colour. It must be wonderful to come home on gloomy days to your nest. Enjoy preparing for the arrival of Bump 24.

Penny Peberdy

Hi Lucy

Hope you read these comments - You asked about my pattern for the bird wing, but I have no way of getting in touch with you!
I've sent a message via Ravelry, but not sure that you really use the site. Hope you get it.



Such a beautiful place to live....:)

Kind of relieved to hear I am not the only one with the BLURGGHHH of sleepless nights..It just hit me last week and I am slowly adjusting...And the shoes haha I wear birkenstocks which I bet looks really funny walking around in tons of puddles lately. But I do have a pair of old slip on style shoes that I use to waitress in from many years back that I can slip on without bending over too much..But then I have to put socks on..UGH lol...

Yay for the 3rd trimester...It's gonna be a quick one :)

marigold jam

Nesting is very very good! Don't work too hard though. I had to laugh about you trying on shoes in the shoe shop and not being able to reach down! I am about to post about a pair of shoes which I needed help to get into and out of - have a peek!



The answer is Croc Mammoths, Luce, simply the best thing in winter! Normal slip-on crocs with a sheepy-style fur lining inside, trust me, they are so warm they are fab. I got mine from Office but there is a good crocs store on the net too- no more embarrassing bending over! Really, splurge on some, u won't regret it and they last years...
Have a great weekend, Bridport for us tomorrow, yipeeeee!
Love Hen xxx


Happy Nesting Lucy - wishing you joy in these last precious weeks of bumpiness. Thinking of you trying to reach your feet suddenly brought back similar memories of my own pregnancies.


Lucy, thank you so much for sharing your life and your talents with us. Your site is a thing of beauty that helps me endure the long days at work. To me, living in Los Angeles, where you live looks like PARADISE, grey skies and all. Take it easy.


We'll be patient while you are nesting Lucy.
Enjoy your special time preparing your home for bump24. I am really rather excited for you with a new little bundle of inspiration to enjoy.

Irene@The Green Greek

I didn't know you were expecting. What a great time in life! I had my last child eight years ago, and I miss the sensations. So if I may be allowed one piece of advice, it would be to enjoy this time of your life to the full.
Always inspiring us.

Sarah - Jane down the lane

Hello Lucy, Nesting is the way forward definately.....enjoy, dont worry about us lot we will all be here waiting for you,

Love Sarah x

Nina - Tabiboo

Happy nesting Lucy and such wonderful breath taking pictures, It's those little pockets of sunshine that makes it all worth while.

Have a lovely, lovely evening and weekend - hope you get out for your autumnal walk.

Nina xxxxxx


I am so jealous of your beautiful scenery. Absolutely gorgeous. I just finished a blanket using your granny edging. It came out fantastic! Thank you SO much for sharing your patterns with us.:)


Enjoy your nesting time. Looking back I must say it was one of the most peaceful moments for me even though I was busy getting things done.


Lovely post and I wish you a loveley nesting time!

Anna x


I appreciate "erratic in the attic". I have missed the last week in blogland, and was delighted and amazed at all that you had accomplished... and photographed... and blogged! LOVE the little birdies; dreaming about making a cardinal for the Christmas wreath. As always, thank you for sharing your happy energy and skills.


I will look forward to anything you share, but completely understand the greater needs you may have in the next few weeks. LOVE the pic of the morning sky. I am utterly amazed at sunsets and sunrises sometimes but can never capture them as they are.. yours looks a little like heaven to me!


Aaahh Lucy - you enjoy your nesting and all the motherlyness that goes with it. Don't worry about us lot we will still be here waiting til you are ready to post again. Lovely Autumn photos by the way. Take care you and Bump 24! x


Have some great nesting then!

Wow the greyness has come to Switzerland, but it doesn't feel heavy yet, had some gorgeous clear and cold days. I'm actually happy to have some grey to be obliged-staying on the couch because there is nothing better to do!

Oh October has gone soooo fast! It is breathtaking!

But today I got happy, loads of yarn have arrived! Putting it on the blog right away!

Take care and have a lovely-nestly weekend!


help how do I recover you answers to my previous queries?


Nothing wrong with crocs all year round. We know how well socks work ;-), but have you tried Mammoth crocs? It's lined with warm fleecy furry wooly stuff!!!!


I do love Autumn in the park - kicking all the leaves about is so much fun. Love the photo's - that sky is just wow! Hope you enjoy all that you need to do - lots of hard work, but hopefully it will be fun. I bet it will look fantastic too. Lucky family you've got having you to make their home for them! I bet everything will look just gorgeous. Your breakfast looks pretty yummy and altogether edible with those delicious strawberries. Not sure that wall needs painting; it looks pretty perfect to me - sets of your beautiful garden. I hope you enjoy the next couple of busy weeks. I will be grateful for any posts you manage. Thanks for all the many lovely things - projects, pictures, thoughts and entertaining words, that you share with us all. Your blog is a little nook of niceness in an imperfect world. Thank you.


Nest away, sweet pea, we'll miss you if you are a bit absent, but we'll understand! I did almost my entire pregnancy with the twins in Crocks. Half way through my feet had swelled so much they were the only things I could get on my feet. My theory is pregnant woman are allowed to where whatever footwear they want!

Devon Hanna

I just love looking at your photo's they are so beautiful..thanks for sharing with the world your home...have a wonderful weekend...


Lovely photos Lucy. I hope you are keeping well and glad you are having a lovely break. Thank you for the fab crochet birdie pattern. I made one last night and have just blogged about it. :-)

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