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October 27, 2009


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I'm so excited to make birds, you really need to make an owl for us!! I've been inspired to bring out the brights and I'm making a large granny square afghan. I cannot remember where I got the instructions from. I plan on trying your bag, wrist warmers and a ripple as well. Thanks for the fun!!


I had to stop by my daily happy place. I love the birdie idea. I'm thinking a cardinal bird for my Christmas tree, or even a dove. Waiting patiently for the circle scarf pattern - my yummy yarn is waiting too. :0)


Yes I was thinking robins when I saw your
little bird. You have such good ideas and your instructions are so clear and with the photos I can check that I'm on the right track.
Weather foggy and grey in the west midlands too.
Keep up the good work.


Sounds like a fabulous day. I also managed to come home with a new crochet book somehow:

Marian M-S

I love the idea of little crochet robins! I miss the snuggly winter robins from growing up in a wintery place. Not many of them here in sunny California! We do have some cute hummingbirds, but it's just not the same :-). Speaking of brown though, I have been making your Orange Raisin Cookies (with Cranberries) and they are sooo good, they do not last long around here! Today I decided to turn them into Double Chocolate Orange cookies (semi-sweet chocolate chips instead of raisins, and added 1 tsp of unsweetened cocoa, the rest was all the same). Yummy result :-). You recipe is by faaaaar the best basic cookie recipe I have tried! Love, love, love it almost as much as your blog :-). It's the first recipe I've ever dared experiment with, you know, substituting and things. I think you have as much to do with that as the recipe, thank you!
Sorry about the long comment, just one more thing, your blankets are looking gorgeous! Can't wait for the Ta-Da!

Anna, Sydney

If I had my own blog (one day) I'm sure I could fill pages and pages of my WiPs that I love starting but have a way of giving way for a new project... Lovely to read about yours, knowing we'll see the end results before long. You're such a good project-finisher person!

And I actually loved the "dusky" photo of the greengrocers. The light makes it look really cozy and inviting inside.

Love your blog as always, Lucy. Thank you.


Glad you are enjoying your hols together. Your WiP is gorgeous (glad I'm not the only one to take ages to work out what that meant!!)
Have fun the rest of your week
Hugs Karen x


Hi Lucy,
I often read your blog and find it really inspirational. I love your growing collection of colourful blankets!

I am TOTALLY hooked on crochet, so much so that I have made my right hand poorly so I am having a week off to try to rest it. Meanwhile, my mind is in overdrive dreaming of what I can crochet when my hand is back in action.... On the plus side, the level of domestic service at my house is much improved!

I made a super mini hexagon blanket (your pattern thank you!) for my baby this summer which was perfect for putting over him in his car seat or pram. It's also great for making him still look smart even when I haven't managed to change him out of his babygro! I would highly recommend making a couple of tiny blankets for when your little one is very little.

Loving your birds now, looking forward to seeing the robin complete.

Best wishes


loving your blankie for bump24 - the lil birdies are cute too :)


I'm glad I'm not the only one who took forever to figure out what WIP meant. Another one that had me puzzled was TNT -- used in sewing blogs when referring to patterns. TNT: Tried and True. I now feel very "with it" when I use those terms.

Here in California we are finally over a hot & rather humid late summer and now basking in the most delightful sunny crisp fall weather. It makes one feel most energetic. I'm really looking forward to some rainy grey days so I too can light the fireplace and cozy up with Maxine (minxish little black feline) and do handwork.

I do enjoy your blog-- very inspiring!

Nina - Tabiboo

Just think of brown as being all chocolaty, velvety and oh so delicious...

...and it's amazing how many different shades of brown you can find.

Have a lovely evening Lucy,

take care,

Nina x

Mrs Twins

Isn't it just love when you get excited over something new! I'm feeling like that all the time.
Lovely to see your birdies!
Mrs Twins (Sue).


