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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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October 30, 2009


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Deb Scudder

Have you seen the Crocs with furry liners?

Devon Hanna

Again I thank you for inviting us into your world in Yorkshire..and what a beautiful picuture you have painted..I hope you all had a very good pumkin day,,and I look forward to reading about your little world,,take care of yourself..


Amazing beauty in all these pictures.


Such an exciting time Lucy. I remember the feet/shoes thing well. In fact I had hot itchy feet at the end of each pregnancy and if Crocs had been around then they would have been perfect for me.

My ripple blanket is coming on a treat and featured in my local paper this week (see my blog). It's all thanks to you that I am making it and loving making it. I wanted to make one years ago when I saw Alicia Paulson's one on her blog but could not make head or tail of any pattern. Your clear concise instructions are perfect, thank you darling xxx


Hello from Spain!!! I love your blog so colourful and interesting. I have a prize in mine, if you want it. I look forward to your visit.

Peng Peng

Your blog makes me appreciate life's true little pleasures, thanks for that. Am appreciating the wonderful colours of Autumn as well.

We'll be missing you when you are 'nesting' and come back as soon as the 'nest' is 'ready'...

Tilly Rose

Lovely photos.... I adore skylines soooo much. You sound very busy of late.Remember to take time out for yourself
Hugs Karen x


Good luck with your nesting, I love your beautiful colourful crochet too. Jane


Hi found your blog a week ago and have been loving the tutorials THANKS! It has been a long time since I picked up a hook but with your help it was all easy. What I really want to thank you for is that my 13 year old was also inspired and wanted me to teach her! Which I did with your help. She has started to make a summer garden granny square doll blanket for a small family friend. So thank you for sharing, all the best with your little bump and don't forget to take some time for you in amongst all of your nesting! I wish you all the best! Thanks again for the lovely pics, blog and wonderful tutes.


I third the winter crocs suggestion. I've ordered before from http://www.sweetfeetshoes.co.uk, and their service has been very good. They have Blitzen crocs, which are an updated Mammoth - more waterproof. Perfect for winter for someone who can't reach their feet, I should think. Happy nesting :)


My bump is just a little behind yours - bending is getting a little tricky here too ;) And nesting is starting to happen here as well - it is both enjoyable but a little tiring lol!

Loving your blog, reading how you do things is improving my crocheting, and encouraging me to try bigger projects, so thank you! oxox


Hi Lucy! I'm an Italian girl, my name is Stefania and I'm 24, I love crochet too, and I take inspiration from you! thank you for your blog... Stefi


Breathtaking pictures!!!..I haven't been on in a while, CONGRATULATIONS on your bump...Take care and HAPPY PUMPKIN DAY to you..


I love reading your posts and seeing your beautiful photos. Happy nesting!

Krista - Poppyprint

Fluff your nest. Be well, be content. We'll be here when you get back!

Marian M-S

Beautiful fall pictures! I read your post here on Saturday morning, and it was a wonderful meditative way to start my day...thank you!


I enjoy seeing your photos of your area... and your garden wall that you neglected to paint?? It looks PERFECT just the way it is... so much MORE character. thanks for sharing.


My best wishes to you for a peaceful and satisfying nesting...take your time, find pleasure in all the preparations...ah yes, I do remember it well, really was a magical time, one that cannot be duplicated. Happy, happy nesting!


oh new mth again on sunday. wish u sweet sweet november =)


what a reflective, thought-ful post - seems to fit well with those golden autumn days. i understand about the tummy thing! and my feet swelled up terribly when i was pregnant, so the adjustable birkenstocks were a godsend! it was slip-on shoes all the way!


Enjoy your nesting, dear Lucy!We will be here,we will be patient,we support you, because WE LOVE YOU!
Like I said before,you are a bit of each of us,that's why your Attic gathered us (My God,did you understand my English?!?)
Your little colorful world of your mind and soul "brighten" indeed "our days", and what a friend would we be if we wouldn't understand and support you in such a delicate moments of your life?....
It's our turn to show you our love, even if it is a "virtual" one, not materialized in a concrete help with the daily pursuits that are to hard for you, because of the many, many miles that part us....
It's our turn to "brighten your days"!
The invisible strings that bound our souls, thanks to you, are strong, even if it is hard to believe.The comments of your posts, demonstrate this!
So,cheer up,dear Friend, we,the Living Yarn Balls,are here!

The Coffee Lady

Your breakfast makes mine look like something I want to hide under the sofa.


Beautiful photos - they've really captured autumn and your thoughts and feelings at present.

Don't worry about us. Enjoy nesting - I'm sure you'll make your home very cosy! And we'll all be here when you feel like coming back. x

K. Anne

They make winter crocs. Lined and everything. :)


What a beautiful place! Happy nesting :)

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