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October 09, 2009


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I'm so pleased that you're going to post a tutorial for granny squares but try as I might I still can't even begin to crochet so could you possibly start your tutorial right from the slip knot please? If I can't learn from you there is no hope for me at all - if I could get to Yorkshire I would have been in your class by now. I even thought of planning my holiday around it.


Ouuh: very exciting :-)


Thank you Lucy for continually reminding us to enjoy the pleasures of life's treasures.
Your blanket is already looking quite beautiful. You have such a good eye for colour combinations.


I think it is wonderful that you are so thrilled with simple pleasures. I love the new baby bump blanket, I really like the colours and the design. It's fantastic.

Kerstin, Sweden

Din blogg ger mig massor av inspiration. En av förklaringarna till Att man blir lycklig av garn och detaljer är Att man kan se färger. Färg gör människan lycklig tror jag.


oooooooooooh all those lovely coloured yarns. I get excited about the same kind of things as you.

I have a little dolls blanket of crocheted granny squares made by my .... granny its about 55 years old now and just plain. I have never mastered crochet.

Looking forward to your tutorial


Hi Lucy

I love your new blankie. I've been wondering if you plan your colour combinations in advance or choose them as you go along based on the surrounding blocks?

Shelley in SC

I could watch you crochet blankets indefinitely!! I love your color combos. I can't wait to see your new little one wrapped up in its new blankets!!


I just love your choices of colors in your projects always so happy. The new blankie looks like it's off to a wonderful start


hi lucky!! very well your colourfull world.ı look your jobs with admiration.have a nice day...and greeting from istanbul...nilüfer


Beautiful Lucy, love the colours and simplicity of it, what a lucky bump, see you soon, Sarah x

Erica K

Hmmm...now that I look at your bag all filled with yarn that way, I think I had it right the first time! Oh well...

I love our friend the granny square! And I think making blankets is perfectly wonderful... especially because I really like to be cozy and sleep! :)


The colours are just lovely!


Found your blog earlier this week and am in love with your color choices! I've never crocheted before and look forward to your tutorial. I just hope I enjoy crochet as much as I enjoy blog! This will be my first project of the new year!


The blanket looks fabulous!

I love Baby Cashmerino. It's the nicest yarn I have ever crochet in. Right now I'm working on a ripple (your nice pattern :) ) in this yarn. I'm actually a bit short on the 016 green and it's no longer available. Do you know any online shops that might have it in? I have searched everywhere...


Have a wonderful weekend Lucy, and the colours are divine. Little bump will be avery happy cosy little one!

Anna x

Oh, and the exitement of the little things, couldn't agree with you more


Your belly is so cute


Hi Lucy -
I was having a rather blah day today until I pulled up your blog (I do sneak a look every day while at the office) and it completely cheered me up. The colors you use and the way you put things together is so beautiful. You certainly shined a light on my day today! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity.


Le bonheur de venir sur ton ce sont non seulement ces créations mais aussi ces couleurs.


I'm glad you went with the old standby granny squares. Beautiful colors and combinations. It's coming together nicely.


Ooooohhhh, I love your new granny-square-blanket already. Beautiful colours, as usual.
And yes, I do like flowers, colours, blue sky with white clouds, home made applepie, the birds and all other little things, that make life worth living.


I'm looking forward to the granny square tutorial. Is there a book you can recommend for learning to crochet? Also how did you start? I've been trying to find a class nearby with no success! My granny taught me when I was a little girl and I remember making granny squares, but can't for the life of me remember how to now, which is really frustrating! I love your colour combinations on the blanket so far. I remember in a previous blog you were interested in embroidery/ cross stitch. Perhaps you could do a little crib sheet to co-ordinate with the blanket? Have a good weekend.


Oh No, you are not alone, I would like to stick my face in that yarn stash and inhale!


Baby Bump24 is going to be as snug as a bug in a rug !!!


I love Baby Cashmerino. Your colours make me want to reach out and snuggle into the screen! It's going to make (well it already is making) a beautiful blanket for Bump24. He/she is going to be one cosy baby! I don't have a bump to knit one for sadly - but I'm wondering if the cat would appreciate one?!

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