Just like 'country mouse' I've been thinking about robins - I've even been searching on-line for one but not found anything I like. Can't wait to see yours take shape - the colours look just right. I think I know-ish how you might use those two circles, but I bet there will be some surprises. Know it will cute and that we will all want one though!

Have you noticed your wrist-warmers cropping up everywhere? Hen from hen house homemade has done some lovely ones and Posy (gets cosy) has some fine ones underway. Not a single pair is exactly alike but all are unmistakably inspired by yours! And soon birdies and robins will be flying in formation attempting to take over the universe. Finally; I really do love seeing all the myriad patterns and colours of your finished crochet. Amazing to think of all those hours and hours of work.... but so very worth it!

Alison Hutchison

Those robins are going to be AMAZING!!! xx

marigold jam

I should think your main WIP is Bump24 just now! Love your other WIPs though too!

Jane x


Hi Lucy, Love your WIP's !!! I know you will have your hands full soon with Bumper24, but have you thought about publishing your designs, what fun it would be to design crochet projects & see them in print ( & make a little money too lol !!!) I know it would be a best seller !!!!!!!
Love Tania xx


Gosh isn't it funny to imagine that bump will actually be a snuggly child one day? It's a lovely thought. I'm so enjoying my snuggly nearly three year old. They really are the best years.

Now I'm also excited about your little robin. I can't wait to see it finished. I'll have to find someone to make one for me as I just know it's going to be a winner!


Oh you do make me smile Lucy
thank you

I'm off to do some hooking, my first big project and i can't wait to show you.


I love your colors! They are so fun and inviting.
Take care,

The Garden Bell - Kate

My, my goodness. Where to begin... I adore your Bump24 blanket so very much. Nice to hear you are making it bigger for further useage, as if you needed to be concerned. I will be surprise if the bigger siblings won't be sneaking in to steal this away to snuggle on the own.

Still try to guess B or G? Your colors really are not giving it away at all? he-he...maybe you don't know....

I'll let you know it took me a while to get the only WIP thing to. But, soon it will become 2nd nature... like your yipeeeeees and EXCITED and xoxoxoxoxs and!!!!!!!!!!!... It will just roll right off your fingers.

This Robin is "Too Die For" or TDF. Meaning Heavenly term of endurement..I can't wait to see him are stitched up with that big red tummie. Tooooooo cute. Already seen some of us making our attempts even without the tutorial up yet. We are all just moving right along with our Luce Inspired goodies.

Lastly, about this town with the heavenly yarn shop. Your picture looks right out of The Hobbit- cute... I am expecting to see Bilbo Baggins or Frodo walk right up to get his flowers.

Yesterday, was The BB Bag and today is the new yarn arrival last night... Tomorrow.. THE Hornet's Nest. Stop by my garden to say Hi. I've missed see you.

Another brillant post today.

Back to my new ripple with a brand new stitch, I'm trying out. After four standards, I'm giving a new one a try.... icks...



ELEVEN MINUTES - oh my!!! Looking great, Luce. Aren't these men of ours demanding, fires and hot meals, I mean, really!
Hen x

Emily Valli

Dear sweet Lucy...greetings from a cloudy, cool, very yin day in northeast PA, USA...I just love the fact that you are making robins. They have left us for the winter and here you are, making your own little flock! Love...Emily V.

sara lambert

Lucy, I would love to crochet one of those twirly scarves (I'm sure you know what I mean!) have you seen a good pattern for one anywhere? Many thanks
sara x

Jill Downing

A Robin sounds brill, my son is named Robin so very apt. Just like to say I love getting home every evening after work and reading your blog after my dinner. So many things to make so little time......


Hi Lucy!

I LOVE your baby blanket, it's looking fantastic. It's getting me all excited about starting New Projects when I've moved - can't start anything now or even continue projects because we are in a mad rush packing.

Crochet robin christmas decorations are a genius plan by the way, I was thinking of having a go at little crochet christmas trees to hang on an actual christmas tree, or perhaps turn into a festive swag for the mantlepiece. What do you think?

Lots of love, Heather xxxxxxx

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